Looking to register a new MTFL Team?


If you are interested in registerting a new MTFL team, please complete the New Team Roster Details Form and submit it to John Schiebel, League Registrar.

Please Note:
  • The best possible way to increase your chances of successfully registering a new team into the MTFL is to;
    1. complete the New Team Roster Details Form and submit it prior to the AGM meeting on March 23rd, 2017.
    2. attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM)
    3. on or before the AGM meeting, submit a certified cheque or money order covering the full payment of all required league fees to show your committment in joining MTFL.*
  • In submitting a New Team Roster Details Form, you grant the MTFL permission to verify the accuracy of the roster along with contacting other leagues (if applicable).
The MTFL does not guarantee that in submitting a New Team Roster Details Form, that you will be granted membership into the MTFL. Certain criteria and factors must be met before new teams may be accepted into the league such as (but not limited to); available fields and officiating crews & number of returning and non-returning teams.

* The certified cheque/money order must be made out to "Mississauga Touch Football League" (name in full). Next, teams that have submitted the required registration fees and then are not granted membership into the league will have their certified cheque/money order returned to them no later than three weeks after the AGM. However a team that is granted membership and then chooses to not accept it is subject to a $200 adminstration fee.