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The purpose of this section is to provide all teams, especially the new teams, with some insight to help guide them with the activities that are required by the MTFL this season.  While it is intended that this information be comprehensive, the team is still responsible for adhering to the 'Constitution' and the 'By-Laws' of the League.

The MTFL game rules are the same as those being used in the NFFC Touch Football Rulebook.  It is recommended that teams check the MTFL web site regularly as rule clarifications will be posted from time to time.  Also, teams can send enquiries as to rules and rule interpretations via e-mail and they will be answered on an individual basis.

The League Fee varies annually, the actual amount is announced at the AGM along with the due date for all payments.  This fee covers items such as; adminstrative costs, annual league insurance, field permits, game officials and prizes.  A newly registered team (a non-returning team), is required to pay an additional $200 Performance Bond as a means to ensure that a team is committed to attending all scheduled games and avoiding game forfeits (see related, 'Forfeit Policy').
There is a one-time payment and it must be paid in full by the due date announced each season.  Payments can be made by submitting a post-dated cheque at the AGM or by mail (payments sent by mail must be received no later than the due date announced at the AGM).

The regular season consists of 10 games, all of which is scheduled against teams within your own division.  The regular season is followed by the playoffs in which all teams qualify.  Playoffs are a single game elimination, tournament style format.

A game consists of four (4), 18-minute quarters (72 minutes of total play).  Each team is alloted a total of three (3) timeouts per game, one (1) per half and one (1) floater for which they can use in either half.

The League published the Season Schedule at least one week prior to the start of the regular season.  If a team finds that it will be unable to field a team for any upcoming game, that team must notify the Executive Committee as soon as possible via e-mail at or phone.
The League Executive responsible will then work with the opposing team and verify the availability of fields in order to re-schedule the game.  A game cannot be re-scheduled with less than 72 hours notice as the League and the Mississauga Officials Association requires this minimum amount of time reorganize fields and officiating assignments.
All teams are permitted one free schedule change, per season.  All changes thereafter are subject to a $50 schedule change fee.

Each team must provide a signed Player Registration & Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability Agreement for each player on their team. This form is part of the season package each team receives at the Annual General Meeting.
The League will collect the waivers forms from each team within the first few weeks of the regualr season.  These waivers forms will be compiled to form a list of eligible players, and must match up to the list of names that were e-mailed to the League Registrar.
This form is crucial as it is used by the League for insurance purposes.  If a player has not registered with the League, that player is not insured and you, as the team representative, could be liable in the event of an injury involving that player.
If your team wants to add a player (see related, 'Roster Policy') to its roster during the year, that player needs to be registered via completion of a signed Official Player Registration & Waiver Form that is submitted to a League Executive or Head Official prior to their participation in a game.  His name must also be sent via e-mail to the League Registrar prior to the game.  The use of an ineligible or unsigned player will result in the forfeit of that particular game (at minimum) and may result in other penalties as deemed by the Executive Committee.

Each team is permitted a maximum of 21 players on their roster.  The Team Captain must e-mail their Team Roster to the League Registrar at  Teams cannot simply 'pick up' a new player without having first sent in that players name to the League via e-mail (see related, 'Roster Policy').

A team must be able to field the minimum of 5 players ready to play in a game.  Failure to field a squad with a minimum of 5 players within the scheduled time and grace period alloted will result in a forfeit for the offending team (see related, 'Forfeit Policy').

Each team is responsible for having their own goal post pads for each game.  Failure to produce goal post pads within the scheduled time and grace period alloted will result in a forfeit for the offending team (see related, 'Forfeit Policy').  The Head Official is not permitted to begin or officiate a game with unpadded goal posts as it violates safety regulations.

Each Team Captain is required to submit an 'Official Game Sheet' to the Head Official prior to the start of the 2nd half of their game.  The Head Official will not begin the 2nd half until both teams submit their game sheets, delays will result in a 'delay of game penalty' and possible forfeit.  Game officials will take an actual head count to ensure consistency with those indicated as present.
A registered player showing up anytime after the opening kickoff is permitted to play in the game, however only those players present and submitted on the game prior to start of the 2nd half will be credited as having participated.
A player must have played at least three (3) regular season MTFL games during the respective season to be eligible for the playoffs.
Captains are responsible for checking their game sheets for accuracy and have 14 days from the date the game was played to appeal any discrepancies.