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Code of Conduct

As a PLAYER, I pledge to:

  • participate in games in a manner that shows respect for others and the game of touch football.
  • participate in a manner that supports the league’s goal of fun, safe, competitive touch football.
  • conduct myself both on and off the field in a manner that shows respect and support for opponents, teammates, officials, spectators, the community, the league, and the sport of touch football.
  • act in a manner, on and off the field, that demonstrates, encourages and promotes good sportsmanship.
  • refrain from using profane or otherwise inappropriate language, taunting opponents and/or spectators, defaming game officials, displaying acts of intimidation and displaying acts of poor sportsmanship.

In addition, I pledge to:

  • come to my games prepared with my team’s jersey/uniform.
  • report dangerous playing conditions to the assigned referee crew.
  • learn about league issues and support its initiatives announced at the AGM or via league news or mailings posted to the league’s website or otherwise sent to me by the league.
  • read and when appropriate, respond to emails sent by the league.
  • report honestly to Executive Committee members when dealing with various issues (discipline, age of players, residency, etc.).
  • seek to learn, understand and abide by the rules of touch football to make myself a better player and to support game officials.
  • when safe to do so, immediately notify the President or Vice-President of any situation in which emergency responders or otherwise recognized civil authorities become involved with a league game or event.

As a TEAM REP, I will:

  • ensure all players on my team have read, signed, and submitted the Player Registration & Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability Agreement form to the league.
  • ensure that my team has game jerseys that conform to the league’s Uniform Policy.
  • ensure that my team has the equipment required to play: football(s) , kicking tee, goal post pads , and a current roster / Game Sheet.
  • notify the Registrar within the time specified by the league’s roster policies if anyone on my team switches teams or has a change in personal contact information (email, phone, place of residence) or has, in fact, attended a game.

As a TEAM REP and/or CAPTAIN, I will:

  • only use registered and eligible players during games.
  • encourage my team-mates to follow the Code of Conduct.
  • remove any team-mate from the field who is playing in violation of the Code of Conduct.
  • communicate to MOA Liaison – Referee Relations concerns or issues with game officials.
  • communicate to Vice-President - Discipline opponents who have displayed poor sportsmanship.
  • communicate with Executive Committee members in a timely fashion in matters of reported attendance, game scores, etc.
  • act as a communicator between the league and my team-mates.

As a league executive member or divisional rep, I will:

  • conduct myself in a manners dedicated to bringing results and benefits to this league that are consistent with the policies and practices identified in the league’s constitution, bylaws and its operational strategies.
  • ensure that the league’s constitution, bylaws and policies remain written and are executed to the benefit of all league members and the community in which this league operates.
  • ensure that the content of all league documents and that the subsequent actions intended from their use are not in violation of any law or statute.
  • ensure that player safety remains a primary consideration in the decisions and actions of the executive team or any person or organization the executive team has authorized to represent this league.