Official Game Sheet
Division - C  Field:    Date:  






Please indicate the number of officials:    1  2  3  4
OC PF Game Ejection Here No. Player Name GP Wvr
         22  Bryce, Morty  0   Y 
         11  Doolittle, Riley  0   Y 
         0  Ethein, Chris  0    
         7  Gopaul, Joel  0   Y 
         20  Grycko, Orest  0   Y 
         13  Kowalski, Greg  0   Y 
           Lee, Alex  0   Y 
         10  Lubert, Derek  0   Y 
         2  Lubert, Geoff [A]  0   Y 
         23  Mok, Ken  0   Y 
         6  Pogoutse, Roman  0   Y 
         17  Rose, Grant  0   Y 
           Spurrell, Rod  0    
         19  Steciw, Stefan [C]  0   Y 
         6  Yau, Stanley  0   Y 

TEAM CAPTAINS: Game Sheet Submission - Prior the start of the 2nd half, cross out those players not participating. Submit game sheet to game officials. Delay in or failure to submit games will result in delay of game penalty or game forfeit. Game officials will take a head count to ensure accuracy. Players showing up anytime after the opening kickoff are permitted to play in the game and will be credited as having participated.
Game Ejection - Players ejected from a game MUST clear the field of play immediately and not associate or interfere in any way with the players, referees or spectators for the remainder of the time allocated to that game.  For failure to comply, that player and/or his team will be subject to further discipline than that which is to be assigned for the ejection itself.  An ejected player is placed on immediate suspension and is not permitted to play or attend any future MTFL games until notified by the League.
Game Safety - The safety of all persons involved at league games is of prime importance to the MTFL which delegates this responsibility to assigned officiating crews. Any member of the league demonstrating behaviour contrary to the league's policy for fun, safe, competitive games, including signs of intoxication (by alcohol or drug) shall be ejected from the game site by game officials. If a non-league or suspended member prohibits or interferes with the officiating crew's ability to fulfill its responsibilities at a game, then that officiating crew is authorized to terminate the game. Additional discipline may be assigned.

By signing this game sheet, I acknowledge that: 1. Players noted as present are eligible to play. 2. Use of ineligible players will result in team penalties/discipline. 3. Captains - not MTFL - who allow an ineligible/unregistered player to participate are liable for any injury or other adverse event that occurs involving that player.