Secondly, as you know, the MTFL Executive has encountered a cash-on-hand problem (as previously detailed in correspondence made available to you and posted to the league's website in Nov. and early Dec.) To this point, as we all look forward to the 2013 season, the MTFL Executive wishes to inform you it will be seeking a per team fee increase of $150 during a vote to be held at the 2013 AGM.
The bulk of this $150 increase should have been requested at the 2012 AGM for last season. The erroneous calculation and review methods which occurred during the 2012 campaign have compounded matters.
As a result, stricter procurement and expense reporting controls have been implemented, such as:
- re-assignment of the Head of Finance role amongst the Executive team;
- pro-active planning (with forecast) on how recovery of both league surplus and performance bond liability will be obtained and managed henceforth;
- vigourous scrutiny of that plan (via solicitation of feedback before 2013 AGM);
- as usual, vote to approve (at the 2013 AGM, expected in March-2013).
It is to be also noted, the pro-active plan deliberately does not provide pre-approval of many of the various quality-of-service/value-added services this league has offered in the past. Rather, the pro-active plan will:
- show in ranked in order, the items/events that will be considered for re-establishment once all mandatory budget items have been covered ;
- identify the length of time (in years), the current MTFL executive team believes it will take for the league to recover the performance bond funds and surplus level that existed prior to the 2012 season.
Finally, it should be noted that the pro-active plan mandates a more revenue-neutral approach to expense considerations and approvals henceforth. Specifically, the Executive's own assessment of the situation at hand, as well as the Executive's own assessment of recent surveys on this matter, is that majority of the league wishes to see cost cutting occur across the board whilst the recovery of surplus and performance bond cash-on-hand monies is achieved. Further to this point, the pro-active plan will not include forecasts of any revenues from poker tournaments, TFONT tournament hosting or 50/50 draws, etc. (although the Executive fully expects to execute such to the betterment of this league).
Please note, the pro-active plan has been drafted by your Executive team and will be circulated to all to review and comment on between 15-Jan-2013 and 01-March-2013.
Once again, have a terrific Christmas and a fabulous New Year.
God bless,
John Schiebel
MTFL President & Registrar

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