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Southern Ontario Touch Football Officials Association


Team Captains/Admins,

1. Please check your email as today you were sent a two page flyer introducing the MTFL's "Step It Up" charity fund raising campaign for the Mississauga Foodbank.

2. You will be getting more details on that campaign in the coming days/weeks as the league is trying to raise at least $2000 (for 4000 meals). If you read the flyer you will also see that our league has some help for this campaign and is also in a position to provide a special gift to each team too.

3. Later this week you will get an email invitation to the "AGM Addendum #2" online meeting that is going to be held on the evening of Monday 01-Jun-2020.  One representative of each team is encouraged to attend.  An information package will also be sent out in advance of that very meeting. Please review it as it contains some suggestions for the proposed alternate seasons should an all clear signal be given.

4. Finally, we are still in monitoring mode so please continue to respect the COVID-19 shut-down (of sports play) orders from our government and regional health units.  Please also stay safe.


Your Executive team.


Captains, Team Admins and players alike:

1. Today, the province announced the lifting of restrictions on some sports (like tennis and golf). Thus we continue to monitor for the "green light" for ourselves, a low risk team but contact sport.

2. Regardless, the league has several positive announcements to share with all of you. They involve various marketing programs and assets being deployed to continue with our perpetual hope to "grow our sport" (year over year). The league will also be encouraging everyone who can ... and especially those of you who live in the City of Mississauga and are still employed ... to help on a charitable fund raising campaign for a local food bank.

3. Next, the league will be holding (green light or not) another "AGM Addendum" meeting on the evening of 01-Jun-2020 for team captains (or one representative of each team). Invitations and presentation package will be sent out before the meeting occurs -- and it will include the Executive's priortized list of proposed alternate seasons. That being said, any such alternate season can only occur if the green light comes from the authorities, all our planning objectives are adhered to and more specifically, players waiver up, teams complete the payment and registration process (to be scaled to the season actually allowed), and we all commit ourselves to the protection of the health and safety of everyone authorized to play the game.

4. However, and for now, we are not allowed to play so please continue to honour and respect that obligation as well as stay safe.

Your 2020 Executive Team



- a representative of 1/3 of the teams intending to play in the MTFL this year attended last night's online meeting.

- 2/3rd's of the teams had submitted their survey responses prior to the meeting; e.g., six more teams still need to provide their responses (... please, no later than Sunday 10-May).

- as announced last night, yes there will be another online meeting held on the evening of 01-Jun for team captains. But there will also be such online meetings held on ~01-Jul and if necessary ~01-Aug.

- during last night's meeting a representative from SOTFOA as well as TFOnt was present; the later spoke to some ideas for / about Trillium Tour events.

- if you have any questions or suggestions for MTFL COVID-19 mitigations or otherwise please email John Schiebel (immediately).

- prior to the 01-Jun meeting, MTFL Executive will release survey results and a prioritized list of proposed season alternates.  Again, any such alternate is conditional the permission to play from the civil authorities, etc.

- a private donor had, in fact, given the MTFL $1000 CDN to support two very specific "grow the sport" marketing initiatives. That same donor is also considering giving another $1000 to those very initiatives.  Announcements on marketing initiatives and donation status will be made during the 01-Jun meeting.

- otherwise, the MTFL continues to be in monitoring mode for the "all clear" signal. For now, we are not allowed to play so please continue to comply with that directive and stay safe.


Your Executive Team


PS-1: Representatives from the following teams attended tonight's meetings: Aviators, Canes, Ghosts, Golden Receivers, ThunderCats, Warriors and Wolverines. A member from Gator/Trojans had been planning to attend but was interrupted at the last minute due to a pressing work commitment.

PS-2: Three newer actions added to the executive's (internal dialog and effort) from last night's meeting:

A1 [JohnS, Damien] ... as some tournament teams might be open to traveling to a different than Mississauga based field location (for an MTFL event), consider contacting Parks+Rec departments at the following locations to determine their excess capacity and pricing: Georgetown, Oakville and Burlington.

A2 [GlennS, AndrewS] ... reach out to MTFL's own City of Mississauga Park's and Rec representative to ensure status of other "rectangular sports" leagues using Mississauga field locations is kept known. For example, should any of those leagues decide to suspend their season that could open field capacity for this league.

A3 [TFOnt] ... continue the dialog on a "compacted season" with the insurance provider as it is a good reason to seek a cost reduction on insurance fees for this very COVID year.


MTFL Team Captains,

1. You will be receiving another two emails this very week (from the league).

2. The first comes with a survey (form) asking for your team's response to a very small number of questions.

3. The survey response is needed by your Executive team as to help it finalize which, if any, "season alternates" can be proposed /recommended later this summer.

4. Your survey response, one per team, is due by 30-April (noon).

5. It is imperative you interview several of your team-mates before submitting your team's response back to the league. Specifically, the Executive wishes to gain an excellent sense of how the majority of all league members feel about things.

6. Next, the 2nd email will be to captains as well; it contains the dial-in information/invitation to our AGM Addendum meeting. That meeting will occur at 7:00pm on the evening of 01-May-2020. Please have only one representative per team dial-in (as there is a maximum number to the attendees invited and allowed). A representative of Touch Football Ontario (TFO) has also been invited to this meeting (to provide updates/status on things "tournaments").

7. Finally, another online AGM Addendum meeting will occur no later than 01-Jun-2020. In that meeting the results of the survey (and what, if any, alternate season proposals) will be discussed.

Thank you and please continue to stay safe / social distance.


Your 2020 Executive Team

PS - We all love football and many will want to play our game as soon as allowed. For now please let our common love and respect of the game unite us in the effort needed to comply with the restrictions /guidance that are still in place for not playing it ... until COVID-19 is beaten / readily seen and assured as having been safely and effectively controlled.


MTFL Captains and Admins,

Please be advised that due to the COVID-19 virus, the City of Mississauga has taken proactive preventative measures in the best interest of protecting our community and staff.

As a result, all facility rentals and park permits have been cancelled up until July 3rd, 2020.

The league will still hold a virtual AGM Addendum meeting on the evening of 01-May-2020 to keep you informed of MTFL matters/actions; the league is also likely to hold another AGM Addendum on the evening of 30-Jun-2020.

To conclude, no games are allowed. Please continue to comply with the law and keep up the good work with your social distancing.


Your Executive team

Attention all league members, please be reminded that players may only be registered with one single MTFL team at any one given point it time during any given season.  Players observed/reported playing on two or more teams will be subject to discipline as will the teams implicated as per established league policies.

Team Captains, you are responsible for checking with all your team members to ensure they understand this policy and that they are only playing as a member of your MTFL team.

For further details, please see the 'Teams' section in our Roster Policy.

Please get all outstanding roster and player waiver information handed to John Schiebel.  Please also verify that your game sheet is correct, for example; names and jersey numbers.  Also please ensure each player listed has completed and signed their waiver form, AND that you have submitted that form to John.