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Southern Ontario Touch Football Officials Association

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From: johnandlenore johnandlenore <johnandlenore@bell.net>
Date: August 5, 2020 at 10:46 PM
Subject: MTFL-2020 AGM Meeting Minutes ... "Addendum, 05-Aug-2020"

Attendees: Representatives of nine (of total 23 maximum known at this time) teams plus four executive members.

Duration: 25 minutes with team captains (and a further 45 minutes with just Executive).


- of the nine team, six believe they are near ready to play as early as next week; two others felt the could play but later next week, one still investigating.

- COVID mitigation policy particulars (handed out) prior to meeting reviewed and generally embraced as reasonable / acceptable.

- resolved the league will not provide teams with PPE (face masks, hand sanitizer) as persons themselves already have face masks likely due to their obligations to work-force, place of living or city bylaws or even their own personal choice.

- no games will start until City of Mississauga accepts corrected edition of the insurance evidence. This is likely to happen no earlier than evening of Monday 10-Aug-2020 (according to Russ). However John Schiebel will attempt to get conditional approval as existing certificate states coverage exists.

- consensus was the statement that "face masks" are not required to be worn during game play is correct; i.e. MTFL will encourage them to be worn.

- PPE as a topic must follow existing rules like "knee braces" or more specifically, no hardened substance base face masks will be allowed; for example, during game any persons attempting to wear "gas mask" or otherwise harden plastic or rubberized material will not be allowed to play. the suggestion is medical and non-medical cloth based face masks (or appropriate sized/designed neck scarf) is acceptable.


[Schiebel]... asap ... phone all non-attending teams by this Friday night as to determine which, if any, divisions can be built and by when to have their first game.

[Schiebel] .. discuss with SOFTOA thier flow down and ours to them. For example (of the latter), is referee prepared to flagged physical distancing infraction ... the case of a player remaining too close to other person (on the field of play) at points in the game where they have no need to be that close.  The league wants flags (and ejections) to apply as normal.

[TFOnt-Russ/Steve] ... as requested provide MTFL with written literature of proposal package sent to UNIONVILLE city; MTFL wishes to ensure its COVID policy is consistent if not identical to best practices of TFont.

[Glenn] .. the following schedule assumptions will be applied:

a) all games (regardless of site) with start at 6:45pm to account for sunset, etc.

b) "no" ... at the Valleys same two teams will not be asked to play each-other back to back (or in a 3rd game slot) that very night; rather up to six different teams will be at that site per night as game will run 60 minutes (not 72) and at least 25 minute gap between games will be scheduled to account for social distancing as new/next teams arrive, etc.).

c) schedule can be done in two pieces ... 10Aug to 04Sep and then for the Sundays of Sept and Oct available for those interested. The goal is to attempt to get each team three if not four games on or before 05-Sep (Monday to Thursday weeknights). Then as possible up to three more games on the Sunday mornings (of non-staturory holiday and possibly non-TFO-Trillium tour weekends).

[Schiebel/Sengbush].. re-survey all teams on payment plan, schedule (night) preference and ability to play the specific Sundays "days' of Sept and Oct. Also include following statement:

- payment of $1000 in full required at registration. that amount includes $150 non-refundable for KARELO and the promise of the league to attempt to schedule seven games per team per division (e.g., up to four games between 10Aug and 04Sep and remaining of the seven to occur on Sunday's in the fall. And yes, ask about double headers on Sundays (knowing must team likely to reject as many already play Mary's league on Saturday). Also, "typical" regular season game refund rate has been $125 per team. This is the basis of the $1000 (e.g., $150 Karelo plus seven times $125).

[Glenn/JohnA] ... review the PANDEMIC policy particulars, finalize and post to website immediately.

{Schiebel] .. circulate/post finalized CODE OF CONDUCT. WAIVER/LIABILity to website and on The City of Mississauga affiliated sports group's CORA portal.

[Schiebel] .. work on KARELO payment logistics with Steve/Russ; i.e. MTFL must ensure, do to such limited time prior to re-start, all teams, have in fact paid in full before they are allowed to play (and they must have each player registration completed on KARELO too).



a) teams present: Aviators (John Schiebel), Ghosts (Glenn Stevenson), Kings (Ryan Farnsworth), Zone6 (Alex Lee), Canes (Zeke Agyeman), Gator/Trojans (Andrew Sengbush), Warriors (Cory Williams), GoldenReciever (Tim Kildaze), Wolverines (Harrison Thomas).

b) MTFL Executive present: Schiebel, Stevenson, Sengbush and Williams.


MTFL veteran and new team candidate captains:

1. You have been sent an invite for on-line meeting (which will be held Wednesday 05-Aug-2020 at 7:00pm).

2. Please only one representative per team.

3. Prior to, or no later than, that meeting please be prepared to respond to the following two new survey questions:

q-3-1: Is your team ready and able to play during August should field permits be obtained? 

q-3-2: Is your team willing to play to the assumptions/constraints listed below?


John Schiebel

MTFL 2020 President



- Many things are still not 100% known but your executive team continues to monitor/dialog with key parties, and if a safe and reasonable win-win can be found the league could attempt to offer some scheduled games during August-2020.

- if the league does obtain approvals to run games then at this point, entrance fees would be no higher than $1000 Cdn per team (and that amount also includes the mandatory $150 Karelo registration payment).

- Please respect the fact that each city (in GTA or otherwise) could impose their own bylaws, regulations or guidance (whether specific or not to "contact" sports resumption within their COVID mitigations and restrictions).

e.g., some cities (here in the GTA) might allow touch-football to resume play under the following conditions (to which the MTFL Executive has also added other considerations/factors you need to be aware of):

- offer three regular season games (e.g., one per week)

- there would be no play-offs (and there definitely would be no cross-over of games between teams of differing divisions). the reason for play-offs is multifold: a playoff game has increased likelihood of more attendees at it; a play-off game also prohibits "another" regular season game from being played, etc.

- game sites would have a total limit in number of persons present at the same time (which for location in which multiple games scheduled on same evening could imply teams might be restricted to 11 players maximum at any one game ... assuming game officials also present, etc.) in order to comply with health regulations for a maximum of 50 persons per event.

- fans, family or otherwise spectators would be prohibited from attending.

- it could be the case the number of officials per game would be two (as it is not yet clear if a 3 officials per game planning intention can be actually supported by those willing to referee, etc.)

- the game offerings/schedule could be interrupted at any time (by authorities) should for example they decide to revert back from PHASE-THREE conditions to a more restrictive PHASE guidance.

- only team captains (, one of each team) would meet with referee for coin toss, dialog on rule/call circumstances, etc.

- all players expected to physically separate whilst on sidelines and/or entering/exiting from parking lot to the game area. For example, "team bench" would be one per side (or one per corner of the field). This could also involve recommendation or requirement to wear face-mask.

- league would only schedule games as per follows:

--- between three and four teams maximum per division.

--- games (especially those at VALLEYs) might be scheduled for 1 hour in duration only (and not the full 72 minutes) as this would allow larger "gap" between games (so teams for next game don't mingle with teams from previous game, etc.).

--- your division mates must be of the same calibre of competive level as your own team (based on previous year record/outcomes).

--- no intention of offering play-off games or play-off prizing

--- preference for VALLEYS (and, admittedly, any attempt to get field permits really relies on getting the VALLEYS location multiple times per week and to offer up to three games per night).






1. There will be a "AGM Addendum" meeting (for team captains) held no later than 08-Aug. Invites for this online meeting will be sent out this weekend.

2. Today (, 29-Jul) the province has authorized PHASE3 for GTA/Peel area starting this Friday.

3. Unfortunately hat still does not necessarily mean we can play touch football (, a "contact" sport). For example, various wellness regulations/bylaws exists such as but not limited to the one about "bubble" size remains at ten persons.

4. So the league executive is re-interviewing the key-stakeholders (outside of the league's own captains and members) and will provide updates in the next few days (to its members). For example, some other cities (in other parts of the province) have reported touch football is possible but under newer types of "physical distancing" rules/guideline ... which include things like:

- larger gaps between game kick-off times at games played at the same game site on the same evening.

- having team benches in the "corners" of the field. Keeping persons away from each other.

- having teams only play smaller number of other teams (say in their own divisions and less frequent than say, trying to "make up" for lost games already encountered so far this year).

5. Again, nothing is finalized yet. We can't play (becuase City of Mississauga earlier this summer said no groups larger than 50 allowed until early Sept-2020).

We will be in touch. But mean-time:

a) stay well, stay safe and get ready.

b) more specifically contact all of your team-mates and re-assess your team's ability to play.

c) realizing if we do get "green" lights then payment of teams fees and registration per player on KARELO will not only be mandatory as usual -- but you will have ~three business days to get-r-done.

To conclude, an upcoming email will ask if your team is ready and able to play (and how soon you are able to pay as much as for 50% of normal recent season for this COVID year -- again, assuming all lights from all key stakeholders go green in the early weeks of August-2020).


John Schiebel

MTFL 2020 President



The "July" AGM Addendum meeting was held last night.

- the following teams attended the online conference call: Angels, Aviators, Canes, Warriors and Zone6.

- there were no new action items raised.

- the league is still planning for another monthly addendum meeting in early Aug-2020.

- the Executive remains in regular contact with TFOnt, SOTFOA and the City of Mississauga. For example, during next month's addendum meeting a very small set of changes to the leagues waiver, constitution and bylaws will likely be proposed to comply with recent "pandemic policy" compliance request from the City of Mississauga.

To conclude, and for now, MTFL is not allowed to schedule or play games. Please continue to comply with all regulations and guidance from the (health or otherwise) authorities.

Stay safe, stay well and stay ready.


Your Executive Team


Att'n Everyone.

1. The monthly "AGM Addendum" meeting series continues with the next meeting scheduled for Tuesday 07-Jul-2020 (7:00pm start).  Please only one "rep" per team.

2. The league's charitable fund raiser "step it up" campaign has now raised over $1200 (of the $2000) goal. Thank-you to everyone who has donated so far ... including our very special "fans" of our game ... very much appreciated.

3. If you have not yet donated, please consider doing so ... https://www.themississaugafoodbank.org/mtfl/ .. income tax charitable donation receipts given for any donation of $10 or more.


Your Executive Team

Attention all league members, please be reminded that players may only be registered with one single MTFL team at any one given point it time during any given season.  Players observed/reported playing on two or more teams will be subject to discipline as will the teams implicated as per established league policies.

Team Captains, you are responsible for checking with all your team members to ensure they understand this policy and that they are only playing as a member of your MTFL team.

For further details, please see the 'Teams' section in our Roster Policy.

Please get all outstanding roster and player waiver information handed to John Schiebel.  Please also verify that your game sheet is correct, for example; names and jersey numbers.  Also please ensure each player listed has completed and signed their waiver form, AND that you have submitted that form to John.