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Southern Ontario Touch Football Officials Association


Duration: 25 minutes.

Attendees: nine persons (representing eight of the anticipated over twenty teams) attended tonight's WebEx session.


- Went through presentation package as per AGENDA.

- Fielded questions and suggestions from the in-person attendees.

- Did not execute the AGM (but will now re-schedule a "Special MTFL pricing strategy meeting" for  ~3rd week of April-2021. In that meeting information pertaining to residency and the three options John Schiebel is presenting for team captains to consider will be discussed.

- Will also schedule the next Team Captain's "monthly check-in meeting" for the 1st Week of May.


John Schiebel


0001- Schiebel -- ask Parks and Rec will their field permit refund policy be as tolerant as it was last year? e.g., if the seasons starts and then gets stopped by COVID, will they be flexible/tolerant on refund requests (not within the required period in advance of time)?

0002 -Schiebel -- ask the league's Mississauga Sports Group rep if MTFL leaves the Sports Group community entirely what pricing (and other obligations) does it then encounter? Specifically and w.r.t. to field permits, would that also be the "commercial" rate listed in the Sports Group literature? Does it require MTFL to incorporate? Does it still get some discount on field rentals if the person making the payment lives in Mississauga?


Tonight's Detailed Attendance:

- Executive: JohnS, AndrewS, CoryG (who also happen to represent Aviators, Trojans and Warriors respectfully)... Absent: JohnA, JeffB, SpencerM and ChadB.

- Veteran Team Captains: KevinW (Ghosts), PhilS (Angels), HarrisonT (Wolvervines)... absent: 12 other teams).

- Candidate New Team Captains: SunilM (formally of Shockerz)... Absent: Shawn Bailey, Andy Chow and Michel Moore (each claiming to have representing their own separate new teams).


Proposed Agenda/Overview for the "Special Pricing Strategy Meeting":

-- Summarize benefits.

-- Summarize risks.

for each of three options proposed (internally by John Schiebel):

a) petition City with an action plan to stay "in" the existing residency classification and also remain a member of Sports Community group.

b) just stay in the Sports Group but move to the next (2nd least favourable) field permit rental fee category ... .i.e., go from "resident" to "non-resident" rating. This removes the need of MTFL submitted/adhering to action plan with the City.

c) abandon the Sports Group outright ... which likely implies this league will have to go to the "commercial" rate.

NExt, for option "a" (petition with action plan -- which has two year maximum duration) the conditions to get to 50% regional sports group sub-classification could be ones like these:

---- condition--01 ... donate $500 to a youth Mississauga sports group (flag/touch/tackle) football league each season. This is an attempt to help grow our adult sport league (with persons who live in Mississauga).

---- condition--02 ... conduct at least one per season "try out night/event" in a Mississauga location. This will bring yet other revenues to City from our league. This is also an attempt to grow our league with people who live in Mississauga as we will target the local high schools, university/colleges and larger sized businesses.

---- condition--03 ... continue to honour all other CORA requirements (save the one about getting incorporated). This is to ensure this league's integrity remains intact and other groups within the City will still continue to look favourably upon our league.

---- condition--04 ... continue to leverage benefits of the Sports Group (like the training sometimes offered by the City in past years on how to grow the membership, how to recruit volunteers) OR possibly, with City's support, champion a whole new training topic space --- such as one titled "best practices in gaining residency compliance in Mississauga for adult rectangular sports leagues". 


Duration: 50 minutes


- two executive members (JeffB, JohnS);

- captains representing two new candidate teams; and

- captains from ANGELs and GHOSTS.


  • Reviewed Dashboard -- for which no significant changes have occurred since the Feb-2021 meeting. Specifically, the dashboard continues to have some red and yellow lights on it. That being said, several are gaining confidence some green lights are coming soon.
  • Reviewed Financial Presentation (of 2020 COVID19 Mini-Season Actuals, 2021 exemplary proposed budget).  This presentation had been circulated to all captains prior to this meeting.
  • Discussed there is still need to "firm up the numbers" of teams/players interested this year. For example, as of this meeting John Schiebel still has not heard back from six teams. Assuming they report in (soon) in the affirmative, there could be between 20 and 26 teams in the league this year.


  • The next monthly on-line meeting for team captains to attend will be Wednesday 07-Apr-2021 (with our usual 7:00pm start-time).
  • Please consider making a donation to the leagues charity fund raising campaign to the Mississauga Food Bank; this will be the 2nd annual campaign. Our goal is to raise the same as (or exceed) last year's total of $3000.00 (which provided 6000 meals for those in need within our community).

MTFL-2021 new and veteran team captains,
This is a friendly reminder to dial into this Wednesday night's (03-Mar) WebEx meeting to listen in on:
a) latest dashboard status
b) finance report (for last year's actuals and exemplary budget for this upcoming season).
The meeting starts at 7:00pm and is likely to last less than 30 minutes so please dial into it on-time. You were sent invitation to this meeting via your email. If you don't see that invite in your INBOX (then first check your SPAM/trash and if not there) then email the league to have it re-sent.
Finally, please remember our "STEP IT UP" MTFL charity campaign for the Mississauga Food Bank. This is the 2nd year of this campaign; last year we raised $3000. This year we've already collected 10% of that amount.
Your Executive Team
PS .. to make your donation ... please navigate/click to ... 2021- MTFL Fundraiser DIY FR - The Mississauga Food Bank



1. The next online monthly pre-AGM meeting will occur on Wednesday, 03-Mar-2021 at 7:00pm.

2. Invites to that meeting will be sent to team captains/admins about 48 hours in advance of the meeting.

3. We will continue to monitor key stakeholders and authorities to identify what, if any, possibility of play exists for later this spring/summer.  In the "March" meeting, team captains/admins will also be given a summary of last year's finances (planned versus actual) and a forecast for this year. The Mar-2021 meeting will likely last 25 or less minutes.

4. Mean-time, please consider supporting the 2nd annual MTFL "Step It Up" charity fund raising campaign for the Mississauga Food Bank. The donation link is ... 2021 campaign.

5. Finally, as to the importance of supporting our local food banks, here is a brief video of why/how you are making a difference.   Meghan Minute - February 2021 - YouTube


Your Executive Team


Duration: 30 minutes


- three executive members: JeffB, JohnS, Cory.

- captain/admin from: Aviators (Jeff), Canes (Zeke), Ghosts (Kevin), ThunderCats (Nalin) and Warriors (Cory).

- guest/alumni: Glenn.

- but absent based on the invitation responses: Angels (Phil), Death From Above (Stefan) and Trojans (Andrew) as well as representatives from two candidate new teams.


1. Discussed Presentation Package; basically, like last year, we continue to be in monitoring mode.

2. Informed teams that:

- team registration fee is likely to increase by up to $50 to cover higher insurance liability cost.

- captains should stay in touch with their team-mates; and similarly, the league will be phoning all captains over the next two weeks to determine their interest/availability. Right now, it is possible the league could be anywhere from 14 to 22 teams in size.

- next online meeting will likely occur on a weeknight of the 1st week of March-2021. Captains and interested parties will be sent invitation (via email). In addition to our readiness-to-play dashboard, a brief presentation of last year's actual finances along with forecast for this years will be given during that meeting.


Your 2020 Executive Team (most of whom intend on running for re-election for this year).

Attention all league members, please be reminded that players may only be registered with one single MTFL team at any one given point it time during any given season.  Players observed/reported playing on two or more teams will be subject to discipline as will the teams implicated as per established league policies.

Team Captains, you are responsible for checking with all your team members to ensure they understand this policy and that they are only playing as a member of your MTFL team.

For further details, please see the 'Teams' section in our Roster Policy.

Please get all outstanding roster and player waiver information handed to John Schiebel.  Please also verify that your game sheet is correct, for example; names and jersey numbers.  Also please ensure each player listed has completed and signed their waiver form, AND that you have submitted that form to John.