All team captains...

This year, as per our 2011 AGM, the MTFL is doing a few things different with its community partner, the Toronto Argonauts Football Club.  In particular, although this is the 3rd year of this partnership and although the game of (primary) interest still involves as many as 300 of our League members going to the Rogers Centre to see two of the local CFL favourites, The Toronto Argonauts and Hamilton Tiger-Cats compete against one another, the MTFL:
  1. Is holding this event on Saturday, October 1, 2011 (kick off at 7:00pm).  We have moved the event to a Saturday game, as opposed to our traditional Friday night.
  2. and the MTFL has allocated four complimentary tickets to each team.  Further tickets can be purchased from your Executive Committee for a price of $20 each.
Why the change to a Saturday game?
In previous years, some teams were unable to attend a weekday evening game due to a commitment at work or otherwise.
Of the 300 tickets purchased in each of the past two years, 25% of them in each year were traded-in by their implicated team captains to cater to team specific parties and/or schedule availabilities.  For example, the majority of these tickets were re-applied to a weekend date with the Argos at the Rogers Centre.

What does it mean to me a team captain?
Ideally, at least four players from your team will wish to attend the game on the Saturday, October 1, 2011 as to to enjoy that game as a League wide event.
You can purchase more tickets for your team (if you need them).  Specifically, the tickets the League purchased have a $32 face value.  So, on top of the four complimentary tickets your team receives, a price of $20 per ticket is great deal.  You can even be creative and share the total actual discount amongst your own team should more than four of wish to go to the game.  For example, if eight players from your team wish to attend the event.  You could buy four more tickets and pay $80 total (4 X $20) to the MTFL, but charge each of the eight players, $10 each.

What happens if you poll your team members and they prefer to go to another 2011 Argos regular season home game?
You absolutely have the choice to do that.  For example, identify the total tickets desired and then obtain them from an Executive Committee Member at least three weeks in advance of that game.  However, you then must arrange to exchange them on your own by going in person, during normal business hours to the Argos ticket office located at the Rogers Centre or the Argos offices located on King Street in Toronto to make the exchange.  Canada Post based ticket exchanges can also be attempted with the Argos office on King Street, but the MTFL would recommend as much as six weeks in advance to attempt for that approach.

What happens if no one on your team wants to take advantage of any Argos tickets, even the four complimentary ones each team receives?
Doubtful this will occur, but if you wish, you could always donate your tickets to a charitable organization or event of your own choosing.  As an example, your MTFL Executive Committee would encourage you to donate them back to the MTFL who will put them into the "for sale pool" such that other League members may buy them and/or the MTFL itself might possibly donate some to the various organizations who have helped this League grow touch football.  Candidate benefactors would include:
  • Touch Football Ontario (TFO)
  • Boston Pizza Square One
  • Mississauga News
  • ZeroEdge
  • T. J. Litzen's Sports
Finally, your MTFL Executive Committee hopes you continue to see value in League wide events like this.  They are a great way to celebrate your team's identity and role in the growth of touch football.  Your MTFL Executive Committee wants you benefit from safe, competitive and fun activities that only increase your own enjoyment as well as the success of all of our members both on and off the field of play.  For example, in the previous two years of this activity, the Toronto Argonauts Football Clubhas reported to the MTFL that 96% of the tickets bought were actually used.  So please continue that tradition to our League's benefit.

John Schiebel
MTFL President & Player Registrar