Get ready for some football.

Schedules have been sent to team captains, so make sure you check in with them too.


Your Executive

Hello all,
Due to feedback from teams involved, and gauging sunset times, we will be trying out 7pm starts in June and the first two weeks of July as we have 2 hours before sunset at 9pm. 
James Welton

As of two days ago, the city has released the final booking availabilities for this season.
Unfortunately with only 3 lit fields in the City of Mississauga for rent and many fields under renovation this year we were not able to procure one of those (lit) locations.
League Details
- We will be using Glenforest SS and Meadowvale SS  as 2 of our fields;
- Cawthra is not available as it is undergoing renovations.
- Game times will likely be at 630pm regular season; 6pm for Playoffs.
-This season will begin May 28th, and run Tuesday and Thursdays until August 27th.
- 1 division during the regular season, dependent on the amount of teams, will divide into 2 separate playoffs
-  intending for a 9 game regular season followed by playoffs. Please be aware, depending on even or odd teams, there may be 10 regular season games.
- There will be cash prizes again this year.
The cost of the season will be  $1,750 and Karelo fees of 225.
- Please remit an initial deposit of $250 by May 1st.
- Final payment due by end of May prior to the beginning of the season.
- Payment can be made to jameswelton@rogers.com


City of Mississauga's field permit availability dates for "football" fields are:

a) LIT field locations: available from 27-May to 01-Nov-2024

b) Un LIT field locations: available from 13-May to 01-Nov-2024


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Currently we are in the process of field reservations and will be releasing the payment structure and league schedule for this year very shortly.
A few changes to note:
1) The league will be working on solidifying the games to 1 night per week, 1 lit field is in the works to be acquired with varying game times between the hours of 6pm, 730pm, 9pm. Priority is Mississauga Valleys, then Clarkson, Applewood and other city turf fields. 
2)There will also be the likelihood for games to take place at fields previously used, Cawthra and Glenforest. 
3) Dependent on the size of the league, we may book a lit field along with the previous locations, 2 nights of the week and run divisions on separate days; e.g., A division Tuesday, B division Thursday.


Att'n Team Captains/Admins,

This year the league is going through a change and working to book a single location:

  • a single night of the week at a lit field to be able to have back to back games between 6pm and 1030pm, which is limited in the City of Mississauga.
  • this will affect cost being dependent on field bookings, unfortunately the city of Mississauga is only releasing fields now that March break has concluded and we are in the process of securing our

The annual AGM is slated to happen next week.

  • the estimated per team cost will be +/-$2000 for the season.
  • the start date will be the end of May and continues until August. Firm dates to come shortly.

If you wishing to join (as team or individual) please contact the league ... mtfl_mississauga@yahoo.ca


Your Executive



Please stay tuned for details on the upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM).


- the AGM is held once per year; typically in "March" (or early "April") well ahead of the start of a new season.

- already, the league is seeing an increased interest in the league; inidividual new player profile applications being received almost daily and some are for whole new team interest too.

And as a reminder, persons interested in becoming a game official should also contact the league and/or (Mr. Doug Richardson or Mr. Rob Reilly) at SOTFOA.


Your Executive Team


PS -- See you on the field soon; the league expects to run its normal SPRING offerings by late May-2024.



The 2023 spring/summer season play-off photos should be posted by FAMILY DAY.


And spring 2024 is just around the corner.

Your Executive Team



Holiday Drive | Food Banks Mississauga

e.g., a $84 donation feeds a family for one week.

Please consider giving the gift of hope ... as one in five persons is in need.




Here is Megan's Minute for November-2023.

Have a great Holiday time of the year.

Merry Christmas,

Your Executive Team



Please consider a donation to ... Thanksgiving Drive | Food Banks Mississauga


Your Executive Team


PS ... check out the latest Megan Minute and remember 5% of the community is using a foodbank.

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Sorry for the delay:

- in inaugural MTFL "fall" football season starts this Saturday the 16th-Sep-2023.

- team fees are $895 (for eight game regular season, everyone gets one play-off game).

- format is two hand touch; two referees per game; six on six and field goals allowed.

Website (schedule, NEWS) updates coming (soon); mean-time copy of schedule has been emailed to team captains.


Your Executive team

Last edited 2023-Sep-14 at 12:24 PM



More information is coming soon but here are some of the initial planning thoughts for the MTFL's inaugural fall season:

  • games will be played on Saturday's
  • kick-off times will likely be scheduled for 830am, 1000am, and 1130am
  • the game itself will likely be the two hand touch format
  • game locations will be in Mississauga at various high schools; possibly CAWTHRA and GORDONGRAYDON/GlenForest-South.
  • for the most part, policies and procedures to leverage ones already existing. 
  • code of conduct, registration (waivering) and overall objectives of "competitive, fun, and safe" games for all similarly to be used/adhered to.

We will provide more information (especially as field permits gained and interested team captains/administrators check in with the league).


Your Executive Team



The 2023 spring season has concluded. Congrats to the Champions!

Thank-you to all league teams/players, fans, and referees for your commitment to competitive, safe and fun football. 

Standby for announcements on a "first" ever fall season for this league.


Your Executive Team


Wednesday, August 16th, 2023
B-Division Championship
6:30 - Glenforest Secondary School (North)
Canes 21  F
Angels 26
Thursday, August 17th, 2023
A-Division Championship
6:30 - Glenforest Secondary School (North)
Clarkson 7  F
Reapers 19



SCHEDULE has been updated to reflect (over the weekend) requests, etc.

Enjoy the CHAMPIONSHIP games!


"Schiebs" (Past President)



Welcome to the 2023 play-offs.

Please continue to have safe, competitive, and fun games!

Enjoy yourselves and lets hope day-light hours and overall weather continue to cooperate.

e.g., play-off games have kick-off of 630pm (at unlit high school fields) as we must also account for the possibility of over-time.


Your Executive Team



Here is where we are heading:

Tuesday August 8th 645pm Cawthra, Reapers vs Warriors make up game
Thursday August 10th, 630pmpm Cawthra, 2 vs 3, 
Thursday August 10th, 630pm, Glenforest, 5 v 6.
PS- Schiebel will update "game titles" shown on the posted SCHEDULE to include the specific team names by tomorrow night.



Although still early in "summer time", the actual amount of daylight playing conditions has begun to diminish.

Hence, beginning next week all (high school location) kick-off times are going to 6:45pm (and no longer 7:00pm).

e.g., we all want to play the game -- and enjoy it with best alignment to daylight as we can.

Please adjust your pre-game routines accordingly ... and continue to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to that scheduled kick-off time to warm-up, etc.


Your Executive Team



It is still hot and humid so please take care to hydrate properly -- before, during and after your games. Avoiding heat-stroke is a must!

Also, the league has a CODE OF CONDUCT and everyone in our community is very much appreciative when each each of us abides by it.

e.g., the overall goal is for safe, competitive, and FUN games.  That goal applies to everyone at the game site... players, game officials, and fans!

When we fulfill that goal we improve the league's ability to rent fields, attract new members, and maintain its brand and image as one of the premiere adult touch football leagues in the GTA.


Your Executive Team



Weather is hot and humid so remember to keep yourself hydrated (including well before kick-off time) with water / Aid-drinks!

Enjoy, safe, competitive, and fun games.

Your Executive


PS- Captains ... please ensure everyone on your roster is listed in KARELO and verified.

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Please consider attending the Women's International Football game ... Friday, 30-Jun-2023.

MIFA All-Stars vs LEXFA Mexico ... Centennial Park Stadium (Etobicoke), 7:00pmm kick-off.





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May you have terrific and relaxing Father's Day/weekend!

Enjoy and please continue to have safe, competitive, and fun games.


Your Executive



1. Enjoy safe, competitive, and fun games.

2. Remember, as the summer progresses it is necessary to advance the kick-off time to account for diminishing amounts of daylight (hours at the unlit field locations).

3. As the regular season winds down, more information will be published about the intended play-off structure/scheduled game dates.


John Schiebel



The Regular Season - Week1 Schedule has been posted (for all six teams).

Standby, remainder of the regular season games to be posted shortly.


John Schiebel

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TEAMS, STANDINGS and DIVISIONS is under construction ... standby!



Have a great MOTHER's DAY weekend and please consider helping out your local community food bank as well as treating all Mothers to a terrific day!

For those interested, here is the Spring-2023 Newsletter from the Mississauga Food Bank.

Thanks, John



For some great information and awareness to "concussions" please take a read of Rowan’s Law: Concussion Awareness Resources | ontario.ca

Enjoy and have a safe season.


Past President, John Schiebel



If you are interested in becoming a referee:

- check out Be a Referee (Join Us) – Southern Ontario Touch Football Officials Association (sotfoa.ca)

- and the other pages of content on that website.


Good Evening Teams,
The fees for the 2023 MTFL Season will be $1,550($1325 to the league), with $225 of that payable towards Karelo. Currently we are awaiting Russ Henderson of TFONT to finalize the setup of Karelo for us, please wait on that update.
Unfortunately this year the league has reduced in teams, some teams of the past have discontinued, moved away, or no longer have the personnel to continue playing.
Payment can be made to this address jameswelton@rogers.com
The MTFL banking account has run into issues this year in its ability to e-transfer as a free account, so in the essence of keeping costs lower, I will utilize a personal account to be able to e-transfer the referee fees and prize money at the end of the year. 
A breakdown of league costs this year are as follows. 
Field Fees are $1118.52
Ref fees are $147 per game
Tfont league registration $200
Trophy updating $50
Website hosting/ maintenance $700
Prize money $800
Each team will have to pay Karelo $225
Contingency of $75 per team in case of fluctuations.
Based upon responses:
The league will run with an 8 game regular season schedule, due to the requirement of a bye week with an odd number of teams.
Prize money will remain.
A division: the Reapers, Canes, Warriors, Trojans, and Clarkson.
B division: The Angels, and Thundercats. 
Due to the 2 teams in B..It does not seem feasible to run that division as I have been unable to recruit any teams this year to join the league, with a planned outreach to gather more teams for the coming seasons. If either team expresses interest to play in A, please contact the league and we will discuss. 
James Welton

Good Afternoon Everyone,
It has come that time to book in the field permits for the year, as it currently stands there are 7-8 teams expressing interest for this season and would seem most advantageous to play out a single division regular season, as only 2 teams have expressed desire to play in the B division, with a divided playoff tier at the end. This can be voted upon and decided upon. Please provide responses to the questions below.
 There are a few points that feedback would be appreciated on which will indicate the cost for this season, timing is of the essence so I ask that the responses be submitted by April 6th. Payment will be due next week by April 15th, the cost for the season is heavily dependent on the answers provided.
1. 8 game or 10 game season? There will be a 2 or 3 game playoff dependent on the format for the regular season and playoff structure.
2. What level your team prefers to play, A or B?
3. Would your team prefer to play Tuesdays, or Thursdays?
4. Field preference for your teams, Cawthra Park, or Glenforest?
5. Is your team playing in TFONT tournaments?
6. Does your team want to accept any free agents who contact the league?
7. Does your team want to continue with the prize money as the league has done so in years past?
The estimated charge per team this season does rely upon those factors, it is anticipated that the cost will be in the range of $1500-$1700 for the season. Much in line with years previous. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Best regards,
James Welton



Here is Megan's "minute" for April-2023... Meghan Minute - April 2023 - YouTube

Have a great EASTER/Holy Week and look forward to seeing you on the field soon.


Your Executive Team


For those interested, the Mississauga Huskies run several tackle/flag programs for youth and are looking for coaches. Please feel free to help grow our sport and reach out to the next generation of touch players.

The youth league contact information is:

Dennis Thomas
Social Media Associate / Player Recruitment





The 2023 AGM was held this evening (from 7:35pm to 8:10pm via Webex).

In short:

  • so far at least seven teams expressed interest in a spring session.
  • the spring session will likely be ten reqular season games followed by playoffs.
  • budget information to be shared shortly.
  • please be ready to make payment of the team registration fee.


Your Executive

PS - Teams in attendance tonight were: CLARKSON and WARRIORS

PSS - Prior to meeting James Welton has spoken with ANGELS, CANES, TROJANs, and REAPERS and at least one other team considering transfering to this league. James is still tracking down KILLER BEES.



An announcement to the revised time and date for the 2023 AGM is coming soon.

However, please feel free to contact James Welton (jameswelton@rogers.com) if you have any questions/concerns to discuss in advance.


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Help shape your community: Apply to sit on a Council Committee



The City of Mississauga is currently seeking citizens to sit on its Committees, Local Boards and Authorities for a term of office until November 14, 2026. These committees provide recommendations to City Council about decision or direction on specific topics or areas of interest. Applications will be accepted from February 16 until March 9, 2023 for the following committees:


·        Environmental Action Committee

·        Governance Committee

·        Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee

·        Mississauga School Traffic Safety Action Committee

·        Road Safety Committee

·        Towing Industry Advisory Committee

·        Transit Advisory Committee

·        Combating Racism, Discrimination and Hatred Advisory Committee


The City is hosting a drop-in information session for those interested in learning more about committees listed above and the application process:


What:      Council Committee Appointments Drop-In Information Session


When:     Thursday, February 23, 2022 from 6 - 7:30 p.m.


Where:    Council Chambers, Mississauga Civic Centre

300 City Centre Drive

Mississauga, ON



If you are interested in virtually viewing the presentation portion of the Information Session only, please register at citizen.appointments@mississauga.ca


Information about the City’s committees, local boards and authorities, is available on the Council Committees webpage. Details about the application process and qualifications required for each committee are available on the Citizen Appointments page.






Legislative Services




Have a great VALENTINE's DAY everyone!

Also, here is a "Meghan Minute" (for month of Feb-2023) and the importance of supporting our local foodbanks ... Meghan Minute - February 2023 - YouTube

John Schiebel has given many decades of much appreciated time and energy to keeping the Mississauga Touch Football League going for all of our enjoyment and has moved on to focus on other areas. The league, however, will continue to operate under new direction, with some guidance from the previous executive during the transition. 
I am reaching out to previous team captains and members as I know several have showed interest in re-joining the MTFL. We are hopeful to have all returning teams and the potential of more added for this coming summer season. What I must ask of you is to reply with an email expressing commitment as we are in the process of booking fields. 
The prospective date to hold an AGM is on March 7th at 6:30pm. This will be done virtually and a meeting invite will be sent out shortly with specifics. 
Look forward to hearing from you all!
James Welton



On behalf of the entire executive team, please have a great and safe WORLD CUP weekend. The "football" matches have been great and now we get to watch ARGENTINA and FRANCE in what should be a spectacular championship game.

Please take a few moments to make a donation to the Mississauga Food Bank.  Our annual league campaign for raising $3000 is at the one-third mark ... 2022- MTFL Fundraiser DIY FR - The Mississauga Food Bank.

The food bank's CEO, Ms. Meghan Nicholls, was in the press lately ... they have encountered a 60% increase in demand since the start of COVID going from 19000 to 30000 total customer visits per year.

In short, let's help everyone in Mississauga have access to food.


ref: The Mississauga Food Bank on Twitter: "TW: suicide "I don’t know how to ring the alarm bell any louder. When people start telling us they’re going to end their life because they can’t live in poverty anymore, it’s clear that we’ve failed them." - Meghan Nicholls, CEO of The Mississauga Food Bank." / Twitter

Last edited 2022-Dec-16 at 6:26 AM



We all look forward to an exciting and competitive GREY CUP this Sunday between the BLUE BOMBERS and ARGONAUTS.  Let's hope the weather out in REGINA is not too cold for everyone to enjoy the game.

As we also move towards CHRISTMAS, please also consider making a donation to the Mississauga Food Bank; for example, this league is trying to donate $3000 to them for the third year in a row.


Your Executive Team

Last edited 2022-Dec-16 at 6:09 AM



We hope that your love of "our game" continues strong as we move through the fall (towards Thanksgiving and the winter time).

Please also consider paying back our community and making a donation to the Mississauga Food Bank

e.g., take a moment to read how our donations are making a difference and the follow through with a donation to 2022- MTFL Fundraiser DIY FR - The Mississauga Food Bank


Your Executive Team

Last edited 2022-Sep-27 at 7:19 AM



The league has started its third annual fund raising drive for the Mississauga Food Bank.

Donations over $20 will get a tax receipt.

Please help us to reach our $3000 goal (for the third year in a row) by making a donation through the following link:

2022- MTFL Fundraiser DIY FR - The Mississauga Food Bank


Your MTFL-2022 Executive Team



Whilst we work hard to get them uploaded to the league's FACEBOOK account, you may also look at the CHAMPIONSHIP photos through our photographer's own website:

A-Div (Reapers win over Canes) ... 300 photos;

B-Div (Angels win over Killer Bees) .. 280 photos!


John Schiebel



Congrats to the ANGELS in winning our B division championship game last night (against KILLER BEES).

This concludes the MTFL-2022 season (A and B division). Congrats to all teams/players that participated and thank for excellent achievements this year:

- all games completed as scheduled.

- no significant disciplinary or otherwise matters.

- welcoming of a whole new team to the league this year as well as several new individual players to existing teams.

Next, the league looks forward to sharing the photos taken by our photographer during both games; an update on this will be provided later next week.

Finally, a big thank-you to the officiating crew and all the fans present at this year's championship games.


John Schiebel

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Firstly, congrats to the REAPERS for their A division Championship game win last night (over the CANES).

Next, the B division Championship is scheduled tonight (with KILLER BEES at ANGELs) for CAWTHRA HS.

The league will also be monitoring the weather situation throughout today.

e.g., further NEWS and/or email and/or phone updates will be provided later today.

Right now, the "game is on" for tonight/Wednesday 20-Jul with 6:45pm kickoff.


Your Executive Team



First and foremost, thank-you for participating in the regular season as well as completing the semi-final play-off round.

We now move onto the CHAMPIONSHIP games for the "A" and "B" divisions.

Please feel free to come out and cheer your division-mates on to a safe, competitive and fun game.

And yes, as usual, the league has hired a photographer to capture these very moments as well.


Your Executive Team


Tuesday, July 19th
6:45pm 'A' Division Championship - Reapers at Canes (Cawthra Park Secondary School)
Wednesday, July 20th
6:45pm 'B' Division Championship - KillerBees at Angels (Cawthra Park Secondary School)



The MTFL-2022 regular has been completed. We now move into the play-off games for this season. Players who have played in (at least) two regular season games with their team are eligible for the play-off game.

The (website) SCHEDULE has been updated to list the exact name for each of division's semi-final match-ups. Specifically, the matchups are now set to include your team's name -- based on the rank it held at the conclusion of the regular season in its division.

At this time all are reminded that the league is trying to keep "Thursdays" are rain-out contingency date; specifically, there is limited access to the field permits at this point so your cooperation in meeting the schedule as published (a couple weeks ago by ranking only and now filled in by actual team nam) is very much appreciated.

Please continue to have fun, safe and competitive games. Please also remember all play-off games must start with a 6:45pm kick-off time to account for a possibility of over-time (by convert attempts) and the diminishing amounts daytime/early evening sunlight.


John Schiebel


MTFL captains, admins and all team players,

Sorry for the original mis-print on the league website earlier this week, but yes all of the 2022 play-off games will have a 6:45pm kick-off time.

Please set/adjust your schedules accordingly.

The scheduling of a play-off game needs to account for the possible need for over-time AS WELL AS the diminishing sunlight conditions (in the evening time as we progress further into the summer).


John Schiebel

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Team captains/admins and players,

The MTFL-2022 play-off schedule (tentative) has been posted.


- consistent with AGM, play-offs will occur immediately after the conclusion of the regular season

- play-off games will be within your division only.


John Schiebel

Tuesday, July 12th
6:45pm 'B' Division Quarter-Final - 4th Place Team at 1st Place Team (Glenforest Secondary School (North))
6:45pm 'A' Division Quarter-Final - 4th Place Team at 1st Place Team (Cawthra Park Secondary School)
Wednesday, July 13th
6:45pm 'B' Division Quarter-Final - 3rd Place Team at 2nd Place Team (Glenforest Secondary School (North))
6:45pm 'A' Division Quarter-Final - 3rd Place Team at 2nd Place Team (Cawthra Park Secondary School)
Tuesday, July 19th
6:45pm 'A' Division Championship - Teams TBD (Cawthra Park Secondary School)
Wednesday, July 20th
6:45pm 'B' Division Championship - Teams TBD (Cawthra Park Secondary School)

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It is hot out so please ensure in addition to goal post pads, kicking tee and footballs that your team has plenty of water and/or "aide" style drinks to refresh yourselves.

Also, fill in your game sheet, take a picture of it at end of the game, and email it to the league for attendance tracking purposes.


John Schiebel

Tuesday, June 21st
7:00pm 'A' Division - Clarkson at Canes (Cawthra Park Secondary School)
7:00pm 'B' Division - Warriors at KillerBees (Glenforest Secondary School (North))
Wednesday, June 22nd
7:00pm 'A' Division - Trojans at Reapers (Glenforest Secondary School (North))
Thursday, June 23rd
7:00pm 'B' Division - ThunderCats at Angels (Glenforest Secondary School (North))

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MTFL-2022 Captains and Players,

1. Our 2022 regular season begins tonight.

2. In addition to your own playing gear, please make sure the team equipment (e.g., goal post pads, footballs, kicking tee) are also at your game site on time.

3. The weather is hot/humid, so bring lots of water or 'aide' style drinks too.

Let's have a safe, competitive and fun season!


John Schiebel

PS .. the league is only playing games at two locations this year:

a) Cawthra Park Secondary School ... located at 1305 Cawthra Road, Mississauga (about 1.5km south of the QEW)

b) Glen Forest Secondary School (North) ... located at 3575 Fieldgate Drive, Mississauga (about 0.5km south of Burnhamthorpe)


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Hope everyone was okay during yesterday's wind/rain storm.

Next, the MTFL-2022 regular season starts in one week. The full six week long regular season schedule was posted a few weeks ago -- Week#1 summary is below.

Please have safe, competitive and fun games.


John Schiebel


Week#1 games are:

Tuesday, May 31st
7:00pm 'B' Division - KillerBees at Warriors (Cawthra Park Secondary School)
Wednesday, June 1st
7:00pm 'A' Division - Reapers at Trojans (Glenforest Secondary School (North))
Thursday, June 2nd
7:00pm 'B' Division - Angels at ThunderCats (Glenforest Secondary School (North))
7:00pm 'A' Division - Canes at Clarkson (Cawthra Park Secondary School)

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MTFL Team Captains/Admins,

First and foremost, may everyone have a happy and safe Mother's Day weekend.

Next, four of the eight teams have now completed the KARELO component of their team registration (and of those four, I have attempted to setup their roster/game-sheet on the MTFL specific registration system too.  To the later point, I am working with team captains --- as we speak -- to ensure I get everyone's jersey number correct too).

The MTFL Season begins in about three weeks (and the TFO "Brampton" tournament registration cut-off is in ten days).

So "captains" if you have not yet done so, please complete the KARELO payment and setup this week.

Stay well and the days are getting longer, sunnier and warmer so let's get ready for some touch football!


John Schiebel


MTFL-2022 Team Captains/Members,

The schedule has been posted (on the website).

The Executive will be in touch this week to:

a) ensure you complete KARELO registration /payment

b) are ready to go!

Let's have a great season.

Finally, if you are interested in helping to run this league (this year or next) please contact the current executive team as soon as possible.  


John Schiebel


MTFL Captains,

An internal review of the schedule is underway -- so a "draft" of it will be circulated amongst you the captains shortly/this week.

There are some issues with my ongoing availability and wellness so in advance I continue to appreciate your tolerance/flexibility.  In short, the idea is "some football is better than no football this spring" (especially as this may be the last year of operation of this league).


John Schiebel

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MTFL-2022 Captains,

1. This season will be composed of two separately operating divisions:

-- Div-A ... Canes, Clarkson, Reapers and Trojans.

-- Div-B ... Angels, KillerBees, ThunderCats and Warriors.

2. Each division will be playing six regular season games then move into their own respective play-offs. The schedule may have some off weeks in it (... especially for Div-A to account for tournaments, etc.).

3. Remember, the league no longer has access to a stadium light/lit field (like the Valleys) so all games occur at high school locations.  Such locations will have 7:00pm kick-off times in May and June.  Then, as necessary, for the tail end of the regular season, and definitely for play-offs (in which there is a need to account for possibility of over-time) the kick-off time could be pulled in to as early as 6:30pm.

4.  The Executive is in need of volunteers; this is last year for two of us which means future years of operation of this league may not be possible. As this season progresses, if new volunteers are not secured the current executive will provide a "wind-down" plan (in which league matters are terminated/suspended in an orderly fashion as this season concludes).


John Schiebel (President, Registrar)

Last edited 2022-Apr-19 at 7:42 AM


Team Captains/Admins:

The AGM was conducted on Sunday 03-Apr-2022.

Assuming all of the candidate teams do, in fact, register and complete payment then:

- we will have two divisions (without need of combination/cross-over games):

--- Div_A (four teams): Canes, Clarkson, Reapers and Trojans

--- Div_B (six teams): Angels, Bears, Warriors, Killer Bees, ThunderCats and The Kings

- Each division will play a total of six regular season games followed by play-offs against teams in their own division. For B-Div, the two teams that finish highest in their regular season standings willl get a bye from the ¼ final.

- The total per team registration fee is $1530 ... and yes, $225 of that amount goes to the KARELO portal. 

- Remember, the KARELO portion of the total per team is non-refundable.

-  Otherwise, if the season is disrupted by COVID health measures then a portion of the un-used amounts of the MTFL component of the total registration fee could be refunded. 

- E-transfer payment of $1305 to be sent to league email’s mtfl_Mississauga@yahoo.ca

--- use your team’s name and year as answer for the league to accept it; e.g., “Angels2022”, “Bears2022”, “TheKings2022” no quotes, no spaces.

- The KARELO payment is made by credit card and is due before you/your team plays its first game (which will not be any earlier than 31-May-2022). More specifically, if you are recreational non-tournament team, feel free to pay KARELO's $225 later this month (or in early May-2022).

- The MTFL portion of the total team registration fee is, due midnight, Sunday 10-Apr-2022.

- Only teams that pay will be scheduled to play games. If not all of the candidate teams pay it might be necessary to only have a single division in the regular season. If that happens, the league might entertain, for further fees, more than six regular season games per team.

Any questions, email the league right away.


Your 2022 Executive Team


MTFL Team Captains/Admins,

Unfortunately I have a pressing family matter and need to delay the intended Annual General Meeting (AGM) by one day.

e.g., the meeting invite will be re-sent to change from Saturday morning to Sunday morning (of this very weekend).

I apologize for this late breaking change.

Regardless, please have ready your teams preferred night information.


John Schiebel

MTFL 2021 President and Registrar

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Team Captains/Admins,

The Annual General Meeting will be this Saturday morning at 11:30am; Webex Invite will be sent to you shortly.

To get ready for the AGM make sure you've polled your team for "preferred" evening of play (and "least preferred" evening of play).

e.g., this year we appear to be on track for two divisions:

A-Div ... Canes, Clarkson Reapers, and Warriors.

B-Div ... Angels, Bears, Trojans and likely The North and ThunderCats and possibly the KINGs.

Next, although we all have our fingers crossed that ONTARIO remains on least pervasive health protection measures, we must remember that:

- we can be starting to play as early as the last week of May-2022 (whereas in our most previous seasons we had to delay the start of season often to the month of July).

- health and civil authorities could always change the plan (in which case, refunds for un-used/un-allocated amounts of the requested team registration fee would be offered).


Your Executive (elect)

PS- if you don't have an e-invite for this meeting (by midnight the 30-Mar-2022) please email mtfl_mississauga@yahoo.ca asking to have it resent).

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MTFL Team Captains,

There will be a mandatory team captain/admins (WebEx online) meeting on Tuesday 22-Mar-2022 (at 7:15pm). Please ensure at least one "rep" from your team is present. Invitations will be sent via e-mail in the coming days.

City of Mississauga, wants field permit money (by the end of the 1st week of April). As such, two things need to happen before then:

a) firm understanding of your intention to register a team this year;

b) the Annual General Meeting (to elect the executive, finalize objectives/format and budget, etc.).


John Schiebel





The 2nd monthly WebEx for all team captains/admins will occur on Thursday 10-Mar-2022 (at 6:30pm).

It will not occur on Thursday 03-Mar (as previously anticipated/announced).


Your Executive

Attendees: Warriors (Cory), ThunderCats (Nalin) and Angels (Phil) along with John
Duration: 15 minutes
- John will continue with the once per month meeting series (with the possibility of two meetings in Mar-2022 as well). We will target Wednesday 03-Mar-2022 (6:45pm start) for our next such meeting.
- All key partners (e.g., City of Mississauga SOTFOA, TFOnt, and SOTFOA) on board; seems like government/health authorities are too (... as here in Ontario plans exist to remove most health protection measures soon).
- For the next online WebEx meeting, John will have a handout for it (sent with the meeting invitation) summarizing one of three possible season operating models. For example, based on what is total size of league and the number of teams per division:
------ OPTION-A ... we could offer the pre-COVID ten regular plus at least one play-off game format; OR
------ OPTION-B ... less than ten (... say six) regular season games plus at least one play-off game format; OR
------ OPTION-C ... a hybrid ... say start the season with two scrimmages against team's not in your division then a Option-B. In OPTION-C all games still have referees but in the scrimmage games the teams themselves can decide to play each -other as is ... or redivided roster between themselves in a "friendly".  Scrimmage results will not be tracked in standings. However all players must still be in KARELO and waiver with their natural team before they play in scrimmage or divisional game.
 - Everyone should also take note that "... the 2022 Ontario Summer Games will be held in Mississauga from August 11-14, 2022". At this time, this is anticipated as not likely to interfere with our season.
Thanks, John
MTFL 2021 President and Registrar
PS - persons interested in becoming an MTFL executive member should contact the league via email immediately.


MTFL veteran and candidate new team captain/admins:

1. Our first pre-season on-line meeting will be Wednesday 16-Feb-2022 at 630pm.

2. If you don't have the WebEX invite in your email INBOX already then please send an email request for it to mtfl_mississauga@yahoo.ca 

3. COVID is still around but yes restrictions may be changing that the possibility now exists for the planning of a more typical ten regular season plus at least one play-off game (minimally) per team seasonal format to occur.

4. That being said, as per previous seasons, all of our key-partners (e.g., government and health authorities, PARKS-and-REC, referees, etc.) must give a green light for what-ever size/duration of a season we can attempt to execute this year.

5. Monthly on-line meetings will occur in March and April -- for planning (and possibly even the Annual General Meeting itself). Right now, please ensure a representative from your team attends these monthly meetings ... as we continue to inch closer to our anticipated season start (of mid-May-2022).


John Schiebel

2021 President.

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Team Captains/Administrators,

Similar to the last two seasons, the league will host on-line (WebEx) meetings to share information and discuss the possibilities for our next season.

Our first such meeting will be on Wednesday 16-Feb-2022 (630pm EST).  You'll get an invite in your email (from the mtfl_mississauga@yahoo.ca) a few days in advance of that.

If your a "team rep" to a whole new team or a team wishing to join this league for first time, please email the league immediately as you are certainly welcome to participate in these pre-season meetings too.

Finally, the date for the 2022 Annual General Meeting will be announced once a bit more of the interest to play and, obviously, the COVID19 obligations are made known for our intended season (of mid-May to late Aug-2022). At this time, no definite decision or recommendation on the nature of the season (e.g., how many divisions, how many regular season games per team, and what, if any, play-off gamees) has been made. Further to this point, similar to the recent "COVID" impacted seasons (of 2020 and 2021), this league may offer a shortened season.  That being said, keep your fingers crossed -- and set some expectations with your teammates as our goal will be, if safe to do so, to play our normal ten regular season game and everyone gets one play-off game at least format. To wit, yes, you should set team budget for $2000 CDN.

Thanks, John

MTFL 2021 President



Happy belated New Years! The Executive team hopes that each of you are safe, well and doing your part to stay ready for some football.

We suspect many of you are glued to the TV as professional football play-off games continue in the NFL but yes our own league (for one hand adult touch football) will resume the monthly on-line meeting series with all team captains/admins interested beginning in mid-Feb-2022.

e.g., right after the SUPER BOWL we will start to continue to monitor interest, availability and COVID restrictions to determine how the 2022 season might start/be played.

In short, if you represent a whole new team that is interested in joining our spring (weeknight) league for the upcoming season then please contact the league's mtfl_mississauga@yahoo.ca email account and you will be added to that meeting series invite; if you are veteran/alumni team to this league in any of the past three seasons you are already in that list.


John Schiebel

MTFL2021 President and Registrar

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All of the best to each of you at this special time of year. May you enjoy a terrific Christmas and a simply awesome New Year.

Also, here is a special thank-you from the Mississuaga Foodbank (~ one minute in duration).

Finally, pre-season meetings for all captains/team administrators will begin by the end of Feb-2022 in preparation for our next touch football season -- anticipated to kick-off by mid-May-2022.


MTFL-2021 Executive Team


Thank you for supporting your hungry neighbours! - YouTube

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Season greatings to all.

We just met our goal for the 2nd annual charity fund raiser for the Mississauga Food Bank. A very special shout goes out to all of the "ANGELs" who graciously and generously enabled this achievement.


Your MTFL-2021 Executive Team




Please consider donations to the Mississauga Food Bank; right now our league is at 80% of its 2nd annual charity fund raising goal. So let's reach that goal and help ensure that our community can provide for those who are struggling with hunger, pricing inflation and access to food anxiety right now.


Your Executive Team


Here is the URL/link to make a cash donation to them via this league's program:

2021- MTFL Fundraiser DIY FR - The Mississauga Food Bank


PS --  here is a quick video about how you can help the foodbank with an actual food box donation at this special time of the year ... 12 Days of Giving 2021 - YouTube 

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First and foremost we hope all is well and safe with you, your families, friends and team-mates.

Next, our own league remains on-track for planning and executing its next season (spring of 2022, with pre-season meetings beginning by mid-Feb and actual games intended to start by mid-May). So stay in shape and remain ready for another safe, competitive and fun season of touch football.

Next, it is the 2nd annual year of the league's charity fund raising efforts for the Mississauga Food Bank. Our goal, as was in our 1st year, is to raise $3000.  So far this year, we have raised $2300.  Now is the Food Banks annual Thanksgiving "Fall" campaign, so if you can and have not yet considered a donation please do so now.

2021- MTFL Fundraiser DIY FR - The Mississauga Food Bank


Your Executive Team

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First and foremost, happy thanksgiving! May you have a great and safe get together with your family and friends this long weekend.

Next, "shout out" to all of teams/players up in Markham for the NATIONALS this weekend. Let's hope no one gets too wet and that everyone has safe, competitive and fun games.

Finally, don't forget to consider a donation to our league's charity fund raising drive for the Mississauga Food Bank.  We are closing in on 65% of our $3000 CDN goal.  Here is the link to donate:

2021- MTFL Fundraiser DIY FR - The Mississauga Food Bank


Your 2021 Executive Team



1. Congrats to our divisional championship winners:

--- A - CANES

--- B - ANGELS


2. Big shout out to all players on all teams for helping deliver another successful season. Despite the excessive heat (of August) and unfortunate amount of injuries (due to COVID down-time) throughout this shortened season, we hope you agree our competitive strength is good and the majority of the games played were close, entertaining and fun.

3. As for our next season, we will start captains meetings in Feb-2022 with an intended regular season offering for mid-May to late-August.

Until then, stay well, stay safe and thank-you once again for helping to celebrate/grow our sport.


Your Executive

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Thank-you to all for a wonderful safe, competitive and fun season.

The play-off semi-finals have been completed and we all look forward to the CHAMPIONSHIP game in each of our divisions. The schedule is below ... feel free to come and watch your division-mates.


Your Executive Team


Monday, August 23rd
7:00pm B-Championship - Angels at Wolverines (Mississauga Valley Community Centre)
8:30pm A-Championship - Clarkson Backwoods at Canes (Mississauga Valley Community Centre)
Tuesday, August 24th
6:30pm C-Championship - Kings at The North (Cawthra Park Secondary School)



1. The play-off schedule was posted last week.

2. As per discussions prior to the start of the regular season, the play-offs are scheduled to occur in the two weeks immediately occuring after the end of the regular season.

3. All are reminded that if your play-off game is scheduled to occur at high-school (non-lit field) location, then your game has a kick-off time of 6:30pm. This is necessary to account for the diminishing amount of daylight at this time of the year ... AS WELL AS ... the possibility of over-time.

4. Stay safe and hydrated.

Thank-you for your continued commitment to safe, competitive and fun games!

Your Executive Team

PS - Congrats to the CANES (A division), WOLVERINES (B division) and THE NORTH (C division) for finishing first in the final regular season ending standings of their respective divisions. Job well done!

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1. The play-off schedule (all divisions) will be posted on the website by end of today.

2. Again, all are reminded, as per the planning and scheduling restrictions announced prior to the start of this season, the play-offs will be occuring immediately after the conclusion of WeekSIX of the regular season. The reasons for this include:

- it has proven very difficult to get field permits (VALLEYs or otherwise) this year ... as City of Mississauga has been over-run with change requests due to COVID (logistics and the restrictions thereof).

- the league itself strongly prefers to execute to that plan for the following reasons:

a) many players and members of the league and its partners likely already committed to that very plan (announced way back in March-2021).

b) the ability to offer the "trophy and photo-ops" to the teams at the Championship game itself is simplified if we can exploit what dates we do have at the VALLEYs. 


Your Executive Team


Att'n all MTFL-2021 players and teams:

Starting next Tuesday, 03-Aug-2021, all high school location games will have a kick-off at 6:45pm (not 7:00pm) to account for the diminishing amount of daylight time.

All lit field games (at the VALLEYs) remain with their 7:00pm and 8:30pm kick-off times.


The Executive


Att'n all Team Captains/Admins:

- We are nearly at the half-way mark of the regular season.

- Thank for helping all of us enjoy safe, competitive and fun games.

- If you need a player-or-two, don't hestitate to reach out to the league.  The league has several player-profile-contact sheets (of persons with various levels of experience AND who can make contributions to your team immediately).


Your Executive.

PS - It is likely (even) less flexibility towards "play-off" scheduling preferences will be accomodated (than has happened in this current regular season ... and certainly, comparatively, to what has happened in play-offs of previous seasons).  A primary reason for this is "lack of timely response/support" from City of Mississauga on field permit acquisitions.



1. Please hydrate (with water or aid'style drink) and stretch before each game.  It has been very hot & humid and many of us are a bit rusty. So do your best to avoid muscle strain/pull/sprain like injuries.

2. The league is working with all of the ANGELS, CANES, KINGS, REAPERS, TROJANS and WOLVERINES to test out the online team/player registration portal that the league has built.  This portal (is not KARELO but one that we hope) will serve all key stakeholders effectively and timely prior to, during and post each season of play. Specifically:

  • the current debug/testing is focusing on the individual player registration process and the book-keeping records thereof.
  • those involved will be sent an email (userid, password) and will "verify" in way similar to what they did for KARELO. Once verified they will enjoy gamesheet statistics (like their actual attendance, etc).

3. Stay safe and stay well.  ONTARIO is entering "step 3" of its (COVID mitigation/recovery and) re-opening plan. Please continue to do your part for ensuring that safe games and outcomes exist for our entire community. For example:

  • continue to respect all who choose to wear a face-mask; and
  • ensure that your team captain/admin is completing the obligatory contact tracing ... aka ... providing the league with a "filled in game-sheet" and/or team-selfie (sent to the league's email address) for each of your scheduled games.


Your Executive

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1. Website's STANDINGS, SCORES, SCHEDULE ... are working.

2. Right now we are trying to get various page's content updated as well as give all teams a head-start on their game-sheet rosters. For example, the THUNDERCats managed to set up most of thier own roster/game-sheet ... kudos to captain "Nalin". Once your roster is setup (in the MTFL automations database) then your players will start to see their actual performance/attendance "stats" too.


Your Executive Team

PS- Although not every team choose to muster this year, there is still a "golf shirt" award awaiting each of the following teams:

- Mountain Goats, Militia, Death From Above, Offerdahl and Kryptonite as well as Made Men. Feel free to contact John Schiebel for pick-up (or delivery) details.

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1. There are only 12 teams playing this season (in a total of three divisions. Each division is composed of four teams).

2. The schedule (or results already obtained) for Week-01 is:

Div-A: Monday 05-Jul: Valley's 7:00pm: Warriors at Reapers (with Reapers winning 21 to 14).

Div-A: Monday 05-Jul: Valley's 8:45pm: Canes at Clarkson-Backwoods (with Canes winning 27 to 13).

Div-B: Monday 05-Jul: Cawthra 7:00pm: Wolverines at Trojans (with Trojans winning 21 to 12).

Div-C: Tuesday 06-Jul: Cawtha 7:00pm: Kings at The North (with The North winning 8 to 6).

Div-C: Tuesday 06-Jul: Glen Forest (North) 7:00pm: ThunderCats at Golden Receivers;

Div-B: Wednesday 07-Jul: Gordon Graydon (aka "GlenForest South") 7:00pm: Bears at Angels.



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1. As of midnight 01-Jul-2021, one team still need to make payment (and four teams still need to complete KARELO registrations before any of them play any games).

2. The Week#01 game schedule is:

Div-A: Monday 05-Jul: Valley's 7:00pm: Warriors at Reapers;

Div-A: Monday 05-Jul: Valley's 8:45pm: Canes at Clarkson-Backwoods;

Div-B: Monday 05-Jul: Cawthra 7:00pm: Wolverines at Trojans;

Div-C: Tuesday 06-Jul: Cawtha 7:00pm: Kings at The North;

Div-C: Tuesday 06-Jul: Glen Forest (North) 7:00pm: ThunderCats at Golden Receivers;

Div-B: Wednesday 07-Jul: Gordon Graydon (aka "GlenForest South") 7:00pm: Bears at Angels.

Note: A fifth team might enter "C" division. If they do, they will have Week-01 "off" and teams in that division will have their Week-02 and on schedules modified (modestly as that team prefers Monday and Thursdays). 


PS- for month of "July", all "high school" game site/locations will have kick-off time of 7:00pm.

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MTFL Captains/Admins/Players:

1. Just got this emial.

2. Any questions please call me.

3. I believe we are "good-to-go" (And now have, unlike last year, some tolerance for "fans" at game sites).


John Schiebel



From: Matthew Maclaren <Matthew.Maclaren@mississauga.ca>
To: Matthew Maclaren <Matthew.Maclaren@mississauga.ca>
Date: June 29, 2021 at 9:03 PM
Subject: Step 2 Update - Sport Fields

Hi Sports Groups,


As you are likely aware, we are preparing to enter into step two in the provincial framework for reopening as of tomorrow, June 30th.


Below are some changes to be aware of with step 2 provincial guidelines

·        Game play is now permitted for most sports. Games that may result in personal contact are not permitted unless the sport or game has been modified to avoid personal contact

·        Legislative Requirements for Permit Holders

o   Permit holders are responsible for recording name and contact information of all participants. This is to be kept on file for at least one month

o   Each group is responsible for the development of a Covid-19 Safety Plan prior to its permitted activities. For more information on the development of a safety plan please visit: https://www.ontario.ca/page/develop-your-covid-19-workplace-safety-plan  .  Groups are expected to have the safety plan on site for any permits if requested.

·        Participant Capacity

o   The number of participants is limited to the number of people that can maintain a physical distance of at least two meters of every person on site (no longer limited to groups of 10).

·        Spectator Capacity

o   It is recommended that groups maintain a limit of 1 spectator per minor child in attendance in order to comply with provincial guidelines.

o   For locations with defined spectator seating, a 25% capacity is in place


Field Preparation

·        Our Parks team has been hard at work ensuring all of our sports fields are prepared for game play. All fields have had maintenance works completed, been cut several times and sport goals (if applicable) are in place.

·        Full field lining has begun but will not be completed at all fields in time for the start of Step 2. The team is in the process of lining all major fields/diamonds first, with minor fields to follow as they progress through all of the over 300 sports fields City wide. As previously committed we will do our best to have all permitted fields lined within 14 days of moving into Step 2.


Thanks very much – we are excited to have everyone back out on the fields, please let us know if you have any questions.




1. Please make your KARELO (credit card, $225 at www.karelo.com) and MTFL (e-transfer to league's email address $1275) payments today.

2. Draft of schedule will be out tonight (minimally via your email); assuming teams pay.

3. Conditional payments and registration, the divisional assignments likely are:

A-Div: Canes, Clarkson-Backwoods, Reapers and Warriors;

B-Div: Angels, Bears, Kings, Trojans and Wolverines;

C-Div: Aviators, Golden Recievers, The North and Thundercats (and possibly Mountain Goats).


Your Executive Team

PS-1 ... DEATH FROM ABOVE, GHOSTS, MILITIA. OFFERDAHL and ZONE6 are not fielding teams this year.  However, some players from each of these squads are interested in joining other existing teams for this 2nd season of pandemic realities. The League Registrar is assisting in the coordination of these matches.


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On behalf of the entire league and with great sadness we share information on the passing of: Richard Bachan (permavita.com)

Our thoughts and prayers,

Your Executive Team




Rich was an integral part of the Stingers/Ghosts for two decades and could always be counted on for a full effort, the best snaps in the league, a lot of laughs afterwards and some of the best recruiting we've ever seen.
He will be missed as a player, but mostly as a person.

Chris Zelkovich


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Team Captains ...
1. Be prepared to make payment in full this weekend (e.g., $225 credit card payment to KARELO portal; $1275 e-transfer to the MTFL).
2. As usual, for your e-transfer to the league, use "mtfl-teamname" as your answer (e.g., "mtfl-Bears", "mtfl-Angels", "mtfl-Reapers").
3. So far so, good. ONTARIO (provincial government) will allow Step #02 to proceed very shortly. Still waiting to see what, if any, further details come from "PEEL HEALTH".
4. That being said, looks like we are on track for:
- at least 12 teams (possibly 16) mustering for action;
- beginning to play a six game regular season (plus play-offs and play-off prizes) starting Week of 05-Jul-2021.
5. Minimally, the Pandemic Policy and Best Practices Guideline will apply.

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1. If you have not provided your AGM vote response sheet you need to do so "today".

2. If you have not provided your team schedule preference response sheet you need to do so "today".

3. It sounds like ONTARIO (provincial government) is about to announce "Re-opening Plan Step#2" which means sports leagues have the ability to play outdoor games.

4. We still need to hear from PEEL REGIONAL HEALTH but it appears possible we could be playing our game no sooner than 05-Jul-2021.

5. In short, get ready, the league might be asking you to make team registration fee payment in full sometime this very weekend.


Your Executive Team.


MTFL-2021 Team Captains,

1. If you have not sent them in yet, your AGM PROXY sheet vote responses (to all four questions) is due "today" (, Sunday 20-Jun-2021, by midnight).

2. Later this evening you will be sent a "Schedule Preference" sheet ... you are to fill in an return it asap. It allows you to list your team's prefered night of play and its preferred (high school field) location of play. "Scheduling" will attempt to take your preferences into account (assuming they align with those of your division-mates, etc.).

3. Remember, if all goes well with ONTARIO's RE-OPENING PLAN, as soon as the province (or GTA) enters into "Step #2" it might be possible for our league to play our games.  Currently, my thinking is that signal will happen soon (and we could be playing our game on the week of 05-Jul-2021).

Stay safe, stay ready and stay/get-in-touch with the league.


John Schiebel

PS -- Another on-line "captain/admin" meeting will occur on Friday 25-Jun-2021 (7:00pm). Picking "Friday" evenings (lately) as I am hopeful announcements from the authorities will be made on such days.

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  • A team representative from: Aviators, Canes, Golden Receivers, Trojans, Warriors, Wolverines.
  • A candidate new league member (observing proceedings).
  • 2020 Executive Members: John Schiebel, Jeff Barratt, Cory Williams and Andrew Sengbush.


  • Common portion - 35 minutes;
  • Q+A (for which only some of the initial attendees participated) - a further 45 minutes.


- Covered Agenda

  • Welcome back ... we could be playing our game the Week of 05-Jul-2021.
  • Each interested/available team needs to report in no later than 18-Jun-2021 and be prepared to pay  (in full) no later than 21-Jun-2021.
  • All (veteran) teams in good standing (e.g., all teams enrolled in 2019 onward) need to respond to the 2021 AGM Voting Sheet no later than 18-Jun-2021. One vote per (veteran team in good standing) and the voting sheet will be sent to them this weekend.
  • Yes, Ontario's Re-opening Plan "Step-2" allows up to 25 persons to play our sports game. However, not all Step-2 restrictions/obligations may be published/defined yet (by authorities) so, yes, it is possible (unlike last year, the first year of COVID) that this coming year, face-masks could be a requirement.

- Reviewed/discussed TFO President's Letter on the $75 (not $50) 'price increase' for insurance (which will be be distributed to all team captains).

- Re-iterated, as a league endeavoring to remain as the premier adult touch football league in the GTA, this league's best-practices of:

  • transparency
  • respect for all players/teams (regardless their choice to play this year or not)
  • executing a season in safe and fun manner
  • promoting timely and preventative de-escalation of negative behaviours whilst rewarding and recognizing persons supporting the league's objective of having "safe, competitive and fun" games.
  • refunding "un-used" monies when, and if, season is disrupted after a "re-start" attempt. But remember, the KARELO/insurance portion of your team's total registration fee is non-refundable (in whole or part).

- Reminded everyone of the 2nd annual Mississauga Food Bank charity fund raising campaign (which already has reach 33% of goal. And that last year's inaugural campaign met its goal of $3000).

- Reminded everyone "physical distancing" and head-count restrictions are very much likely to exist during Step-2; so once again the league's PANDEMIC policy and practices will apply (which includes 60 minutes games {not 72 minutes}, only players and referees (and not "fans") present at game site, etc.).


Action Items:

  1. [New and Veteran] Team Captains -- ensure your ready to provide an answer to the league (e.g., call your players, determine roster needs/availabilities as well as overall assessment of your teams ability to play).
  2. [Veteran] Team Captains -- respond (via email) to the provided AGM Voting Proxy sheet by the date required.
  3. [New and Veteran] Team Captains -- if your team intends to play, respond to the SCHEDULE PREFERENCES sheet request by the date required; as well as make payment in full (when requested by this league and by the date required).
  4. [Candidate persons for 2021 Executive] -- assist in phone campaign to gather data, funding and answer questions from team captains (and, if requested, individuals within or wishing to join this league).


  • Please remember that over 60% of the players in this league might not have played any organized team sport in nearly two years; i.e., we could be "rusty" in our physical ability and mental acumen of the game itself. Similarly, due to various lack of activity some of us may need pro-active support and encouragement on how to avoid acting upon game-time frustrations in a negative way. For example, most of us are likely to feel excited to have the chance to play our game once again ... but on the other hand, dealing with a "flag" or "excessive tag" against you is something we all need to work together as to ensure our game is, in fact, safe, competitive and fun (for all players and our referees). In short, be patient and peaceful (and be ready to participate in the "next play of your team's game" ... and don't dwell on the outcome of any one play in any one game).


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 For tomorrow evening's on-line team captain/admins meeting, the goal is:

A. to affirm the exact number of teams mustering for play.

B. what (generic) needs/concerns those teams have (e.g., any need more players)?

C. brief review of conceptual schedule:


Monday 05-Jul (, 12-Jul, 19-Jul, 26-Jul) ... four weeks of potential play time in July.

Monday 02-Aug (, 09-Aug, 16-Aug, 23-Aug, 30-Aug) ... that's another five weeks of potential play time.


--- currently the MTFL has zero game date reservations at VALLEYS for August. We have ample high school locations (otherwise).

--- weather or otherwise team induced game cancellations.

--- STAGE-2 is delayed by authorities.

--- insufficient competitive balance in a division.



Here is the 21-May-2021 update to our league from City of Mississauga:



Current (effective tomorrow)

While our fields will be opened by our parks team for recreational informal play; team sports and training are not currently permitted under the provincial orders. Any outdoor activity must be physical distanced with a maximum of 5 people. No field bookings permitted.


Stage 1 (June 14th – tentative date)

Status: This is the current estimated timeline for when the province will move into stage 1 of the return plan. During stage 1 sports teams will be permitted for training only, in groups of 10 or less.


Stage 2 (TBD, Earliest Potential Date of July 5).

Status: Outdoor gatherings will expand to 25 people and sport game/league play will be permitted. We do not yet have detailed information regarding any sport or league modifications that will be required; however we do suspect that there will be additional safety requirements to be followed either through provincial mandate or through individual PSO.





Your Executive Team


Att'n candidate new as well as all veteran team Captains/Admins:

- Although the lockdown has been extended to early Jun-2021, we will still be having our monthly on-line check-in meeting on Wednesday, 26-May-2021 (7:00pm, EST).

- E-invitations to this WebEX meeting will be sent to you at least 48 hours in advance of the 26th-May.  A maximum of "three" reps per team may dial in.

- Please ensure you continue to check the interest and availability of everyone on your roster.

- If the key stakeholders do give this league the "green light" to play, then similar to last year, some form of a partial season could occur.

- In addition to the meeting on the 26th-May, other on-line meetings will occur as necessary and appropriate w.r.t. the potential of another "COVID mini-season" being constructed for this summer.

- To this point, and similar to last year, this league will NOT schedule games on weekends (but rather on Monday to Thursday evenings) and this league will NOT schedule games outside of our typical "mid-May to early-Sep" year over year offerings. Specifically, the executive still perceives such scheduling practices remain the preferences held by the majority of our teams / team members.

- Please continue to stay safe, well and ready to play.


John Schiebel

PS - As per requests from the City of Mississauga, this league did, in fact, make a field payment for 50% of the total "field bookings" it would have been using under a normal circumstance.  That payment is, either fully refundable (or at worst given back to the league as "credit on account" for any booking date cancelled by COVID restrictions).

MTFL veteran and candidate new team captains/admins,
1. First and foremost, I hope all remains well with you, your families, friends and co-workers.  
2. Typically we've been hosting the "MTFL Captains remote check-in meeting" (via WebEx) on the first Wednesday of each new month. For example, the last such meeting was on 07-Apr-2021.
3. However, due to COVID related restriction increases (about one week ago), the "May-2021" check-in meeting will be delayed by at least two full weeks. Specifically, rather than host it on the 1st week of May, we will be having this next meeting at some point during the 3rd week of May (... as I am hopeful more insights from the civil and health authorities on when leagues like ours will be allowed to play will be known); e.g., the next meeting will occur somewhere between 19-May and 26-May (and I will also be suggesting the date for the Jun-2021 "check-in" meeting may also be subject to current-state-of-COVID-affairs).
4. In short, outdoor adult sports leagues like ours can't play due to the current COVID restrictions.
5. Next, from that 07-Apr-2021 check-in meeting our executive team was given two action items by its members.  I have provided answers below (for you to be aware of).
6. Should you have any questions / suggestions / recommendations, just reach-out-to-me ... 905-460-9838 (evenings between 8:00pm and 10:30pm are best).
John Schiebel
0001- Schiebel -- ask Parks and Rec will their field permit refund policy be as tolerant as it was last year? e.g., if the seasons starts and then gets stopped by COVID, will they be flexible/tolerant on refund requests (not within the required period in advance of time)?
>>>>> "Yes"/definitely.  More specifically, John Schiebel spoke with our league's account representatives from the City of Mississauga (JustinA) and Parks & Rec (MatthewM) last week. Both affirmed that latitude will be shown very similar to last year's COVID season. For example, if a COVID restriction (from government or local health unit) forces the league to terminate a season-in-progress, then yes, refunds (or a worst, credit on account) will be given for the remaining field permit bookings (made prior to such cancellation notice).
0002 -Schiebel -- ask the league's Mississauga Sports Group rep if MTFL leaves the Sports Group community entirely what pricing (and other obligations) does it then encounter? Specifically and w.r.t. to field permits, would that also be the "commercial" rate listed in the Sports Group literature? Does it require MTFL to incorporate? Does it still get some discount on field rentals if the person making the payment lives in Mississauga?
>>>>> Yes, the MTFL could terminate its affiliation with City and Sports Group at any time. Doing so would place this league as "commercial" field permit tenant applicant. For "commercial" tenants there is no obligation to CORA portal nor to requirement to get incorporated.  The "commercial" rating is the least favourable pricing scheme AND (yes, it would also be the most risk-based approach to assuring ourselves the field locations we want to use are retained in pecking order year-over-year for our use.  Currently the league has held an affiliated" status with "residency compliance under conditional exemption". This year, the City can't sustain the exemption for our league.  That exemption was keeping the more preferred pricing for field permits PLUS provided various other benefits offered by City and the Sports group.  However, this year that very action plan would now also require the league to demonstrate  it has 50% or more "per player" residency compliance (in order to retain such preferential pricing and benefits).  
>>>>> Given the actual residency compliance of this league over the last two decades has never been complaint  (- as it has varied anywhere from 20% to 45% year over year), it is John Schiebel's opinion this league could never reach the 50% regional sports group threshold (for which no mandatory action plan is required). Rather, John Schiebel is recommending this league move itself from the "affiliated with conditional exemption" to a "non-resident" status.  The "Non-Resident" sports group classification does provide better field permit pricing than a "commercial" rating does; it also allows (minimalistic) benefits between our executive team and the City (but it is not a good as the pricing and benefits this league has enjoyed in all previous years). The change in residency compliance rating is likely to cost about $35 per team (for a typical season -- ten regular season games plus play-offs).
To conclude a move from "resident compliant" to "non-resident" (or even "commercial") rating does not require this league to use CORA portal. Furthermore, as long as the league remains declared as non-profit, the preference by the City for this league to be "incorporated" entity will also still only remain as a preference.



Duration: 25 minutes.

Attendees: nine persons (representing eight of the anticipated over twenty teams) attended tonight's WebEx session.


- Went through presentation package as per AGENDA.

- Fielded questions and suggestions from the in-person attendees.

- Did not execute the AGM (but will now re-schedule a "Special MTFL pricing strategy meeting" for  ~3rd week of April-2021. In that meeting information pertaining to residency and the three options John Schiebel is presenting for team captains to consider will be discussed.

- Will also schedule the next Team Captain's "monthly check-in meeting" for the 1st Week of May.


John Schiebel


0001- Schiebel -- ask Parks and Rec will their field permit refund policy be as tolerant as it was last year? e.g., if the seasons starts and then gets stopped by COVID, will they be flexible/tolerant on refund requests (not within the required period in advance of time)?

0002 -Schiebel -- ask the league's Mississauga Sports Group rep if MTFL leaves the Sports Group community entirely what pricing (and other obligations) does it then encounter? Specifically and w.r.t. to field permits, would that also be the "commercial" rate listed in the Sports Group literature? Does it require MTFL to incorporate? Does it still get some discount on field rentals if the person making the payment lives in Mississauga?


Tonight's Detailed Attendance:

- Executive: JohnS, AndrewS, CoryG (who also happen to represent Aviators, Trojans and Warriors respectfully)... Absent: JohnA, JeffB, SpencerM and ChadB.

- Veteran Team Captains: KevinW (Ghosts), PhilS (Angels), HarrisonT (Wolvervines)... absent: 12 other teams).

- Candidate New Team Captains: SunilM (formally of Shockerz)... Absent: Shawn Bailey, Andy Chow and Michel Moore (each claiming to have representing their own separate new teams).


Proposed Agenda/Overview for the "Special Pricing Strategy Meeting":

-- Summarize benefits.

-- Summarize risks.

for each of three options proposed (internally by John Schiebel):

a) petition City with an action plan to stay "in" the existing residency classification and also remain a member of Sports Community group.

b) just stay in the Sports Group but move to the next (2nd least favourable) field permit rental fee category ... .i.e., go from "resident" to "non-resident" rating. This removes the need of MTFL submitted/adhering to action plan with the City.

c) abandon the Sports Group outright ... which likely implies this league will have to go to the "commercial" rate.

NExt, for option "a" (petition with action plan -- which has two year maximum duration) the conditions to get to 50% regional sports group sub-classification could be ones like these:

---- condition--01 ... donate $500 to a youth Mississauga sports group (flag/touch/tackle) football league each season. This is an attempt to help grow our adult sport league (with persons who live in Mississauga).

---- condition--02 ... conduct at least one per season "try out night/event" in a Mississauga location. This will bring yet other revenues to City from our league. This is also an attempt to grow our league with people who live in Mississauga as we will target the local high schools, university/colleges and larger sized businesses.

---- condition--03 ... continue to honour all other CORA requirements (save the one about getting incorporated). This is to ensure this league's integrity remains intact and other groups within the City will still continue to look favourably upon our league.

---- condition--04 ... continue to leverage benefits of the Sports Group (like the training sometimes offered by the City in past years on how to grow the membership, how to recruit volunteers) OR possibly, with City's support, champion a whole new training topic space --- such as one titled "best practices in gaining residency compliance in Mississauga for adult rectangular sports leagues". 

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Duration: 50 minutes


- two executive members (JeffB, JohnS);

- captains representing two new candidate teams; and

- captains from ANGELs and GHOSTS.


  • Reviewed Dashboard -- for which no significant changes have occurred since the Feb-2021 meeting. Specifically, the dashboard continues to have some red and yellow lights on it. That being said, several are gaining confidence some green lights are coming soon.
  • Reviewed Financial Presentation (of 2020 COVID19 Mini-Season Actuals, 2021 exemplary proposed budget).  This presentation had been circulated to all captains prior to this meeting.
  • Discussed there is still need to "firm up the numbers" of teams/players interested this year. For example, as of this meeting John Schiebel still has not heard back from six teams. Assuming they report in (soon) in the affirmative, there could be between 20 and 26 teams in the league this year.


  • The next monthly on-line meeting for team captains to attend will be Wednesday 07-Apr-2021 (with our usual 7:00pm start-time).
  • Please consider making a donation to the leagues charity fund raising campaign to the Mississauga Food Bank; this will be the 2nd annual campaign. Our goal is to raise the same as (or exceed) last year's total of $3000.00 (which provided 6000 meals for those in need within our community).

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MTFL-2021 new and veteran team captains,
This is a friendly reminder to dial into this Wednesday night's (03-Mar) WebEx meeting to listen in on:
a) latest dashboard status
b) finance report (for last year's actuals and exemplary budget for this upcoming season).
The meeting starts at 7:00pm and is likely to last less than 30 minutes so please dial into it on-time. You were sent invitation to this meeting via your email. If you don't see that invite in your INBOX (then first check your SPAM/trash and if not there) then email the league to have it re-sent.
Finally, please remember our "STEP IT UP" MTFL charity campaign for the Mississauga Food Bank. This is the 2nd year of this campaign; last year we raised $3000. This year we've already collected 10% of that amount.
Your Executive Team
PS .. to make your donation ... please navigate/click to ... 2021- MTFL Fundraiser DIY FR - The Mississauga Food Bank



1. The next online monthly pre-AGM meeting will occur on Wednesday, 03-Mar-2021 at 7:00pm.

2. Invites to that meeting will be sent to team captains/admins about 48 hours in advance of the meeting.

3. We will continue to monitor key stakeholders and authorities to identify what, if any, possibility of play exists for later this spring/summer.  In the "March" meeting, team captains/admins will also be given a summary of last year's finances (planned versus actual) and a forecast for this year. The Mar-2021 meeting will likely last 25 or less minutes.

4. Mean-time, please consider supporting the 2nd annual MTFL "Step It Up" charity fund raising campaign for the Mississauga Food Bank. The donation link is ... 2021 campaign.

5. Finally, as to the importance of supporting our local food banks, here is a brief video of why/how you are making a difference.   Meghan Minute - February 2021 - YouTube


Your Executive Team


Duration: 30 minutes


- three executive members: JeffB, JohnS, Cory.

- captain/admin from: Aviators (Jeff), Canes (Zeke), Ghosts (Kevin), ThunderCats (Nalin) and Warriors (Cory).

- guest/alumni: Glenn.

- but absent based on the invitation responses: Angels (Phil), Death From Above (Stefan) and Trojans (Andrew) as well as representatives from two candidate new teams.


1. Discussed Presentation Package; basically, like last year, we continue to be in monitoring mode.

2. Informed teams that:

- team registration fee is likely to increase by up to $50 to cover higher insurance liability cost.

- captains should stay in touch with their team-mates; and similarly, the league will be phoning all captains over the next two weeks to determine their interest/availability. Right now, it is possible the league could be anywhere from 14 to 22 teams in size.

- next online meeting will likely occur on a weeknight of the 1st week of March-2021. Captains and interested parties will be sent invitation (via email). In addition to our readiness-to-play dashboard, a brief presentation of last year's actual finances along with forecast for this years will be given during that meeting.


Your 2020 Executive Team (most of whom intend on running for re-election for this year).

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1. An online meeting will occur on Thursday, 4-Feb-2021 at 7:00pm for (veteran and candidate new) team captains.

2. The meeting is by invitation only and will be conducted via a WebEx session.  If you are a person interested in placing a new team into this league please contact the executive right away (and get added into the appropriate email distribution/notification lists).

3. At this point in time your 2020 Executive team is proposing that the possibility of a 2021 season be managed and, if possible/allowed, executed similar to last year.  Specifically, continue to monitor and report upon ability to play (relative to obligations to civil and health authorities). The reporting will be made available on a monthly basis (via online meeting, web site NEWS postings and/or email from mtfl_mississauga@yahoo.ca ).

4. If the league is allowed to play, and to play a "normal ten game regular season schedule", the league is anticipating a per team fee price increase of ~$50 (to account for increased insurance liability costs).


Your Executive Team

Happy New Years Everyone,
Your league executive team hopes that each of you has been able to enjoy a great Christmas and are remaining focused on positive opportunities/outcomes with yourself, family, friends and co-workers.
Next, with the ever increasing improved COVID mitigations along with reality of vaccines against it, the Mississauga Touch Football League is planning for a season this coming spring. For example, the league executive will continue to meet monthly as well as host a monthly "check-in / dashboard" (WEBEX or ZOOM) call with all team captains with the expectation that the league operate a full season in its typical time-frame (of mid-May to early Sept, weeknights).
Please continue to monitor your email and the league's website for further announcements.
On that note, stay safe, stay well and stay ready for competitive, fun and safe touch football.
Your 2020 Executive

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On behalf of the entire Executive team, please have a joyful and safe Christmas/New Years.

We look forward to the possibility of touch football this coming May-2021 and as we move towards that goal please also continue to keep the less fortunate in mind.  Although our league's "STEP IT UP" campaign has reached its goal please consider further donations to the MISSISSAUGA FOOD bank at this very special time of year because many continue to go without food.

Again, best of everything to all and Seasons Greetings to you, your family, friends and co-workers.


The 2020 Executive Team


With much sadness, the MTFL expresses its condolences to the Fazzolari family for the passing of Fred Fazzolari, the owner/proprietor of 'Fred's Bar and Grill', on-28-Oct-2020. 

The restaurant, located very close to our main lit football field (Mississauga Valleys), has been a popular gathering spot for teams to meet and unwind after games, practices, tournaments, and enjoy their team-mates' and opponents' company.

If you were a frequented patron of the restaurant, you surely would have met Fred, who had been a supporter of our league and sports teams in the Mississauga area.

For more info regarding Fred's life and legacy, please visit:


Fred's obituary can be found at:


MTFL Executive Team


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MTFL Captains, Admins, players, fans and all other valued supporters/suppliers:

1. First and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving. May you have a terrific and safe long weekend!

2. Next, for those of you enjoying Trillium Tour "Nationals" this very long weekend, please continue to provide safe, competitive and fun games to your opponents as well as the tournament organizers and supporters.

3. Next, as for the MTFL our focus turns towards our next season -- spring 2021.  Planning will begin for it around Christmas time with announcements coming to all teams/players no later than early Feb-2021.

4. Mean-time, for the recently completed MTFL 2020-COVID19 mini-season, here are some things to be very thankful for in our league as we continue to grow our sport:

a) over $3500 in (direct and indirect) donations to the league ... which was used to purchase two sets of pinnies for future tryout days/events, a quantity of 36 "COVID19 Hero" program reward golf shirts as well over 200 face-masks for the eight teams that did chose to muster to play a few games this year.

b) almost $3000 in monetary donations made (so far) to MTFL's "step it up" campaign for the Mississauga Food Bank ... which has purchased nearly 6000 meals for those in need.

c) the continued support of all teams to create and/or provide safe, competitive and fun touch football opportunities for adults to enjoy.


Your Executive Team

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1. It is likely our COVID19 mini-season has concluded; e.g., early this week 3 of the 4 intended WEEK#4 game matches were completed.

2. It is unlikely this league can secure a "lit field" permit for any further weekday evening this fall as these fields are already booked by other leagues that normally operate at this time of year OR, as COVID19 restrictions put in place (or even reverted) do not align with the group size (per site) we would need to operate.

3. However, there are still a couple of things to occur before we officially close off this season:

a) we are so close to our goal of raising $2000 for the Mississauga Food Bank. If you have not yet considered a donation, please do so now.  Make sure you make that donation (and get the income tax receipt for yourself) through the link below.

b) the league still is in process of getting all teams (mustered ones or not) one "COVID19 Hero" golf shirt. Many teams have their shirt now. An executive member will be in touch with your captain shortly to arrange for delivery of your team's shirt.

c) Yes, photographic services were provided for Week#4. The league expects to publish the photos to its FACEBOOK account within the next 14 business days for everyone to enjoy.

d) We are still looking to update website with actual outcomes this year. As for now, NEWS bullets contain game results.


John Schiebel

MTFL 2020 President

Stay safe, stay well and be ready for our 2021 season beginning in May-2021.



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Week#4 (which remains contingent on continued COVID19 dashboard success and no rain-outs):

Monday, 14-Sep-2020

- 7:15pm kick-off: TROJANS at CANES ... with CANES winning 20 to seven.

- 9:00pm kick-off: ZONE6 at WARRIORS ... was CANCELLED (by Zone6).

Tuesday, 15-Sep-2020

- 7:15pm kick-off: THE NORTH at WOLVERINES ... with WOLVERINES winning 32 to eight.

- 9:00pm kick-off: AVIATORS at KINGS .. with KINGS winning 20 to eight.


  • Game#2 kick-off time now accounts for possibility of OT in Game#1.
  • Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before your game's schedule kicked off time and then please depart (the fenced in area of play) within 10 minutes of the conclusion of your game.
  • There are no further field permits rented (due to budget and the desire to let other leagues to have the ability to attempt to proceed on with their normal seasons).

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MTFL-2020 "mustered" team captains:

- Week#3 has concluded.

- A score/standings sheet will be issued (via email) later this evening.

- As discussed we will have Week#4 (for 14th/15th Sep-2020).

- Again, remain open and flexible (as all eight team's will have their name of the trophy).

- Specifically, there is no formal play-off offered; however Week #4 will go like this:

a) Team with highest standing (e.g., WINS, Points-For-Against) will have choice of EARLY or LATE game.

b) Divisions will play on their existing nights (e.g., Div_A on Monday, Div_B on Tuesday); also #1 seed will play #2 seed, whilst #3 seed will play #4 seed (becuase there is "newness" on several of this COVID19 mini season team rosters, etc.).

c) Three referees per game.

d) But yes, it "tie score" exists at end of regulation time, then over-time "converts" is to be used to break the tie.


John Schiebel


Week3 Rankings  
  A 4 ZONE6


Week3 Rankings  
  B 1 Wolverines
  B 2 The North
  B 3 Kings
  B 4 Aviators

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Monday, 31-Aug-2020

- 7:15pm kick-off: ZONE6 at WARRIORS ... it was WARRIORS winning 30 to eight.

- 8:45pm kick-off: TROJANS at CANES .. it was CANES winning 19 to six.

Tuesday, 01-Sep-2020

- 7:15pm kick-off: THE NORTH at WOLVERINES ... it was WOLVERINES winning 30 to twenty.

- 8:45pm kick-off: AVIATORS at KINGS ... it was KINGS winning 28 to zero.


Week#4 (contingent on continued successes and no rain-outs):

Monday, 14-Sep-2020

- planning now in process;

Tuesday, 15-Sep-2020

- planning now in process.

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Monday, 24-Aug-2020

- 7:15pm kick-off: ZONE6 at CANES... CANES winning 32 to twelve.

- 8:45pm kick-off: TROJANs at WARRIORS ... TROJANS winning 18 to zero.

Tuesday, 25-Aug-2020

- 7:15pm kick-off: KINGS at WOLVERINES... WOLVERINES winning 22 to eighteen.

- 8:45pm kick-off: AVIATORs at THE NORTH... THE NORTH winning 22 to zero.



Monday, 31-Aug-2020

- 7:15pm kick-off: ZONE6 at WARRIORS

- 8:45pm kick-off: TROJANS at CANES

Tuesday, 01-Sep-2020 (updated on 25-Aug @11pm for a pressing need)...

- 7:15pm kick-off: THE NORTH at WOLVERINES

- 8:45pm kick-off: AVIATORS at KINGS


Week#4 (contingent on continued successes and no rain-outs):

Monday, 14-Sep-2020

- planning now in process;

Tuesday, 15-Sep-2020

- planning now in process.

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Att'n mustering MTFL Teams, and Admins:

1. Our plan is converging towards success. Your patience continues to be greatly appreciated.

2. The league has its insurance as does the Referees’ Association. The League has also arranged for a referee crew to be at the VALLEYS this Monday and Tuesday.

3. Payment instructions will be provided to each mustering team no later than tomorrow morning (Mon 17-Aug).  Please be ready to pay and register on KARELO at that time for the $150 non-refundable amount. Then be ready to make payment to the League of the $300 per team registration fee. 

4. Please ensure that all of your players are familiar with the league's PANDEMIC policy and its best practices as well as the League's CODE of CONDUCT. You were sent e-copies of them very recently to circulate via email to each member of your squad.

5. The League will attempt to make payment to the City of Mississauga for the field permits early Monday morning. The League had those fields on "tentative hold" as it determined teams’ and referees’ status. Once the field permits are paid, a "green light" will exist for the following schedule for Week#1 of 3.

6. Please take note that as of 11:00am today (Sunday 16-Aug) all eight teams have stated they are good to go with the proposed Week#1 schedule.


MTFL Executive Team

NOTE: All games are comprised of four 15-min quarters.

Home Team has automatic coin toss win to start the game.

Monday, 17-Aug-2020 at VALLEYS

- 7:15pm kickoff - TROJANS (Goblins) at ZONE6... final score ZONE6 wins 8 to 6.

- 8:45pm kickoff - WARRIORS at CANES ... final score CANES win 21 to zero.

Tuesday, 18-Aug-2020 at VALLEYS

- 7:15pm kickoff - AVIATORS at WOLVERINES ... final score WOLVERINES wins 38 to zero.

- 8:45pm kickoff – THE NORTH (Kryptonite) at KINGS .. final score THE NORTH wins 7 to 6.

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MTFL Captains/Players,

1. All teams have reported in (within the last few days) and yes, some more teams have now clarified they are unable to "muster". However, there are still teams that say they can.

2. In other news, SOFTOA (referee associated) has reported they will provide their evidence of insurance and operability sometime today. MTFL Executive are affirm referee (crews) are insured and available for games (tentative start this coming Monday).

3. So, for the teams who can 'muster' further correspondence is being sent to you by 9:00pm this evening. As previously requested you must be ready to:

- make payment via e-transfer in full ($875 to league)

- make payment via credit card to (Karelo of $150) of which league will send back upon it seeing that payment made

- get team and all players into KARELO; and have all those players "verified".

4. Again, do not make payments ... until league has EMAIL and phoned your captain (later this evening).


John Schiebel

PS - based on what teams reported to the league in the last 72 hours here are the revised and still proposed divisional groupings:

DIV_A_Proposed: CANES, WARRIORS, ZONE6 (and one of KINGs or Gator/Trojans).

DIV_B_Proposed: one of above and WOLVERINES, KYPTONITE and the AVIATORS.

Note: please be advised of these teams "mustering" several do, in fact, contain some players of teams that did not wish to muster at this time.

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Dear Interested and Considering MTFL-2020 Team Captains,

1. First and foremost stay safe, stay well, stay ready, and continue to stay in communication with league and your players.

2. Unfortunately, there will not be any games scheduled this week for two main reasons:

a) the referee association still needs time to get its insurance certificate in play. Current estimate to complete this is sometime this week.

b) we ourselves have not finalized a list of divisions which defines our 'groups of four teams'.

3. In short, please reset your expectations towards consensus and results by this weekend, by:

a) being prepared to, when asked by this league, to submit the team fee in one single transaction/e-transfer; that fee is now no longer $1000 - but now is $875.00 per team (and it still includes the $150 non-refundable amount for KARELO).

b) assuming referee association will provide insurance evidence sometime this week.

c) help ensure that the league's PANDEMIC policy is read by your team-mates.

d) get your team roster;'s contact information gathered so you are ready to update KARELO (when asked by this league).

4. The divisions to be formed will respect last year's regular season standings, play-off promotion entitlements, and the inputs from captains. For example, based on information now known to the league, the proposed divisions for this year are:

DIV_A_2020 (4 teams max): CANES, WARRIORS and possibly REAPERS and/or possibly CLARKSON and then possibly RENEGADES or ZONE6.

DIV_B_2020 (4 teams max): two teams left out of "A" (above) plus next two teams from possibly ANGELS, possibly BEARS and then KINGs or GATORS/TROJANS).

DIV_C_2020 (4 teams max): two teams left out of "B' (above) plus next two teams from WOLVERINES and possibly MILITIA.

DIV_D_2020 (4 teams max): KRYPTONITE, possibly DEATH FROM ABOVE, possibly MOUNTAIN GOATS and possibly OFFERHADL and AVIATORS.


Your Executive Team

Note-1 ... Teams listed above in "bold" have said they wish to play (asap). All other teams not listed above have declined play in MTFL for this 'season'; whilst the non-bolded teams listed above are still deciding.

Note-2 ... PHASE-3 obligations from external authorities, limit us to a maximum of four teams per proposed division. There is no way around this obligation.


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---------- Original Message ----------
From: johnandlenore johnandlenore <johnandlenore@bell.net>
Date: August 5, 2020 at 10:46 PM
Subject: MTFL-2020 AGM Meeting Minutes ... "Addendum, 05-Aug-2020"

Attendees: Representatives of nine (of total 23 maximum known at this time) teams plus four executive members.

Duration: 25 minutes with team captains (and a further 45 minutes with just Executive).


- of the nine team, six believe they are near ready to play as early as next week; two others felt the could play but later next week, one still investigating.

- COVID mitigation policy particulars (handed out) prior to meeting reviewed and generally embraced as reasonable / acceptable.

- resolved the league will not provide teams with PPE (face masks, hand sanitizer) as persons themselves already have face masks likely due to their obligations to work-force, place of living or city bylaws or even their own personal choice.

- no games will start until City of Mississauga accepts corrected edition of the insurance evidence. This is likely to happen no earlier than evening of Monday 10-Aug-2020 (according to Russ). However John Schiebel will attempt to get conditional approval as existing certificate states coverage exists.

- consensus was the statement that "face masks" are not required to be worn during game play is correct; i.e. MTFL will encourage them to be worn.

- PPE as a topic must follow existing rules like "knee braces" or more specifically, no hardened substance base face masks will be allowed; for example, during game any persons attempting to wear "gas mask" or otherwise harden plastic or rubberized material will not be allowed to play. the suggestion is medical and non-medical cloth based face masks (or appropriate sized/designed neck scarf) is acceptable.


[Schiebel]... asap ... phone all non-attending teams by this Friday night as to determine which, if any, divisions can be built and by when to have their first game.

[Schiebel] .. discuss with SOFTOA thier flow down and ours to them. For example (of the latter), is referee prepared to flagged physical distancing infraction ... the case of a player remaining too close to other person (on the field of play) at points in the game where they have no need to be that close.  The league wants flags (and ejections) to apply as normal.

[TFOnt-Russ/Steve] ... as requested provide MTFL with written literature of proposal package sent to UNIONVILLE city; MTFL wishes to ensure its COVID policy is consistent if not identical to best practices of TFont.

[Glenn] .. the following schedule assumptions will be applied:

a) all games (regardless of site) with start at 6:45pm to account for sunset, etc.

b) "no" ... at the Valleys same two teams will not be asked to play each-other back to back (or in a 3rd game slot) that very night; rather up to six different teams will be at that site per night as game will run 60 minutes (not 72) and at least 25 minute gap between games will be scheduled to account for social distancing as new/next teams arrive, etc.).

c) schedule can be done in two pieces ... 10Aug to 04Sep and then for the Sundays of Sept and Oct available for those interested. The goal is to attempt to get each team three if not four games on or before 05-Sep (Monday to Thursday weeknights). Then as possible up to three more games on the Sunday mornings (of non-staturory holiday and possibly non-TFO-Trillium tour weekends).

[Schiebel/Sengbush].. re-survey all teams on payment plan, schedule (night) preference and ability to play the specific Sundays "days' of Sept and Oct. Also include following statement:

- payment of $1000 in full required at registration. that amount includes $150 non-refundable for KARELO and the promise of the league to attempt to schedule seven games per team per division (e.g., up to four games between 10Aug and 04Sep and remaining of the seven to occur on Sunday's in the fall. And yes, ask about double headers on Sundays (knowing must team likely to reject as many already play Mary's league on Saturday). Also, "typical" regular season game refund rate has been $125 per team. This is the basis of the $1000 (e.g., $150 Karelo plus seven times $125).

[Glenn/JohnA] ... review the PANDEMIC policy particulars, finalize and post to website immediately.

{Schiebel] .. circulate/post finalized CODE OF CONDUCT. WAIVER/LIABILity to website and on The City of Mississauga affiliated sports group's CORA portal.

[Schiebel] .. work on KARELO payment logistics with Steve/Russ; i.e. MTFL must ensure, do to such limited time prior to re-start, all teams, have in fact paid in full before they are allowed to play (and they must have each player registration completed on KARELO too).



a) teams present: Aviators (John Schiebel), Ghosts (Glenn Stevenson), Kings (Ryan Farnsworth), Zone6 (Alex Lee), Canes (Zeke Agyeman), Gator/Trojans (Andrew Sengbush), Warriors (Cory Williams), GoldenReciever (Tim Kildaze), Wolverines (Harrison Thomas).

b) MTFL Executive present: Schiebel, Stevenson, Sengbush and Williams.


MTFL veteran and new team candidate captains:

1. You have been sent an invite for on-line meeting (which will be held Wednesday 05-Aug-2020 at 7:00pm).

2. Please only one representative per team.

3. Prior to, or no later than, that meeting please be prepared to respond to the following two new survey questions:

q-3-1: Is your team ready and able to play during August should field permits be obtained? 

q-3-2: Is your team willing to play to the assumptions/constraints listed below?


John Schiebel

MTFL 2020 President



- Many things are still not 100% known but your executive team continues to monitor/dialog with key parties, and if a safe and reasonable win-win can be found the league could attempt to offer some scheduled games during August-2020.

- if the league does obtain approvals to run games then at this point, entrance fees would be no higher than $1000 Cdn per team (and that amount also includes the mandatory $150 Karelo registration payment).

- Please respect the fact that each city (in GTA or otherwise) could impose their own bylaws, regulations or guidance (whether specific or not to "contact" sports resumption within their COVID mitigations and restrictions).

e.g., some cities (here in the GTA) might allow touch-football to resume play under the following conditions (to which the MTFL Executive has also added other considerations/factors you need to be aware of):

- offer three regular season games (e.g., one per week)

- there would be no play-offs (and there definitely would be no cross-over of games between teams of differing divisions). the reason for play-offs is multifold: a playoff game has increased likelihood of more attendees at it; a play-off game also prohibits "another" regular season game from being played, etc.

- game sites would have a total limit in number of persons present at the same time (which for location in which multiple games scheduled on same evening could imply teams might be restricted to 11 players maximum at any one game ... assuming game officials also present, etc.) in order to comply with health regulations for a maximum of 50 persons per event.

- fans, family or otherwise spectators would be prohibited from attending.

- it could be the case the number of officials per game would be two (as it is not yet clear if a 3 officials per game planning intention can be actually supported by those willing to referee, etc.)

- the game offerings/schedule could be interrupted at any time (by authorities) should for example they decide to revert back from PHASE-THREE conditions to a more restrictive PHASE guidance.

- only team captains (, one of each team) would meet with referee for coin toss, dialog on rule/call circumstances, etc.

- all players expected to physically separate whilst on sidelines and/or entering/exiting from parking lot to the game area. For example, "team bench" would be one per side (or one per corner of the field). This could also involve recommendation or requirement to wear face-mask.

- league would only schedule games as per follows:

--- between three and four teams maximum per division.

--- games (especially those at VALLEYs) might be scheduled for 1 hour in duration only (and not the full 72 minutes) as this would allow larger "gap" between games (so teams for next game don't mingle with teams from previous game, etc.).

--- your division mates must be of the same calibre of competive level as your own team (based on previous year record/outcomes).

--- no intention of offering play-off games or play-off prizing

--- preference for VALLEYS (and, admittedly, any attempt to get field permits really relies on getting the VALLEYS location multiple times per week and to offer up to three games per night).




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1. There will be a "AGM Addendum" meeting (for team captains) held no later than 08-Aug. Invites for this online meeting will be sent out this weekend.

2. Today (, 29-Jul) the province has authorized PHASE3 for GTA/Peel area starting this Friday.

3. Unfortunately hat still does not necessarily mean we can play touch football (, a "contact" sport). For example, various wellness regulations/bylaws exists such as but not limited to the one about "bubble" size remains at ten persons.

4. So the league executive is re-interviewing the key-stakeholders (outside of the league's own captains and members) and will provide updates in the next few days (to its members). For example, some other cities (in other parts of the province) have reported touch football is possible but under newer types of "physical distancing" rules/guideline ... which include things like:

- larger gaps between game kick-off times at games played at the same game site on the same evening.

- having team benches in the "corners" of the field. Keeping persons away from each other.

- having teams only play smaller number of other teams (say in their own divisions and less frequent than say, trying to "make up" for lost games already encountered so far this year).

5. Again, nothing is finalized yet. We can't play (becuase City of Mississauga earlier this summer said no groups larger than 50 allowed until early Sept-2020).

We will be in touch. But mean-time:

a) stay well, stay safe and get ready.

b) more specifically contact all of your team-mates and re-assess your team's ability to play.

c) realizing if we do get "green" lights then payment of teams fees and registration per player on KARELO will not only be mandatory as usual -- but you will have ~three business days to get-r-done.

To conclude, an upcoming email will ask if your team is ready and able to play (and how soon you are able to pay as much as for 50% of normal recent season for this COVID year -- again, assuming all lights from all key stakeholders go green in the early weeks of August-2020).


John Schiebel

MTFL 2020 President

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The "July" AGM Addendum meeting was held last night.

- the following teams attended the online conference call: Angels, Aviators, Canes, Warriors and Zone6.

- there were no new action items raised.

- the league is still planning for another monthly addendum meeting in early Aug-2020.

- the Executive remains in regular contact with TFOnt, SOTFOA and the City of Mississauga. For example, during next month's addendum meeting a very small set of changes to the leagues waiver, constitution and bylaws will likely be proposed to comply with recent "pandemic policy" compliance request from the City of Mississauga.

To conclude, and for now, MTFL is not allowed to schedule or play games. Please continue to comply with all regulations and guidance from the (health or otherwise) authorities.

Stay safe, stay well and stay ready.


Your Executive Team


Att'n Everyone.

1. The monthly "AGM Addendum" meeting series continues with the next meeting scheduled for Tuesday 07-Jul-2020 (7:00pm start).  Please only one "rep" per team.

2. The league's charitable fund raiser "step it up" campaign has now raised over $1200 (of the $2000) goal. Thank-you to everyone who has donated so far ... including our very special "fans" of our game ... very much appreciated.

3. If you have not yet donated, please consider doing so ... https://www.themississaugafoodbank.org/mtfl/ .. income tax charitable donation receipts given for any donation of $10 or more.


Your Executive Team

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1. Last night representatives of six teams met online with the executive team (to go through the Rev6 edition of the 01-Jun AGM Addendum presentation).

2. That meeting lasted 20 minutes and covered the agenda with one further action item being added to the executive's action to find possible alternative season solutions/proposals.

3. Next, monthly "AGM Addendum" meetings will now also be scheduled for (Friday) 03-Jul, (Tuesday) 04-Aug and (Wednesday) 02-Sep-2020. For example, the league executive will continue to monitor the COVID-19 recovery plans/actions of the authorities and provide MTFL members with timely updates, etc.

4. The "Step It Up" MTFL charity fund raising campaign has begun. It will run until ~30-Aug-2020. The goal is for our league to raise $2000 for the Mississauga Food Bank. If that goal is reached, a silent doner will provide a further $1000 matching gift. The basic idea is that every team (member) is encouraged to give a tax receipt eligible charitable donation in their community ... and for those, like this league that reside in the Mississauga area, to do so to the Mississauga Food Bank.

5. Finally, the league is not allowed to play so please continue to abide by those regulations and stay safe.


Your 2020 Executive Team


Details from the 01-Jun-2020 AGM Addendum #2 meeting:

- duration 20 minutes

- representatives from Angels, Aviators, Ghosts, Trojans, Warriors and Zone6 attended.

- a previous action to consider the possibility of rental of fields from non-Mississauga locations (of Milton, Georgetown and Oakville) was extended to also consider locations like Etobicoke and Toronto (to align with recent plans from the Province of Ontario to consider "regional" based re-opening strategies).

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All Team Captains/Admins and players,

On 27-May-2020, the City of Mississauga announced that all of its sports parks/fields are closed until 07-Sep-2020.

This decision unfortunately restricts the types of "alternate season" proposals the could be created to address most of the concerns, assumptions and objectives identified in all of preceeding AGM meetings and survey results.

Next, the league will still be holding the previously announced on-line meeting scheduled for this coming Monday (01-June-2020, 7:00pm ... with one representative of each team invited to attend). Please be aware that the presentation package for this meeting was sent out (to all team captains/reps) before the above announcement from City of Mississauga was published (or even anticipated).

Next and obviously, the notice from City of Mississauga (ceasing field sports permits til early Sep-2020) makes it nearly impossible to see a way towards offering anything of reasonable benefit to our members wishing to play games this year.  Nevertheless, the Executive will continue to monitor the authorities and continue, as possible, to plan for possibilities (in Mississauga) post Labour Day.

Finally, so it is clear, we are not authorized to play games. As such please continue to comply with the law/regulations and most certainly stay well and safe.


Your Executive Team

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Team Captains/Admins,

1. Please check your email as today you were sent a two page flyer introducing the MTFL's "Step It Up" charity fund raising campaign for the Mississauga Foodbank.

2. You will be getting more details on that campaign in the coming days/weeks as the league is trying to raise at least $2000 (for 4000 meals). If you read the flyer you will also see that our league has some help for this campaign and is also in a position to provide a special gift to each team too.

3. Later this week you will get an email invitation to the "AGM Addendum #2" online meeting that is going to be held on the evening of Monday 01-Jun-2020.  One representative of each team is encouraged to attend.  An information package will also be sent out in advance of that very meeting. Please review it as it contains some suggestions for the proposed alternate seasons should an all clear signal be given.

4. Finally, we are still in monitoring mode so please continue to respect the COVID-19 shut-down (of sports play) orders from our government and regional health units.  Please also stay safe.


Your Executive team.


Captains, Team Admins and players alike:

1. Today, the province announced the lifting of restrictions on some sports (like tennis and golf). Thus we continue to monitor for the "green light" for ourselves, a low risk team but contact sport.

2. Regardless, the league has several positive announcements to share with all of you. They involve various marketing programs and assets being deployed to continue with our perpetual hope to "grow our sport" (year over year). The league will also be encouraging everyone who can ... and especially those of you who live in the City of Mississauga and are still employed ... to help on a charitable fund raising campaign for a local food bank.

3. Next, the league will be holding (green light or not) another "AGM Addendum" meeting on the evening of 01-Jun-2020 for team captains (or one representative of each team). Invitations and presentation package will be sent out before the meeting occurs -- and it will include the Executive's priortized list of proposed alternate seasons. That being said, any such alternate season can only occur if the green light comes from the authorities, all our planning objectives are adhered to and more specifically, players waiver up, teams complete the payment and registration process (to be scaled to the season actually allowed), and we all commit ourselves to the protection of the health and safety of everyone authorized to play the game.

4. However, and for now, we are not allowed to play so please continue to honour and respect that obligation as well as stay safe.

Your 2020 Executive Team

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- a representative of 1/3 of the teams intending to play in the MTFL this year attended last night's online meeting.

- 2/3rd's of the teams had submitted their survey responses prior to the meeting; e.g., six more teams still need to provide their responses (... please, no later than Sunday 10-May).

- as announced last night, yes there will be another online meeting held on the evening of 01-Jun for team captains. But there will also be such online meetings held on ~01-Jul and if necessary ~01-Aug.

- during last night's meeting a representative from SOTFOA as well as TFOnt was present; the later spoke to some ideas for / about Trillium Tour events.

- if you have any questions or suggestions for MTFL COVID-19 mitigations or otherwise please email John Schiebel (immediately).

- prior to the 01-Jun meeting, MTFL Executive will release survey results and a prioritized list of proposed season alternates.  Again, any such alternate is conditional the permission to play from the civil authorities, etc.

- a private donor had, in fact, given the MTFL $1000 CDN to support two very specific "grow the sport" marketing initiatives. That same donor is also considering giving another $1000 to those very initiatives.  Announcements on marketing initiatives and donation status will be made during the 01-Jun meeting.

- otherwise, the MTFL continues to be in monitoring mode for the "all clear" signal. For now, we are not allowed to play so please continue to comply with that directive and stay safe.


Your Executive Team


PS-1: Representatives from the following teams attended tonight's meetings: Aviators, Canes, Ghosts, Golden Receivers, ThunderCats, Warriors and Wolverines. A member from Gator/Trojans had been planning to attend but was interrupted at the last minute due to a pressing work commitment.

PS-2: Three newer actions added to the executive's (internal dialog and effort) from last night's meeting:

A1 [JohnS, Damien] ... as some tournament teams might be open to traveling to a different than Mississauga based field location (for an MTFL event), consider contacting Parks+Rec departments at the following locations to determine their excess capacity and pricing: Georgetown, Oakville and Burlington.

A2 [GlennS, AndrewS] ... reach out to MTFL's own City of Mississauga Park's and Rec representative to ensure status of other "rectangular sports" leagues using Mississauga field locations is kept known. For example, should any of those leagues decide to suspend their season that could open field capacity for this league.

A3 [TFOnt] ... continue the dialog on a "compacted season" with the insurance provider as it is a good reason to seek a cost reduction on insurance fees for this very COVID year.

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MTFL Team Captains,

1. You will be receiving another two emails this very week (from the league).

2. The first comes with a survey (form) asking for your team's response to a very small number of questions.

3. The survey response is needed by your Executive team as to help it finalize which, if any, "season alternates" can be proposed /recommended later this summer.

4. Your survey response, one per team, is due by 30-April (noon).

5. It is imperative you interview several of your team-mates before submitting your team's response back to the league. Specifically, the Executive wishes to gain an excellent sense of how the majority of all league members feel about things.

6. Next, the 2nd email will be to captains as well; it contains the dial-in information/invitation to our AGM Addendum meeting. That meeting will occur at 7:00pm on the evening of 01-May-2020. Please have only one representative per team dial-in (as there is a maximum number to the attendees invited and allowed). A representative of Touch Football Ontario (TFO) has also been invited to this meeting (to provide updates/status on things "tournaments").

7. Finally, another online AGM Addendum meeting will occur no later than 01-Jun-2020. In that meeting the results of the survey (and what, if any, alternate season proposals) will be discussed.

Thank you and please continue to stay safe / social distance.


Your 2020 Executive Team

PS - We all love football and many will want to play our game as soon as allowed. For now please let our common love and respect of the game unite us in the effort needed to comply with the restrictions /guidance that are still in place for not playing it ... until COVID-19 is beaten / readily seen and assured as having been safely and effectively controlled.

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MTFL Captains and Admins,

Please be advised that due to the COVID-19 virus, the City of Mississauga has taken proactive preventative measures in the best interest of protecting our community and staff.

As a result, all facility rentals and park permits have been cancelled up until July 3rd, 2020.

The league will still hold a virtual AGM Addendum meeting on the evening of 01-May-2020 to keep you informed of MTFL matters/actions; the league is also likely to hold another AGM Addendum on the evening of 30-Jun-2020.

To conclude, no games are allowed. Please continue to comply with the law and keep up the good work with your social distancing.


Your Executive team



1. The "01-Apr-2020" AGM was held last night. 21 of 21 teams provided voting responses in advance of that meeting.

2. Representatives from over half of those teams attended last nights virtual meeting along with representatives from TFO, SOTFOA and the MTFL's Executive team.

3. All three of the pre-AGM voting REQUESTS were approved.  Also, there were no newer issues/requests raised in last night's meeting.

4. The next AGM ADDENDUM meeting will be held on the evening of 01-May. It will also be a virtual on-line meeting. Invitations for that next meeting will be sent out to each team captain at least one week in advance of 01-May.

5. The 2020 Executive team will continue to provide information to you about possible courses of action should an "all clear" signal be given by authories to use the intended sports field locations.

6. To conclude, no fees are due until further notice. At this time, the MTFL is not allowed to schedule/execute games. Please continue to comply with that order.

Should you have any questions or suggestions please email them to the league (immediately).


Your 2020 Executive Team


PS -- prior to the 01-May meeting, team captains may be asked to vote on various proposals on how the league might further mitigate COVID-19 or possibly on how to conduct a season, or attempt various events/actions that the league should do in order to continue to grow the sport and be ready for the "all clear" signal.

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MTFL-2020 Team Captain/Admins:

1. The Province of Ontario has now legislated that all parks and sports fields be closed until further notice.

2. The 01-Apr virtual AGM meeting will proceed as planned "for those interested"; specifically:

- sufficient teams have already voted in favour / quorum obtained;

- given #1 (above) and as per the MTFL's COVID-19 plan another virtual meeting will be setup for 01-May to provide what, if any, further updates to our membership.

To conclude, I hope all of us continue to be well and that we continue to collaborate on how to navigate through COVID-19 in reasonable, timely and constructive ways. The 01-Apr meeting will be used to communicate the voting results (already obtained) as well as offer those interested an opportunity for questions, concerns or recommendations.


John Schiebel

PS -- the meeting coordinates will be sent out later this morning … I still have my fingers crossed that the two teams who have yet to submit their votes will do so in advance of 7:00pm 01-Apr; otherwise, an overwhelming majority of team captains have already provided their votes in advance 

That notice will read something like above plus the following statements:

- if you have never used WEBEX before, please dial-in at least 10 minutes in advance (as you may have to download the app).

- if you have used WEBEX before, you can "self-mute" to ensure background noise is minimized for other attendees.

- for those with computers/phones built in the last three years, you should be able to enjoy the virtual meeting in WEBEX (video and audio) without need to dial in on the listed phone number.

- there is a limit to the total number of participants for these on-line meetings; this is why only one representative per team is to dail-in.

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Team Captains,

Please return your completed proxy voting sheet no later than 7:00pm 01-Apr-2020.

Next, the on-line webinar/meeting coordinates for the 01-Apr-2020 virtual AGM will be provided to team captains shortly; please, only one "rep" per team (to dial in).

Next, all teams are to continue planning for an "all clear" signal; 

e.g., outreach to team members and monitor/determine their availability for play. Also consider collecting monies from team members to be ready to pay the league (and KARELO insurance) when asked. For example, at this time the league is suggesting that team registration fees will be due ~01-May-2020.


John Schiebel

PS-1 ... any questions please email the league.

PS-2 ... team fee this year is $1800 (with a further $150 to go on your credit card to KARELO). 

PS-3 ... neither payment is due yet; please only ensure you have it ready for when you are asked by the league to pay them.

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MTFL Team Captains, Admins and Players,

Due to COVID-19, the City has shut-down access to its public meeting room spaces (for the near term). As such the Annual General Meeting that had been scheduled for 01-Apr-2020 will now be executed as follows:

- proxy forms will be distributed via email this weekend and will include the league's voting issues, each team's response will be due by midnight 01-Apr.

- the intended divisonal allocation will be affirmed 01-Apr.

- team registration fee payment due date will be delayed until 01-May.

- Karelo insurance fee payment due date will be delayed until further notice.

- assuming an all "clear signal" given, AGM will be offered in early May for those wishing to attend in-person with the season beginning no sooner than 3rd week of May (unless it is further delayed by civil authority regulation or guidance, etc.).

Further information will be sent out via email announcements shortly.

Thank-you for your co-operation.

John Schiebel

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Firstly, a big thank-you to each of the participants and volunteers who came out yesterday afternoon to the league's try-out event. We hope each of you had fun and we will be working hard to find a "match" for everyone who came out (to run through some drills and fun scrimmage match-up).

Next, this year's Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Wednesday 01-Apr-2020; the meeting will start at 7:05pm sharp and is expected to last less than one hour (to complete the main presentation. There will be ample time allocated for questions and answers ... for veteran or new teams alike ... after the main presentation has been completed).

At this time, the league is proposing zero changes to constitution and one ammendment to its disciplinary policies; i.e., only one voting item (other than the vote for executive roles and budget forecast).

Finally, all teams are reminded that team registration fees (of $2000 CDN per team) are due on or before midnight 01-Apr-2020. E-transfer payment perferred. Please use "mtfl-yourteamname" (e.g., "mtfl-bears", "mtfl-aviators" no quotes no spaces as the answer for us to give).  Cash or certified cheque payment at AGM will also be accepted. Teams paying after 01-Apr-2020 will be subject to escalating late charges.


John Schiebel

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NEW PLAYER TRYOUT NIGHT is happening this Sunday, 08-Mar-2020 at the Paramount Fine Food Centre - Facility 'C' - Field D inside the main centre, (NOT Field 'D' - Dome.) 5500 Rose Cherry Place, Mississauga beginning at 4:30 pm sharp.

Please indicate your intentions/RSVP on our FACEBOOK page (event invite).


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Planning for the 2020 spring/summer season is well under way.

Please mark your calendars and/or help us market the following events to make them successful in order to grow our sport - adult touch football - here in the Mississauga area:

a) The league is hosting a NEW PLAYER TRYOUT NIGHT on Sunday, 08-Mar-2020 at the Paramount Fine Food Centre (in the Field House) Field D, 5500 Rose Cherry Place, Mississauga beginning at 4:30 pm sharp. 

b) The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Wednesday, 01-April-2020 at the Mississauga Valleys Community Center (Program Meeting Room #1). Doors open at 6:30 pm but the meeting will start at 7:00 pm sharp.  We should have everything you need to know covered within one hour for veteran teams and then we will have an additional Q/A opportunity for all new team applicants or any veteran players/teams wishing further details.

If you are new to the GTA and wish to play in its premier adult touch football league (as an individual or by bringing a whole new team into this league), you should be planning to attend both of these events.   

Finally, please RSVP to the league's email address well in advance to indicate your attendance at either or both of these events.


Your Executive Team

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MTFL League Members,

Firstly, "season greetings" to  each you and all of your family and friends. It is a special time of the year and your Executive team hopes you are taking some time to enjoy it (with and without football ... ha ha ... or is that ho ho ho).

Secondly, it is nearly the end of the fiscal year for the league. As such a near-year-end FINANCIAL REPORT was sent out earlier this week to all team captains and administrators. It compares all of the actual expenses to those that were planned and budgeted for during the Annual General Meeting (from March-2019).

If you would like an e-copy of that (un-audited) FINANCIAL REPORT please just email the league and ask for that.

Thanks and Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years,


Your MTFL 2019 Executive team

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Let's enjoy a great and safe CFL championship game this very special "football" weekend.

Best wishes to all TICAT and BLUE BOMBER fans alike -- may each team do their best and may all fans enjoy the game.


Your MTFL Executive Team


All MTFL captains, admins and players,

If you have an INSTAGRAM account please ensure that you now log into it and "follow" the league's account; e.g., (mississauga_mtfl).

Next, in future seasons the league is considering having all teams report, game by game, a roster photo and game ending-statistics/scores via an INSTAGRAM posting. In this way, a single method for collecting that data exists and then the league's existing website STANDINGS can be readily updated (by a single volunteer person doing date entry) to provide running totals of that information.


Your 2020 Candidate Executive Team



Invited guests/RSVP'ed persons,

See you tonight for the league's annual year-end party.

e.g., on Cawthra just south of Dundas (CNR bridge).

Your Executive Team

PS - captains/admins of teams interested in joining the MTFL for 2020 are welcome too.



The list of confirmed attendees continues to grow but we still have some teams to report in.

Again, at least four team members from every team are invited to next week's year-end party.

Since some may decline, other teams will be notified for further interests (of players and/or their guests).

The league wishes to see at least 100 persons enjoy this event.


Your Executive team


Team Captains/players,

The league will be having a year-end party on Thursday, 12-Sep-2019.

The event will start at 7:00pm and will include:

- free appetizers;

- several door prizes; and

- a brief recognition and thank-you presentation.

Please watch your emails for further details/location. For example, we will be at your usual sports bar location (.. which underwent some renovations recently) and there will also be a NFL game on the big screen TVs that night too.

The league would like to see at least four members of each team at this event; however, if no one from your team can attend please advise (as the league may have other teams who would like to send more than four).


Your 2019 Executive team

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The photos taken of all five of this year's CHAMPIONSHIP games are now available for sneak preview...

See ... http://danwardphoto.com/MTFL/MTFL_2019.html

Again, the league will put a downloadable copy of each into an ALBUM for each division on the league's FACEBOOK site (by the end of this month).

Finally, a big shout out to our photographer ... Mr. Dan Ward ... nice work as usual!!!


Your Executive Team



The "A" and "C" division's championship games are scheduled for tonight. Please feel free to come out and watch the safe, competitive and fun games.

Also, the photos will be placed onto league's FACEBOOK page/albums shortly, but you can get a sneak peak at the pics from last week's "E" and "B" division championship games at http://danwardphoto.com/MTFL/MTFL_2019.html


Your Executive team!


There are two games scheduled for tonight:

1. Ghosts vs Shockerz at Cawthra

2. Mountain Goats vs Goblins at Gordon Graydon

Games are scheduled for 6:30 pm kickoff. 

Games that do not start by 6:45 pm, will be rescheduled for Thu., Aug 8th. Same with games that are not considered to have been completed. Should this occur, please check the schedule for updates.




1. High School Fields – kick-offs at 6:30 pm

2. Home Team (higher in standings) has first choice – i.e., automatically wins coin toss

(This is different from what was previously communicated.)

3. Game may be shortened to allow for overtime play based on reduced daylight.

4. If tied at end of regulation time, overtime is played:

i) Home Team has choice of going first for all alternating converts or going second

ii) Teams alternate conversion attempts

iii) Offense has choice of 1 pt or 2 pt conversion - option available for each attempt

iv) Each team is given a minimum of 3 convert attempts.

v) If still tied, overtime continues with single attempts until a winner is produced.

vi) Teams must be ready to switch from offense to defense quickly.

5. Be sure only to play players who are playoff eligible and thus meet the following criteria:

i) played 3 or more games with team

ii) played at least 1 game in the first 6 games with team

iii) or has been granted an exemption by the league

6. Teams who play players who have not met the playoff eligibility requirements are subject to League discipline (loss of game, fine, suspension, etc.)

Best of luck to all teams. Be sure to keep it fun!

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1. The League Website now shows the playoff games under Scheduling. It shows all previously played regular-season games, remaining regular-season games, and scheduled playoff games.

2. Division buttons show standings for division selected and regular-season games. It does not show playoff games at the present time.

3. NOTE: Playoff games at high school fields start at 6:30 pm to allow for earlier dusk times and possible overtime play. Valleys games remain the same: 7 pm and 8:30 pm

4. Visitors vs Home – The first team listed is the Visiting Team; the second team listed is the Home Team.

The Home Team calls the coin toss.

The 'Tie-Breaker Policy' explains the steps taken for breaking ties in the regular season standings.

A) Two Teams
At the end of the regular season, if a tie exists between two teams in the division standings, the following steps will be used to break the tie:

  1. Winning Percentage - The team with the higher winning percentage will be ranked higher.
  2. Wins - The team with the higher total number of wins will be ranked higher.
  3. Wins, Head-to-Head - The team with the greater number of wins in head-to-head games will be ranked higher.
  4. Points, Head-to-Head - The team with the greater point differential (points for, less points against) in games played head-to-head will be ranked higher.
  5. Points, Division - The team with the greater point differential (points for, less points against) in games vs. all division opponents will be ranked higher.
  6. Coin-Toss - A coin toss will be used to decide who will be ranked higher.

B) Three or More Teams
At the end of the regular season, if a tie exists between three or more teams in the division standings, the following steps will be used to break the tie (if two teams remain tied after the third or other teams have been eliminated during any step, revert back to step 1 of the two team format):

  1. Winning Percentage - The team with the higher winning percentage will be ranked higher.
  2. Wins - The team with the higher total number of wins will be ranked higher.
  3. Wins, Head-to-Head* - The team with the greater number of wins in head-to-head games will be ranked higher.
  4. Points, Head-to-Head* - The team with the greater point differential (points for, less points against) in games played head-to-head will be ranked higher.
  5. Points, Division - The team with the greater point differential ('points for' less 'points against') in games vs. all divisional opponents will be ranked higher.
  6. Coin-Toss - A coin toss will be used to decide who will be ranked higher.

* All tied teams must have played an equal number of games amongst all other tied teams for head-to-head steps to be used. 

Note: Although a team may be listed higher in the standings, if they still have one or more games to play, they may later end up lower in the standings because the first tie-breaking step is ‘winning percentage’.

6. Playoff Eligibility – A player must have been in attendance for at least 3 regular-season games with the team, with one game being in the first 6 games of this season. Playoff eligibility exemption may be granted under special circumstances; but this must be granted prior to the playoffs.  

If you have a player that you feel should be eligible, seek an exemption immediately by emailing or calling the League.

7. Overtime Rules

a) Teams alternate trying converts (at the same end of the field).

b) Home Team has choice of going first or second.

c) Each team is afforded 3 convert attempts unless the score is out of reach.

d) For each attempt, the team has a choice of going for 1 or 2 points. (5 yd or 10 yd)

e) If the score remains tied after each team has had 3 convert attempts, the process continues but with one attempt each until the tie is broken.

f) Teams must be ready to try their converts in a timely fashion as daylight hours end quickly.

8. Remember:

i) goal post pads

ii) good sportsmanship

iii) game sheet/team roster

iv) 6:30 pm high school game start

v) check league website for schedule changes/updates

vi) show respect for the game officials

vi) stay hydrated

9. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the League: mtfl_mississauga@yahoo.ca

Best of luck during the final games of the regular season, and in the playoffs.

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MTFL Players,

1. It is hot out at this time of year; and the humidity can also be a big factor in game time performance.

2. So, to avoid heat stroke, make sure you have plenty of water to drink. Also, as you roster size permits, take some breaks during the game by allowing a team-mate to sub in for you.

3. Next, the additional heat (from mother nature) and the eyes-and-minds on the coming play-offs can also cause momentary lapses in good judgement and character. The league's code of conduct is applicable at the game site at all times before, during and after a game.  In short, don't let frustration of score or perhaps an erroneous route or even missed/thrown flag get to you. Rather, focus on the next play and bringing results and fun to all present.


Your Executive 

Day of Week Date Cawthra Park Glenforest "North" Gordon Graydon (aka "Glen Forest  South") Woodlands   Valleys (Paul Gilbert)    
    Visitor Home Visitor Home Visitor Home Visitor Home Visitor Home Visitor Home
  Kick-Off 6:30 PM   6:30 PM   6:30 PM   6:30 PM   7:00 PM   8:30 PM  
Tue 6-Aug-19 D6 - Qtr D3 - Qtr     C6 - Qtr C3 - Qtr            
Wed 7-Aug-19 D5 - Qtr D4 - Qtr A5 - Qtr A4 - Qtr C5 - Qtr C4 - Qtr E3-Semi E2-Semi        
Mon 12-Aug-19 SPARE SPARE D4/D5 - Semi D1 - Semi C3/C6 - Semi C2 - Semi     B-Final B-Final E-Final E-Final
Tue 13-Aug-19 SPARE SPARE C4/C5 - Semi C1 - Semi D3/D6 - Semi D2 - Semi SPARE SPARE        
Wed 14-Aug-19 SPARE SPARE A4/A5 - Semi A1 - Semi A3 - Semi A2 - Semi SPARE SPARE        
Mon 19-Aug-19                 A-Final A-Final C-Final C-Final
Tue 20-Aug-19                 D-Final D-Final SPARE SPARE


Att'n all MTFL players:

If you are a captain, please log into the MTFL registration portal and under MY TEAM, ensure all players have been listed with correct email address and jersey number. Then SAVE, then BACK, then SIGN OUT.

Then whether you are a captain or not, login into the portal and under MY PROFILE:

a) first ensure that all of your personal and emergency contact information is correct and then press SAVE.

b) then press BACK.

c) then on the new screen press VERIFY.

d) then on the new screen ensure your check/enable all three statements (e.g., waiver, code-of-conduct and objectives).

e) then press SAVE.

f) then press BACK, BACK and SIGN OUT.



MTFL Registrar (John Schiebel)

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So far, the A, B and E divisions have been setup in the new MTFL automation's player database.  The setup of all teams in C and D divisions will be completed by this Sunday.

Thus, once setup, each team can print "game sheets" right from the MTFL website (as in previous years).

This year, all teams/players must continue to use KARELO until the end of the regular season. For example, if you add a player to your roster ensure that they are in KARELO and "accepted" before they actually play in a MTFL game.

However, begining 01-Jul-2019, you must also update the MTFL specific player registration portal as well. For example, by next year, the MTFL (and likely TFOnt) will no longer be using KARELO).

The MTFL player registration portal is integrated with the league's YAHOO email account. So, once a team has been setup (by the REGISTRAR or its team captain), each player on that team's roster will receive a registration request email from this league.  Specifically, that email will contain you assigned username and password.

In that email is a link to the portal's login address; you are to login and if your are a player you should go to MY PROFILE and update as necessary. For example, ensure your personal and emergency contact information is up to date ... then press SAVE (at the bottom of that screen).

At that point, press BACK (to top of that screen). In the new screen the renders press the VERIFY button ... and now be sure to check/enable all three statements (e.g., waiver, code-of-conduct, and objectives) and then press SAVE.  At that point, press BACK, press BACK again and then SIGNOUT.


John Schiebel

MTFL 2019 Registrar



The MTFL Executive held a mid-season last Saturday ... attended by Glenn Stevenson and myself.

e.g., we still need more volunteers so we are holding another meeting this coming Saturday ... 6-Jul-2019.

If your interested email mtfl_mississauga@yahoo.ca by noon this Friday.


John Schiebel


Att'n interested persons,

The MTFL Executive is always open to consideration of new volunteers; if you have such interest please contact the league immediately and begin your journey for "growing the sport we love".

The next Executive meeting will be occuring shortly (to discuss play-off scheduling and prizing matters as well as outlooks/objectives and candidate policy changes for our next season).

So if you looking to apply or even expand your leadership, consensus building, marketing, public speaking/media, JAVA/python/perl or WORDPress skills, the MTFL Executive team provides a open, friendly and reasonable forum for that to occurr season over season.


Your current executive team.


Team captains/admins:

1. Please continue to use the manual (EXCEL) game sheet roster for reporting your team's actual game attendance.

2. Please also continue to, at the conclusion of your game, affirm final (correct score and attendance) on that game sheet with head referee; then take a PHOTO of it and email that photo to the league's YAHOO account. Then allow the head referee to retain the master paper copy (as they have been provided with envelopes to CANADA POST those hard-copy sheets to the league).

3. Please keep KARELO up to date real-time with any player added/subtracted from your roster. Please also ensure any player you listed on KARELO has accepted/verified the email message from that portal.

4. Further announcements coming this weekend on MTFL's own team/player roster database capabilities (and go forward plans for this season and future ones. Specifically, it is unlikely KARELO will be used next year due to unfavourable cost and performance issues with that supplier).


John Schiebel


The MTFL Schedule has been revised again and updated.

Changes affect the B and C Divisions only.

Please check the schedule and notify your team-mates.




1. The 2019 MTFL Regular-Season schedule has been REVISED.

All teams should assume that their schedule has changed.

2. NOTEGordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School on Ogden Avenue has been renamed Glenforest South. However, this should not be confused with Glenforest Secondary School on Fieldgate Drive. For our purposes, we are using the ‘old’ name: Gordon Graydon.

Please make sure your team is aware of this change and that they don’t go to the wrong field by mistake.

3. Don’t forget to bring your GOAL POST PADS to your game.

4. Please bring your roster game sheet. Your team's online game sheet is based on the MTFL Registration System. Some may have had difficulties with this system so a temporary 'blank' game sheet has been sent to all team captains to fill out and bring to their game.

5. Captains should take a photo of the completed game sheet at the end of the game and send it to the League at: mtfl_mississauga@yahoo.ca.



The MTFL Regular-Season Schedule is now ready for viewing.

If you are interested in:

a) All League Games: Click on Schedule from the top banner.

b) Games in Your Division: Click on the Division your team is in. Below the Standings you will find the schedule.

c) Your Team's Games: Click on Schedule. Choose your team from the drop-down menu.

First scheduled game in the MTFL for this season is on Tue., May 21st.

Captains are encouraged to direct their teammates to this site.

Good luck to all teams! Enjoy a safe, fun, competitive season.


For those teams who have not yet completed:

a) in its entirity the e-transfer payment required for MTFL team registration; OR

b) the credit card payment required for insurance registration (using KARELO)

you are reminded that both such payments are due (in full) no later than Wednesday, 01-May-2019.

Please continue to complete the registration process timely; for example, teams not making the required payments by the required due date can be subject to a late fee charge (of an additional $100). Specifically, the MTFL Executive is attempting to form a draft of the regular season schedule; obviously that schedule is dependent on which teams are in which division (which is dependent which teams have paid).


Your 2019 Executive Team.


All ADULT touch football players interested in joining a touch football team in the MTFL for this upcoming season are invited to attend a Player Tryout.

MTFL starts May 21st and concludes with playoffs near the end of August. Games are held Mon to Thu with 7 pm kickoffs. 10 game regular season.

Tryout details below:

Date: Tue., April 9th

Time: 6:45 pm

Location: Cawthra Park SS

1. Please check this site regularly for any updated news regarding the Tryout.

2. Please wear a numbered jersey if possible. (not a requirement)

3. Wear football/soccer shoes.

4. Wear suitable clothing for the weather conditions (it could be quite cool).

5. Key Positions and Skills – Teams are looking for players who can:

i) Play Quarterback – throw to receivers

ii) Snap the ball (10 yd snap) – snap the ball to QB then run pass pattern

iii) Rush the quarterback – start 5 yd from line of scrimmage and ‘chase’ QB

iv) Play Receiver – run patterns and catch ball

v) Play Defence – cover offensive players

Be sure to let us know what your skill set is.

6. MTFL prides itself on providing safe, fun, competitive touch football.

7. Feel free to invite others to this event who might be interested in playing touch football.

8. Look forward to meeting you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at mtfl_mississauga@yahoo.ca.

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New teams applying for membership should do so as soon as possible.

Teams are required to have their team fees to the League on or before March 27th.

$1850 per team plus $150 for insurance = $2000/team

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

All teams are required to have representation at the AGM for voting on Constitutional and By-Law changes (up to 2 reps/veteran team; up to 3 reps/new team).

Date: Wed., March 27, 2019

Arrival: 6:45 pm - 7pm

Meeting: 7 pm - 8:30 pm

Location: 2480 Cawthra Road, Miss. - International Sports Bar

The AGM Package will be available prior to the meeting.


Team captains/admins (for veteran and new team applicants):

The Annual General Meeting is coming up in five weeks; so please out-reach to you team-mates and affirm their availabilities and/or any roster needs you may have.

Next, for veteran team captains, please also respond the pre-AGM survey you were sent about ten days ago. About 30% of last year's team's already have and it is very important that you also do so asap; e.g., your reply helps with the pre-AGM planning and with ensuring the AGM meeting itself runs on-time.


John Schiebel

MTFL Vice President, Registar, Finance Officer.

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MTFL Veteran team captains & admins,
First and foremost, happy new years (again).  And we trust you enjoyed the SUPER BOWL and are now looking forward to football here in Canada and here in Mississauga.
Next, the AGM is about six weeks away so here are some things you should know and do:
1. Team Registration fees will not be increased this year; there are no new significant cost increases to justify that.
2. If you haven't yet, call a team meeting an assure yourselves you know who is "in" and who is "out" on your team's roster and then even start collecting fees from each team member (-- because team registration fee is due in full the night of the AGM).
3. This year, the AGM will include a "hot meal" for you; veteran teams may RSVP up two persons to attend. The Executive wants to recognize your contributions to and time spent with your team and this league. So you are not going to go home hungry the night of the AGM.
4. The current league executive, if re-elected, is likely to make two major achievements this year: incorporation (as not-for-profit) and going from "adult male" to "adult" league.  The former (, to be incorporated) is something the City of Mississauga continues to favour/pressure organization's like ours to do ... in order to retain preferred pricing on field permit fees and first rights to existing field location reservation requests.  The later is something your current executive team feels is necessary and appropriate to grow our sport.
5. If you are interested in becoming an EXECUTIVE member OR a referee let us know by 01-Mar-2019.
6. Further details on the location of the meeting (and the meal served) will be announced shortly. For now, plan like this:
- arrive by 6:45pm;
- buffet self-serve at 7:00pm;
- meeting starts at 7:20pm sharp;
- you should be going home no later than 8:30pm.
Finally, you will be getting a non-binding survey shortly. Please respond to it by the date required/listed on it.
John Schiebel
MTFL-2018 Vice-President, Registrar and Finance Officer

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Veteran and Candidate New teams alike,

Firstly, Happy New Years.

Rest assured the MTFL executive team is already taking steps to organize the upcoming 2019 season. For example, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held Wednesday, 27th-Mar-2019 (7:00pm start-time).

Further emails will be issued in the coming weeks but for now, please take note new for this year's AGM is the plan to offer a hot-meal/snack each of to the RSVP invitees as recognition of their time to come abd actually attend that very meeting in-person.

Finally, if you wish to join the 2019 Executive team please email the league no later than midnight 15th-Feb-2019. Specifically, the current executive may wish to briefly interview you as well as take steps to ensure that the AGM "package" contains a brief introduction of yourself and a clear indication of the roles/responsibilities to which you aspire (, etc.).


John Schiebel

VP Operations, Finance Officer and Registrar (of the 201Eighteen AGM approved Executive team). 

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To all MTFL players, fans and valued referee and otherwise partners:

May you have a very Merry Christmas at this festive time of year and may you continue to enjoy the best of everything in the new year.

It is only three months to our Annual General Meeting (AGM) ... which will be held in late March-2019. Your current MTFL executive has begun the planning for the new spring season and some topics for which additional emails (or the AGM itself) will be used to discuss are:

- offering a hot meal to the invited (and confirmed) quests of the AGM. This is to attempt to gain an increase in actual  attendance and to recognize our captains at that very meeting (for a job well done year-over-year).

- considering incorporation of the league as a NOT-FOR-PROFIT entity. This is to increase the protection towards liability of executive members and to continue to strive for preferential treatment from our field permit providor, the City of Mississauga.

- consideration of declaring the league as "adult" (e.g., the provision for any adult of 18 years of age to play in this league). Currently the constitution and bylaws declare this league as "adult male" whereas the bulk of (local) growth - whether touch or flag - has been at the high school level for young women (... so maybe this league could also offer such persons a place to play once they gain the right age).

- improved marketing programs for gaining the next player, referee, captain and executive member.

If you have any interest in such or would like to become a member of the MTFL 2019 executive, please contact a member of the current executive (via the legaue's email address) no later than 31-Jan-2019.


John Schiebel

MTFL 2018 Vice-President, FINANCE officer.

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It is play-off championship game time .... yippie!!!

May the best team win ... and let's hope for another fantastic GREY CUP game/result.

Have a great weekend of football everyone,

Your MTFL 2018 Executive Team.




MIFA (another football league) has been working on International programs for the past three years. MIFA has traveled once a year to Mexico for the Mexican International Bowl. Each year it has grown with an additional team. This coming May 2019, with the International Bowl in Cancun, it is adding a new facet of football to its tour.

MIFA is reaching out to local leagues and programs with the intention of creating a team for the upcoming games. MIFA hopes that players from MTFL can help create a team that would prarticipate in the 2019 International Tour (touch football).

Participating players will benefit from but also be expected to pay for an all-inclusive 7-day vacation at a cost of $1500-1600. In addition, each player must also commit to raise $200 through a fundraiser. Players not able to stay the duration of the full day 7 day all-inclusive vacation will be able to be booked for a shorter package; however, will still have to raise $200 in fundraising for the Tour.                      

If you have interest in participating in this venture with MIFA and representing Canada internationally, please contact MIFA no later than Friday July 6th as they want to release a promo as soon as possible. Below is a link to show you what MIFA does in Mississauga annually.



Contact information:

Liston (at MIFA), Program Coordinator ... listonb@listonslyric.com



From your executive team,

A heart-felt thank-you to all who attended last night's year-end party.

Very much appreciated to see you and speak with you and very much excited to learn so many of you are already planning for the 2019 season.

Kudos also go out to our referees and key partners (, City of Mississauga, ChopShop) as well as the large number of fans who attended regular season and/or play-off games.

Our mission remains safe, competitive and fun games. Our objective is to grow the league and we are very much interested in hearing your suggestions on how to better market this league to the next new team, QB or referee.

Finally, enjoy the MTFL off season and may you continue to bring good will, peace and touch football every where you go.


Your 2018 Executive Team


PS ... hi-res photos of the divisional championship games as well as last night's festivities will be posted to the league's FACEBOOK account before the end of this month.


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The 2018 MTFL's season has concluded and it is time to celebrate!

All players, game officials, team organizers and supporters are invited to attend.

Date: Wed., Sep. 12th

Time: 7 pm start; 8 pm presentations; 10 pm wind-down

Location: International Sports Bar - 2480 Cawthra Rd

Free appetizers will be provided.

Come celebrate with your game officials, team-mates, friendly opponents, league executive, etc.

MTFL Executive



The MTFL 2018 season has completed. The A and B division champions are the HOUNDS and ANGELS respectfully.

Next, all championship game teams were, in fact, awarded a team cheque plus gift bag for each player. All championship game teams should cash/deposit that cheque immediately. Specifically, the executive wishes to proceed with its season ending activities (which include a summary of all expenses and initial planning for next year's budgetary needs).

Speaking of planning, if you would like to be part of that effort or any other Executive duty, please contact any member of the existing Executive team (or send email to the league) asap. Of particular need are divisional reps for our upper most divisions.

Next, may all players, teams, referees and fans have a wonderful off season (from the MTFL) and may each of their ventures into other football leagues/seasons be continued to be filled with safe, competitive and fun games.

Next, more announcements about the MTFL 2018 YEAR END party will be issued this weekend; the party is Wednesday 12-Sep (... as most teams had preferred to play their games on a Wednesday night).

Next, your current executive team is considering the planning and execution of some marketing events to grow out league from within and without. Possibilities include "a captains table" dinner meeting and "at major Mississauga employer locations presentations". Again, if you have interest or wish for the MTFL to come to your employer's (lunch-room, gathering space) give us a shout right away.  Building a strong and diverse league is in everyone's interest and benefit... so if you can help recruit the next team into this league let's talk!

Finally, a big thank-you to all of our partners and league supporters as we would not have league without you. A special shout out to our league affiliation head ... TOUCH FOOTBALL ONTARIO ... and best wishes to all there for upcoming PROVINCIAL and NATIONAL tournaments.


The 2018 Executive Team

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Firstly, congrats to all of our teams for completing the regular season. We hope all found it safe, competitive and fun.

Next, the play-offs are nearly completed (with only the A and B division championship final games ahead of us).

If  you have not already done so, please come out and watch a championship game; always good to cheer your division mates on and enjoy some great on the field results.

Next, congrats to our D and C division champions, the GHOSTS and STINGERS respectively.

Finally, please also consider having some team representatives at the upcoming annual year-end party on 12-Sep (at INTERNATIONAL SPORTS bar). RSVP to the league's email address is required for planning purposes -- and first come first serve as there is seating for ~ 200 persons.


Your Executive team.

PS ... best wishes to all players/teams in their TFO Provincials, Nationals and other football league (fall/winter time) play.



As of 1:15pm, the games scheduled for later this evening are still "on".

However, the MTFL Executive is still monitoring various sources (e.g., City of Mississauga Parks and Rec, Weather Channel) throughout the day to identify if anything changes.

You are encouraged to continue to monitor this NEWs page around 3:30pm today; for example, the City Parks group can pull permits as late as 3:00pm any given day. Right now, they have not done so (so we are good to go for tonight).


John Schiebel


ref: http://www.mississauga.ca/portal/residents/parks-sport-fields and https://www.theweathernetwork.com/ca/alerts/high-alert/ontario/mississauga




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Captains need to ensure that they bring a current game sheet for all playoff games. Game roster sheets are required for all games including playoffs.

MTFL Executive


The North Oakville Men's Touch Football Association is gearing up for their fall season. Games are held Saturday mornings starting Sep 8th.

If you are 30 yrs of age or older and are interested in joining this league in which teams draft players, the deadline for player applicatons is Aug. 24th. 

See: http://www.nomtfa.ca/v2/index.php


Captains/Team Reps:

1. With the playoffs starting this week, we want to wish all participants, safe and enjoyable playoff action.

2. Please ensure that players participating on behalf of your team have met the Playoff Eligibility Requirements:

i) attended at least one game in your team’s first 6 games of the season

ii) attended at least 3 of your team’s regular-season games
3. If in doubt, keep them out. A team that allows an ineligible player to play, risks defaulting that game – even after the fact. In such instances, additional discipline will be assigned to captains.

4. Year-End Party – The International Sports Bar on Cawthra Road will host the MTFL Year-End Party. The date will be announced later this week.

Keeping in touch,

MTFL Executive Team


Att'n MTFL teams,

As a possible play-off or otherwise prize/gift, the league in a future year, is interested in knowing your opinions and suggestions.

One such suggestion for an upcoming season maybe the idea of having league (or even team specific) logo'd socks.

Feel free to let your executive team know what  you think. For example, contact information and examplary model and pricing information is listed below.


John Schiebel


Ron Cox

Inside Sales Representative

Direct | 972-522-9601

Hype Socks, LLC | Hypesocks.com

 e.g., typical pricing, minimum order size and examplary sock information.


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1. If the City pulls the field permit for one or more fields, it usually lets us know by or around 3 pm of the same day.

2. If permits are pulled, we will notify the team representative for each team scheduled to play at the field, by email (and usually phone call).

3. When there is lightning, the game may be delayed or postponed to another date. Only game officials can make the call and they do so at the game site. Therefore, it is important for players to go to the game site just in case the game does proceed as scheduled.

4. Players should not assume that because there is lightning in their home or work area that there is lightning at the game site.

5. Teams that do not have the minimum number of players (5) after a 15 min. delay, will be charged with a 'game default' and a hefty financial penalty. Thus, thinking that the game might be postponed is not a valid excuse.

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MIFA (another football league) has been working on International programs for the past three years. MIFA has traveled once a year to Mexico for the Mexican International Bowl. Each year it has grown with an additional team. This coming May 2019, with the International Bowl in Cancun, it is adding a new facet of football to its tour.

MIFA is reaching out to local leagues and programs with the intention of creating a team for the upcoming games. MIFA hopes that players from MTFL can help create a team that would prarticipate in the 2019 International Tour (touch football).

Participating players will benefit from but also be expected to pay for an all-inclusive 7-day vacation at a cost of $1500-1600. In addition, each player must also commit to raise $200 through a fundraiser. Players not able to stay the duration of the full day 7 day all-inclusive vacation will be able to be booked for a shorter package; however, will still have to raise $200 in fundraising for the Tour.                      

If you have interest in participating in this venture with MIFA and representing Canada internationally, please contact MIFA no later than Friday July 6th as they want to release a promo as soon as possible. Below is a link to show you what MIFA does in Mississauga annually.



Contact information:

Liston (at MIFA), Program Coordinator ... listonb@listonslyric.com


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All captains/team admins: 

1. Thank-you for using (and filling in properly) the MTFL provided game sheets at each of your games (to clearly indicate which players were present and which that were not).


2. Your player's actual attendance is tracked/monitored by me (, the league Registrar). For example, the referees hand-over the filled in game sheets to me (fairly quickly and I do the data entry that appears on the game sheet posted on our league website for your team).

3. Sometimes, "yes" a game sheet can take about seven business days to get me; e.g., the case of a referee using CANADA POST to send it to me. Regardless, you have 14 days from the "date" of the game implicated to challenge a reported attendance. 

4. Finally, as most teams are nearly 50% through the regular season you are reminded of the player specific play-off eligibility requirements:


a) at least three regular season games played with your team; and 

b) at least one of those three games was within the first six games scheduled for your team.

c) some exceptions can apply (but those must be pre-approved by the league -- such as player with significant injury declared before or during early part of the season and is unable to play until much later in the season due to prescribed recovery/therapy plan).



John Schiebel

MTFL Registrar

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44th Annual Sports Dinner:
Recognizing Mississauga's Athletes, Coaches, Officials, Volunteers & Supporters

A special evening celebrating grassroots sports in Mississauga.

Outstanding Contributions to Community Sport

Trevor Bertrand - North Mississauga Soccer Club 
Jack Brooks - Mississauga Terriers
Mike Doyle - Lorne Park Clarkson Hockey
Steve Johnston - Meadowvale Minor Hockey Association
Margie Lyons - Clarkson Hockey, 
Lorne Park Clarkson Hockey  & MHL
Dan Tanaka - Cooksville, Phantom Wolves & Heartland Dragons
Doug Tutty - Mississauga Canoe Club
George Zielinski - Mississauga Officials (Touch & Flag Football)

Sports Hall of Fame Inductions

Calendar Year Awards

Other awards include Bursaries, High School, Spirit of Sport & much more!

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The MTFL season has begun; we are already completed Week#2 and we hope everyone is having safe, fun and competitive games.

Some reminders:

1. on game day, always ensure a team-mate/you are bringing the goal post pads to the game site by the required kick-off time.  A fine of up to $250 exists for non-complying teams. If your team is interested in OR needs to buy another set of pads, email the league right away.

2. you can always add/subtract players from your roster through-out the regular season (and right up the last game of your regular season). BUT ... there is a play-off eligibility requirement for each player and there is also the need to ensure the MTFL's game sheet (of your team's roster) and the TFOnt KARELO registration database are kept consistent/timely with such modifications. For example, once you've updated KARELO then send a separate email to the league of who to add/subtract from your roster.

3. speaking of game sheets; always have some printed ones handy at the game site (to hand in to the head referee at half-time). clearly indicate on it who is there AND who is NOT (by scratching the names of the persons not at the site right off the list).  At the end of the game, you may make modificaiton to the list (if needed for a late arriver, etc.) and you should also ensure that the head referee has correctly recorded the final score onto the sheet).


Your executive team.

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Happy Victoria Day Weekend and best of everything to all MTFL teams/players this coming season.

Our first set of games begins Week#1 on Tuesday, 22-May-2018.

If you haven't already, please read and accept the KARELO email in order to complete your own registration.

Finally, now that the season is starting, why not consider dropping by Boston Pizza SQ1 and take advantage of the those $5 off coupons handed out at the AGM.

Have a great, safe, competitive and fun season.

Your Executive Team


Please be aware that the MTFL Schedule has been modified; however, it does not affect any previously scheduled games. The only changes are for 'SPARE' fields.


The MTFL Regular-Season Game Schedule is now available.

'Click' on the Schedule link at the top of the page to see the full schedule.

There are 4 Divisions this year. A, B, C, D.

A: Canes, Hounds, New World Order, Reapers, Transformers, Warriors

B: Angels, Bears, Gridiron, Renegades, Wolverines

C: Death from Above, Goblins, Kryptonite, Militia, Shockerz, Stingers, Thundercats, Trailer Park Boyz

D: Aversan Aviators, Ghosts, Golden Receivers, Offerdahl Ornery, Pickleback Boys

The Standings, Divisions, Game Sheet info still needs to be modified to match the 'new' divisions. That will allow you to find the schedule for just your own team.

If you have any concerns with the schedule, please contact us immediately.

Please be aware that there may be a scheduling fee to make any alterations at this point. 

Please let us know of any changes to your 2017 team roster.


Future MTFL Players,

The MTFL's 2018 Tryout Night is:

Tuesday, Apr. 24th at Cawthra Park S.S.

6:30 pm - 6:45 pm Registration

6:45 pm - 7:45 pm Tryout

Please contact the league in advance if you are interested in participating this event as a person looking to join an existing team OR in forming a whole new team. 

If in doubt, just show up!

The MTFL will have some topnotch quarterbacks throwing passes to help with assessment. League representatives will also be in attendance.

Feel free to invite friends who are also interested in playing touch football.

If you have a numbered jersey, please wear it; if not, don't worry; just come out and have some fun.

See you there!

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Dear league presidents,

As the National Championships are being held in Edmonton this year we will be maintaining the 2017 TFONT roster limit of 19 players per team roster. The registration system at Karelo.com allows for up to 22 persons per team roster to accommodate for your league requirements. The registration will only recognize the first 19 players on the roster as "tournament" players. These extra players are NOT considered to be part of a team roster from a TFONT competitive perspective and are listed as  (*) non-eligible to play in tournaments.
The Friday at 5:00pm before a team plays its initial tournament the first 19 players on that teams roster are "locked" as their TFONT roster for the year. The additional players are not a "bench" that can be drawn from on a per tournament basis. Those extra players are listed for league and insurance purposes. If a team moves an active player from its 19 player roster and moves up one of those three additional players from the bottom it has effectively removed/released that active player from its roster. That player can NOT go back to the 19 player active TFONT roster for the remainder of the season. Likewise if a team moves one of the 19 players from its roster and "adds" a player who had not previously been on its roster then the player that was removed is not eligible to return to that teams roster and the team must pay a player fee of $25 for the additional player to TFONT. The tracking mechanisms on Karelo.com notify of these actions and we will be doing additional audits as well.
The link below will send you directly to the Karelo website log on screen. Returning managers will find the first five players they entered on their 2017 roster will still be on their 2018 roster as a "head start" for their 2018 entry. In addition they can still access all the information from their 2017 roster. By opening a second window a manager can use the information for returning players and can quickly by "copy and paste" from 2017 to 2018 rosters. New managers will have to start with a completely new entry and instructions for new managers can be found on TFONT.com under registrations.  All other money owed such as tournament registrations ( register for tournaments at Mytournament.ca) and player registration fees for competitive teams should still be sent to Joanne Pinkney jmpinkney@rogers.com
(John Schiebel for) Steve Morrell


MTFL's AGM and Team Registrations

DATE: Tue., March 20, 2018

LOCATION: Mississauga Valley Community Centre

A/ Pre-AGM Team Registration at 6:45 pm

i) Team Fees: $1850 due March 20th

[or Installments:

#1 - $1000 due March 20th

#2 - $900 due April 1st]

ii) Insurance: $150 due May 1st

B/ AGM at 7 pm sharp

Voting on key issues will take place. Team representation required.

If unable to attend, please send in PROXY VOTES. Team Rep has been sent an email with the issues and motions to be voted on. Please respond by NOON on March 20th.

AGM Package will be sent at NOON on March 20th. Please bring access to online version, or hard copy.


MTFL veteran and candidate new team captains/admins:

The following attendance enticements now exist for people who have been invited and who choose to be present at the Annual General Meeting (AGM):

1. one $30 gift card from SPORT CHECK (SQ1) to be offered as door prize.

2. one pair of men's medium football receiver gloves (~$30 value) to be offered as door prize.

3. a "Friends with Benefits" envelope to be given to each team's captain/admin and is composed of:

--> 20 MTFL business cards.

--> 20 "week long" guest pass from LA FITNESS (Hurontario and Eglinton).

--> 20 "five dollars off any food order g.t.e. $25" coupon from BOSTON PIZZA (SQ1).

4. and specific to the three team contacts, each at this very meeting will get 25% off (regular priced items) coupon from SPORTS CHEK (SQ1).



Your candidate elect Executive team

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The Registration Fee for teams for MTFL’s 2018 season is $1850.

Although we originally anticipated that team fees could be held at the 2017 season’s rates ($1800), major increases in field permit fees and refereeing costs have recently been identified and have caused us to re-evaluate our budget.

We apologize for any inconvenience this change may have caused.


1)      [$1850] Registration Fees are due Tue., March 20, 2018 (date of the AGM).

2)      Teams may opt to pay in two installments by the following dates:

a)       Tue., March 20, 2018 - $1000

b)      Tue., May 1, 2018 - $900

c)       This option requires a total payment of $1900

3)      An additional $150 is required for insurance that is to be paid to TFOnt using its KARELO system by Tue., May 1, 2018.

4)      The AGM is scheduled for Tue., March 20, 2018 at 7 p.m. at Mississauga Valleys Community Centre. All teams are expected to have representation as league voting occurs at this time.



The Annual General Meeting will be occuring is less than four weeks (on Tuesday, 20-Mar-2018).

Are you/your team-mates getting ready for the upcoming season? Have you had a team meeting to assess team roster needs/availabilities and team finances?

Next, the league has received several new team applications already (e.g. at least one tournament capable team, the TRANSFORMERS and at least one recreational team, the AVERSAN AVIATORS).

Finally, team registration fee payment schedule details will be issued next week. Again, similar to previous years, payment in full (and by email money transfer to the league's YAHOO email address) is preferred.


Your executive team (elect).


The City of Mississauga has informed the MTFL that for its 2018 season, the MTFL will have access to Valleys (Gilbert Field) only on Mondays. It has given priority to an affiliate youth user group.

Depending on the size of the league and considering holiday Mondays on which we schedule no games, teams are likely to have only one game scheduled during the regular season at the Valleys. However, we are anticipating greater access in August to the Valleys in time for some of our playoff games.

The remainder of our games will be held at high school locations as has been done in previous years.

MTFL Team Captain/Manager
1. AGM Date

The Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 20th March 2018 at the Mississauga Valleys Community Centre at 7 p.m.  The meeting will end by 8:30 p.m.

2. AGM Representation

All teams are required to have representation at this meeting as voting for the League Executive and changes to the Constitution and By-Laws require majority acceptance.

3. Team Fees

a) Amount - Fees are expected to remain the same as last year – approx. $1950 – comprised of $1800 to MTFL (registration fee) and $150 to TFOnt (insurance fee)

b) Date Due - Team fees are required on or before Tuesday, 20th-March 2018.

c) Late Fees – Teams that do not make payment by March 20th will be required to pay a late fee (minimum $50).

d) Payment Method - E-transfers are the preferred method of payment. Money orders and cash are acceptable.

4. Other

Persons wishing to become an MTFL Executive team member should contact the league as soon as possible; e.g., additional volunteers to help with the league's administration and growth are always welcome. 

Keeping in touch,

Glenn Stevenson

(MTFL President)

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The MTFL Executive wishes all MTFL and MOA members the best of health and enjoyment during the holiday season and in the New Year. 


MTFL members and friends,

It is with great regret we share the unfortunate news that Ed Laverty has passed away.

Funeral service arrangements are:

Tudor Hall - 3750 N. Bowesville Road, Ottawa, K1V 1B8

Thursday, 7th-Dec;
6-7pm - Arrival, guest book signing.
7-9/9:30pm - Celebration of Life, speeches, tributes and video/photo presentation.

If you have any photos to share of Ed Laverty from football or any other time please send to
gthemvp@hotmail.com by Dec 1st so they can be considered for including in a slide show being prepared in his memory.

If you are planning to attend the service, please RSVP so the family can allocate a proper headcount for everyone attending. 


Your MTFL Executive Team

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What a game and what a fantastic win by the DOUBLE BLUE yesterday evening in Ottawa. A Canadian (snow based) classic with some many new records and positive memories for all.

On behalf of the entire MTFL, all of the best to the Toronto Argonauts (... players, coaches, management/owners and cheerleaders) for a terrific year.  Certainly, may you carry this championship proudly into the upcoming 2018 season.

ARGOoooooos rule!!!!


Your Executive Team


The MTFL Executive team wishes to congratulate the Toronto Argonauts for their EASTERN divisional win.  It was a great outcome and we want to express our continued support as you now prepare for the 2017 GREY CUP game.



Captains and Players and Game Officials,

MTFL players and game officials and their family members, friends and acquaintances are being offered tickets at a discount to the CFL Eastern Final game hosted by the Toronto Argonauts. The game is Sunday, Nov 19th at BMO Field with a 1:00pm kick-off.

The following link will allow you to purchase tickets at one of 3 price points. 



There is a timeline for this offer; you have until Nov. 16 at 4 pm to purchase tickets. 


You have the capability to invite your friends to the game to sit with you and watch an exciting Argo playoff game – the first CFL playoff game held at BMO Field.

You will save a minimum of 15% off the regular purchase price.

$28.00 – Section 113

$51.50 – Section 105

$93.50 – Section 107


See you at the game. GO ARGOS!

Note-1: a field seat/section map is available at:


Note-2: You can also be part of the pre-game tail gating if you choose. See the Argos game site for more info on this event:


Keeping in touch,

Glenn Stevenson


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Please have a safe and fun Halloween.


Your Executive Team


PS - Wow, it is only five more months to the MTFL 2018 AGM.


To all MTFL teams/players, families and friends,

The MTFL Executive wishes you a great and safe THANKSGIVING long weekend.

Also, for those participating in the TFOnt NATIONAL tournament in Hamilton this long weekend, may you continue to have fun and all of the best to your team in each game.


Your Executive team


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The MTFL has concluded its 2017 season of touch football and is ready to celebrate.

Teams’ MVP and Sportsman Award nominees will be honoured and divisional award winners will be announced.

Two Lifetime Achievement Award honourees will be highlighted.

Players, team reps, game officials are all encouraged to attend and support nominees and award winners.

LOCATION: International Sports Bar (2480 Cawthra Rd)

DATE: Mon., Sep. 18, 2017

TIME: 7-11 pm


-review of the year

-honour team Finalists and Champions

-MVP Awards – 5 divisional winners

-Sportsman Awards – 5 divisional winners

-Lifetime Achievement Awards – 2 honourees



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1. Playoff games held at high school fields will begin at 6:30 p.m. to allow for the possibility of overtime and earlier sunset times.

2. To access your team's playoff games:

i) do NOT go to your division and search for games;

ii) go to the top line of the Home Page, and beside '2017 Season', click on 'Schedule'.

3. The League Standings do account for tie-breaking formulae. Thus, teams with the same number of points in the standings, will be listed in the correct order.

4. For teams in double divisions (A&B, D&E), look only at the teams in your division to determine your team's placement.

Note: Reapers are now placed in A Division for playoffs.

5. With the intensity of playoff action, players are reminded to support the league's motto of 'safe, fun, competitive' touch football and to adhere to the Players' Code of Conduct.

6. We wish all teams a safe, fun, competitive playoff experience.



Have a great and safe Canada Day Weekend.

Happy 150th birthday to all of us "eh" :-)

Your Executive team.


Captains, Players, Game Officials are asked to drink plenty of water prior to and during their games to avoid dehydration.


Frenchie Bowl

1.     Location: Chinguacousy Park
2.     Date: Saturday,   June 17th
3.     Time: 10 am – 4 pm
4.     Cost: $20/player
5.     Proceeds to Sick Kids Hospital
6.     3 Games/Team guaranteed
If you are interested in entering your team in this event, please notify James asap at 647-269-8824. For example, as of 1:30pm today, there is room for two more teams to register for this event.

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ThunderCats vs Offerdahl Ornery at Glenforest is CANCELLED due to the heavy rainfall and unsafe conditions of the field.

This game will be rescheduled.

Please notify your team-mates.

MTFL Executive

MTFL Captains,
Firstly, thank-you for registering yourself and your teammates on KARELO.
Next, as  you may know, once you entered contact information for a player KARELO sends an email to that player .. and then that player is required to acknowledge/respond to that email (in order to complete their registration).
To conclude, as your team prepares for or before it plays its first game, please remind each of players to check their email (INBOX, or possibly their JUNK email folder) and then, if they have not already for this 2017 season, reply to the KARELO email (timely) to complete the registration process.
e.g., as of today, approximately 20% of the league's members have NOT yet responded. This could mean the email address given for them (in KARELO) was incorrect ... OR ... hopefully, it is a simple as getting them to respond to that email.
John Schiebel
PS ... MTFL players are also required to sign the paper based MTFL Player "assumption of risk and release of liability agreement"; please see your team captain for a copy of this form and who is going to co-sign/witness that form with you.



Best wishes to all MTFL teams/players ... the regular season starts this Tuesday, 23-May-2017.

Have safe, competitive and fun games and best wishes to everyone on and off the field.


Your Executive team.

The Golden Horseshoe Touch Football Association (Burlington), is hosting our annual one day Early Bird Tournament on May 13th. This is normally an event for our GHTFA teams only, however, we are looking for 2 teams to fill out our draw. Hopefully, a couple teams from Mississauga may be interested in getting in some games prior to your regular season starts.
This tournament is for B & C (e.g., Tier 2 or lower) level teams only.
Early Bird Tournament
Saturday, May 13th
4 short games guaranteed (each game is two 20 minute halves)
All games @ MM Robinson HS in Burlington
$250 per team entry fee
Tourney Headquarters; Gator Teds Tap & Grill… offers wings & draft beer specials to teams
T-shirts & Prize Money to the winning teams in each of our two brackets.
Dave Nelson
President, Golden Horseshoe Touch Football Association
(residence office/fax) 905-523-5017


For MTFL Team Reps:

Three main topics are listed below. New information is presented. Your response to some questions is encouraged. No response indicates ‘no preference for change’.

Part A/ Registration Fees

Part B/ Payment Types

Part C/ Team Preferences

Part D/ Items Tabled for Voting at AGM

Part E / AGM


1. For 2017, registration involves:

a) Payment of MTFL fees [ $1800 ]

b) TFONT insurance [ $150 ] through Karelo.

c) Total: $1950

2. Payment of MTFL Registration Fees – Two Options – more flexibility

a) Option #1 – Full Payment

$1800 on or before AGM (Thu., March 23, 2017)

(Total: $1800) (Total: $1950 including insurance)

b) Option #2 – Two-Installment Payment

Installment 1: $1000 on or before AGM (Thu., March 23, 2017)

Installment 2: $850 on or before Mon. May 1, 2017

(Total: $1850) (Total: $2000 including insurance)

c) Late Registration Fees (applies to veteran teams)

$1050 ($1850) for payment between March 24 and March 28

$1100 ($1900) for payment between March 29 and March 31

$1200 ($2000) for payment between April 1 and April 13

Final Date for Registration is Thu., April 13, 2017.

Late fees also apply to second installments made after May 1, 2017 based on 3-business-day increments - $50 each increment.


i) Teams must register on TFONT site using Karelo.


ii) $150 insurance payment must be made before changes to roster are made.

iii) Due on or before May 1, 2017.


i) Cash – have counted by Executive member and get a receipt

ii) Cheque – to be made out to “Mississauga Touch Football League” (not MTFL); date March 23,2017 or before

iii) E-Transfer - Password to be obvious to Executive.


7:00 pm or 7:30 pm Valleys start time for first game – second game to start 90 min. later

Question: What is your preference? (7 pm or 7:30 pm)

D/ Items Tabled for Voting

1. New Executive for 2017

Glenn Stevenson – President; Matthew Vincent – Vice-President; John Avarino; Jeff Hubert

This Executive Committee has voting rights on behalf of the membership.

2. Accept Budget

3. Accept Changes in Bylaws:

i) all minor editing (no change in bylaw intent)

ii) (3.4) Roster size – change to 21 from 20

iii) (5.2) Late fee payment schedule changed to 3 business-day increments

iv) (7.3)(New addition) For a game that is defaulted by both teams, a score of 0-0 will be assigned. 


i) Team Preferences – Teams’ preferences for Day of Week, and Location, and Dates to Avoid will be sought.

ii) Various policy changes will be explained at the AGM.

iii) All teams are expected to have representation at the AGM held on Thu., March 23, 2017 at Mississauga Valley Community Centre. Registration at 6:45 pm. AGM at 7 pm.


Team Reps are asked to start preparing for the 2017 season.

A/ AGM (Annual General Meeting)

-scheduled for Thu., March 23, 2017 at Valleys Community Centre

-room opens 6:45 pm

-meeting starts 7 pm (sharp)

-meeting concludes 8:30 pm

-all teams are expected to have representation (1-3 reps)

-new teams may stay longer for additional info

B/ League Fees

-req’d on or before March 23rd

-after March 23rd late fees apply

-approx. $1950 per team (still to be determined)

C/ Rosters

-max. 20 players (not 21 as in previous years)

D/ Executive

-John Schiebel (2016 President) may not return to the league executive due to employment commitments (travel) -early Jan 2017 confirmation

-consider assisting MTFL Executive with its duties by volunteering some time – contact Glenn Stevenson (gstevenson12@cogeco.ca)

E/ Game Officials

-interested in officiating MTFL games? Contact George Zielinski at gzielinski@cogeco.ca.

F/ Best wishes during the holiday season. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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All MTFL captains, members and candidate new teams:
The MTFL Executive has held its annual closing review of the 2016 season and in the matter of team registration fees wishes to inform you that a price increase of (minimally) $150 per team will be required for the 2017 season; i.e., team fees for the upcoming season will be (minimally) $1950 per team.
Since the league did raise team fees by $50 per team at the conclusion of the 2015 season ($1750 to $1800), you may be asking "why another price increase is needed so soon"? 
In short, prior to the start of the 2016 season due to a somewhat modest decrease in the number of teams registered, a decision was made to avoid scaring off any additional teams by having a larger than $50 fee increase. In addition, the league decided to limit many of the factors of distinction this league offers to its members during the season as a cost containment measure. For example, the planned budget allocated for play-off prizing, referee quality programs, team-selfie and regular-season photography programs were either greatly reduced, if not eliminated during the 2016 season.
Next, the Executive believes that the fee increase will allow the league to re-instate programs - considered factors of distinction - that were removed or altered prior to or during the 2016 season. In particular, the Executive believes:

- the factors of distinction are very much valued by its members;
- the league should increase referee fees (as discussed in a 17-Feb-2016 NEWS posting) to $50 per referee per game in order to retain and attract new referees (needed to replace retiring ones or if the league grows back in size modestly in a future year, have sufficient numbers of referees available as well as) and perhaps to increase scheduling flexibility;
- the league's (year-over-year) surplus should be increased (to a maximum of $10k) to also account for the possibility of having a ready on-hand legal-defense fund;
- in-season revenues (e.g., poker tournaments, 50/50 draws, proceeds from beer/food sales at Trillium tour) are dwindling and yet those revenues have often helped this league with goal-post pad purchasing and re-sale, and other league equipment / asset / automation expenses.
- there may be small price increases for other necessary / must have operational issues (e.g., insurance, field permits).
- the league should re-stock some new-team and/or new-referee assets (e.g,. goal posts pads, TC-7 field cones) as previously made purchases have been depleted over the last three years and it is necessary to buy for the next 3 to 4 year window of this league's operation. Bulk buying affords the league the best pricing terms/conditions, whereas buying smaller quantities would not qualify for volume discounts. These items would be available for purchase by teams and referees at the price paid by the league; thereby allowing these groups to reap some savings.
- the league should resume, if possible, a $1500 per year 'marketing program' to find the next generation of players/QBs/referees and teams.  For example, and prior to the 2016 season, the league was sponsoring a local youth tackle league - a nonprofit league - by assisting with the purchase of team jerseys with our league's name/logo on them.
- the league should continue to investigate the procurement of league/player insurance outside of that provided through its TFO affiliation. The league is demanding a record of payment and written policy particulars from its insurance provider at a reasonable and affordable cost, with the possibility of improved coverage for the league and its members. 
Assuming the registration fee increases to $1950 per team, this $150 more per team represents an increase of an average of $1 per player per game based on 15 players per team (an average roster size) in a 10-game regular season.  Other GTA leagues offering the same or near similar levels of service and number of games as the MTFL are charging over $2100 per team, or $150/player.
Finally, the MTFL wishes to communicate this planned team registration fee increase well in advance of the 2017 AGM to allow all team captains and players to plan for this eventuality. Should you have any questions or suggestions on this team registration fee price increase, please email them to the league before Monday, 12-Dec-2016.
Your 2016 executive team


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For those interested,

"Canlan" Sportsplex Mississauga is launching its first ever season of flag football; the season will begin in October and go for 12 weeks.

For more information, see http://canlansports.com/Mississauga/flag-football.aspx and/or contact Stefani Ierullo at stefaniierullo@gmail.com  


Your MTFL Executive team


MTFL captains who are not already participating regularly in the Trillium Tour,

This year the Touch Football Ontario (TFO) Trillium Tour National's are being hosted in Hamilton (at Mohawk Sports Park). New this year to that multi-day event will be a one day (, Saturday 08-Oct-2016) offering for interested recreational teams.

Further details will be coming from TFO President Russ Henderson shortly; e.g., a flyer containing the registration cut-off date, contact and payment information is expected to be available by end of next week.

Mean-time, please talk to the players on your team as to consider if you would like to participate in this kind of recreational tournament experience (whether as whole team or even a merged one with players from another similarly qualified and interested MTFL team in this league).

TFO is subsidizing the cost of this total of three games (in a single day) event as means of exposing your team/your players to the Trillium Tour as well as playing against other recreational teams from other affiliated leagues from Hamilton, Burlington, Toronto, Saint Catherine's, Kitchener etc.  For example, TFO currently anticipates requiring  $200.00 per team registration fee for this offering.

Finally, and special to this very offering, the MTFL itself will further subsize by providing a small credit/rebate to those eligible teams who do register and participate in this new event. For example, depending on the total number of MTFL teams that are qualified and that actually register for this single day event, the MTFL will provide no less than a $25 (to maximum of $100) further rebate per MTFL team. 


Your MTFL Executive team.

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Firstly, a big thank-you to the over ninety persons in attendance last night for the MTFL's annual year-end party at the INTERNATIONAL SPORTS BAR.

We did things a little different this year by asking teams from the championship games to attend this event in order to collect their team and individual prizing as well as providing over $700 in door prize (gift certificates) to ensure anyone attending might have increased fun/reward in doing so.

Representatives of 17 (of 28) teams were present as well as a considerable contingent of this league's very valued referees.  Also in attendance were player friends/spouses and league partners like Justin Lahey from SUB-IN.

Food/snacks were great and plenty as was the "yummy" cake Glenn Stevenson arranged for all to enjoy too. Prizing for the divisional winners of the MVP and Sportsmen awards also handed out to some very well deserving players of this league.

Again, to all present last night, thank-you. It is also nice to get together to share memories, success stories and bragging rights for our next season (... which is only eight months away).

Finally, thank-you to league "photographer"/executive member Dan Ward; pictures of this event are to be found at  http://danwardphoto.com/Sites/MTFL%202016%20Year%20End/ and they will also be posted to FACEBOOK shortly.

Sincerely, the entire MTFL executive team.

PS- for those not present, please also take a few moments to look at the pictures and help this league share this event to you/your team-mates in all coming years.


MTFL member teams/players/fans,

Happy LABOUR DAY (weekend). The executive hopes you are still enjoying all things "football".

The league's year-end party is next Monday night (, 12-Sep-2016). If you haven't RSVP'd yet please do so now; nearly 50 persons already have stated they are intending to come and the league has only heard back from 20% of all of the 2016 teams so far.

During the year-end party, the teams from each CHAMPIONSHIP game will be presented with team and individual player prizing. Also, for everyone in attendance, over $600 in door prizes will be given away that night with some lucky person getting at least $200 of that amount.

Next, the 2016 Championship game photos will be uploaded to the league's FACEBOOK account shortly (too), but to kick-off the year-end party you can get a sneak peak at them right now at:

So see you on the 12th Sep, 7:00pm at INTERNATIONAL SPORTS BAR.
Your Executive.

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Our MTFL Year-End Party/Celebration is scheduled for Mon., Sep. 12th at International Sports Bar (located at 2480 Cawthra Rd, Mississauga) - starting at 7 p.m.


7 p.m. – Doors open

7:30 p.m. – Snacking Food is served

8 p.m. – Presentations

11 p.m. – Event is finished

Food will be served at 7:30 p.m. so one would be wise to be in attendance by this time; otherwise, the hungry troupes might well devour your share.

At this event, we will be celebrating the 2016 touch football season as well as honouring the MVP and Sportsman Award winners with presentations beginning at 8 p.m.

As result of the nominations made throughout the regular season by teams’ opponents, the list below shows the players with the most nomination points for their team.

We would like all these nominees to be present so that when the winners are revealed, the awards can be hand delivered and their accomplishments applauded.

Our goal is to have all teams and nominees represented on this evening.

The prize is $100 for each divisional winner. Where there are ties within a division, the $100 will be split amongst the winners. Each winner will receive no less than $25.

Top MVP Award Nominees include: 

(A) Cobras – Andrew Brimpong;Hawks – George Ioannides; Hounds – Marty Gonsalves; Piranhas – Jay Hayes and Cyril Adjeitey; Reapers – Stevan Ivancevic; YoungBucs – Jamie Shaw

(B) Angels – Phil Scarfone; Canes – Mike Hyatt; DWIW – Ashton Nelson; Gridiron - Dale Levarno; Renegades – Kevin Logan; Warriors – Eric Cartwright; Jamie Mitchell

(C) Axemen – Zac Bendenham; Bears – Ian Simpson; Death From Above – Stefan Steciw; Greatest Show on Turf – Kyle Badham; Kryptonite – Triston Hackett; Wolverines – Jordan Carterall

(D) Gators – Jon Schoutsen; Onyx – Rodney Charles; Shockerz – Mohit Ahuja; Stingers – Glenn Brettell; Trailer Park Boyz – Elden Foreskin

(E) Ghosts – Christian Stewart; Knibb High Football – Tom Lambros; Militia – Simon Harry; Offerdahl Ornery – Brian Merker; ThunderCats – Sutharsan Sivasoothalingham

Top SPORTSMAN Award nominees are:

(A)  Cobras - Myles Page; DWIW - Ashton Nelson; Hawks - George Ioannides; Hounds - Nathaniel Pinto and Ben Bilz; Piranhas - Nevin Blair; Reapers - Adrian Ferenc; Youngbucs - several players (equally selected)

(B)   Angels – Tex Thomas; Canes – Jamie Mitchell; DWIW – Ashton Nelson; Gridiron – Mark Zielinski; Renegades – Nick Draganjac and Ryley Wright; Warriors – Jamie Shaw

(C)   Axemen - Rick Zanon, Mike Gallagher, Aaron Gerber; Bears – Ian Simpson; Death From Above - Roman Pogoutse, Rilie Doolittle;  GSOT - John O’Brien; Kryptonite – Sahan Warnack; Wolverines – Harrison Thomas

(D)  Gators – Kevin Zolnieryk, Onyx - Kevin White, Crispin Barnes, Alex Tisma, Schockerz - Dave Nguyen; Stingers - Danny Turek; Trailer Park Boyz - Neal Robinson 

(E)   Ghosts - Giovanni Avarino; Knibb High - Tim Kiladze, Ryan Lippert; Militia – Elijah Soares; Offerdahl Ornery – Brian Merker; Thundercats – Sutharsan Sivasoothalingham

Please notify your team-mates so that they may attend and so that winners are present at the celebration.

See you at the party!

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Firstly, congratulations to long-time league member team Greatest Show on Turf for earning the title of "MTFL 2016 C Division Champions" earlier this week. Nice to see a hard earned victory for everyone on the squad.

Secondly, if you have some time, there is still one further semi-final game to enjoy watching. So tonight please go to it and cheer on a division/league mate and take in what is likely going to be another great game in this year's play-off run. For example, of the eight semi-final games already completed this week, five of them were decided by a two or less point differential and all of them included terrific play and sportsmen in action.

Finally, and for next Monday and Turesday evening the "hot card" to attend will be the CHAMPIONSHIP games -- two each night under the lights at the VALLEYs. So again, please plan to attend if you are looking to see some great games.


Your Executive team

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Firstly, the league is moving through the play-off schedule as planned for the most part. "Yes", a bit of hiccup occured this past Tuesday night (... for which a revised schedule will be posted by midnight tonight for the two divisions implicated). So may all advancing teams continue to have safe, competitive and fun games.

Next, the league will be hosting a year-end party. Building on recent successes with that very event as well as to address some opportunities specific to this season, this year's party is intended to be one of best offerings yet:

  • book mark Monday, 12-Sep (7:00pm, International Sports Bar {Cawthra and Queensway area}).
  • although play-off CHAMPIONSHIP games will have professional photography services (and photo ops with trophy, friends, etc.) all actual other play-off prizing will be handed out at the year end party.
  • this year's play-off prizing budget was reduced (a bit in keeping with the overall contraction in league size) but there will be a gift for each team member of the CHAMPION and FINALIST teams. There is going to be a small cash gift to each of those very teams too.
  • similar to last year, door prizes will also be offered (on a random basis) throughout the evening -- including gift cards (... of which will be the "grand door prize" of a modest value).
  • also, the 3Star and MostSportsmen awards as well as other special person/contributor recognition and appreciations will be made that evening.

In short, the league wishes for at least six persons from each team to come the year-end party. There are many things to celebrate (whether your team was a division finalist/winner or not) so please plan on attending.

More announcements and emails coming shortly.


The Executive team

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All teams/players,

As of ~1:00pm today the league received written notification from the City of Mississuaga resulting in the need to CANCEL all games that had been scheduled for later this evening.

In summary,

a) please be advised no games are to occur tonight at any of the VALLEY or high school locations. Please contact your players and fans and notify them to not travel to the game site intend (tonight).

b) the league's master scheduler will be in touch shortly to identify possible re-schedule dates. However, in the case of the A-SEMI-finals, it is very much likely that these games will be re-scheduled to next Tuesday (, 23-Aug) at the same location and kick-off times as that which had been intended for this evening.


Your Executive team


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Both of the play-off games scheduled to occur at the VALLEY's tonight have been CANCELLED (as this City of Mississauga Parks and Recreation Group has, in fact, delinated that site as "closed" for today).  The league scheduler will be in touch in the next 48 hours about possible make-up dates.

Next, there is a SEVERE THUNDERSTORM ALERT in the GTA area right now; however, weather forecasts may have this clearing by mid-day today.

e.g., the games scheduled for high school locations this evening are still on. That being said, a final decision on that matter will be made by 3:15pm this afternoon.

Again, and regretably, weather conditions can change and although safety is number one concern for all us, the league feels it prudent to wait a few more hours on deciding about tonight's high school locations. Or more precisely, this league has no control over the VALLEY's (Paul Gilbert field) circumstance, as the City has instructed everyone to not use the outdoor field this evening; however, no such instruction from the City exists for any of the high school locations implicated.


John Schiebel

MTFL President

Firstly, congratulations to all teams in "E" division; the regular season has now completed for that division and all teams/players therein can now turn their focus towards the play-offs.
This year, a cross-over divisional format was executed for a total of two of the ten regular season games offered to that division with the final regular season "E" division standings shown below. Thus:
a) Militia, ThunderCats and Offerdahl Ornery get a buy through the quarter finals (directly into the semi-finals).
b) Knibb High will host the Ghosts for the sole quarter final game which is scheduled for Wednesday, 17-August (with a 6:30pm kick-off at Cawthra).


Your executive team

Wednesday, August 17th
6:30pm E-Qtr-1: (5th at 4th) (Cawthra)


Team W L T Pct PF PA Diff Strk
E-Militia 8 2 0 0.800 176 70 106 Won-2
E-ThunderCats 7 3 0 0.700 142 90 52 Won-2
E-Offerdahl Ornery 4 6 0 0.400 94 230 -136 Lost-4
E-Knibb High Football 3 7 0 0.300 133 145 -12 Lost-1
E-Ghosts 1 9 0 0.100 84 207 -123 Lost-1

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C-Division Captains (, alternates and please forward to each of your players):
Firstly, congrats on an excellent regular season and may all of your teams continue to have safe, competitive and fun games throughout the upcoming play-off match-ups.
In your six team divisional format the top two teams of the regular standings (, Wolverines and Kryptonite) will get a bye (through the quarter-finals directly into the semi-finals). Thus, the C division quarter file match-ups, which are to occur this coming Monday 08-August, are as follows:
C-Qtr-2: has GSOT hosting the Axemen at Glen Forest (... a high school location, requiring an extra early kick-off time at 6:30pm in case over-time is needed); and
C-Qt-1: has BEARS hosting Death From Above at  the VALLEYs (...  which has a 7:00pm kick-off time as that facility has stadium lighting).
Remember, for an MTFL play-off game:
- the team that had the higher regular season record is the "HOME" team and "wins" the coin-toss;
- the game must have a winner (i.e., no ties allowed as facilitated, if necessary, by over-time period(s) of alternating convert play tries/attempts).
Next, and for budgetary reasons, the league has chosen to not go with any increased in size for the assigned referee crews for these two quarter final games; i.e. there will be three referees, as usual, at each of these first round of play-off games.  However, for the semi-final games and then the championship game itself, the referee crew size will be increased to a total of 4 and 5 referees each (respectfully).
Finally, I hope to "see you on the field".  Regardless, may each of you and all of your families, friends and fans enjoy these games to best possible outcomes for all.
Your Executive team.
Monday, August 8th
6:30pm C-Qtr-2 (5th at 4th) (Glenforest)
7:00pm C-Qtr-1: (6th at 3rd) (Mississauga Valleys)



Unfortunately, the heat wave and humidity continues; thank-you for playing through it and keeping yourself hydrated and observant towards preventing heat-stroke etc.

As of last night, the A division has completed its regular season games. The top two teams in it (e.g., Piranhas and Cobras) get a bye through to the SEMI-FINALS whilst the other four teams well get rested up for their respective QUARTER-FINAL games.

The play-off schedule was published in advance as to give persons time to arrange work and vacation commitments around it (as best they can).  Also, earlier this year, becuase mother nature interfered with some of the regular season games and a decision was made to re-schedule those games into the next two week period which meant a "gap" left to accelerate play-off scheduling was no longer available for that very purpose. Further to that point, that pre-planned "gap" was also left in play in case of any of the regular season games in Week9 through Week10 became affected by some re-scheduling need/demand.

Next, the MTFL play-off schedule is a fixed bracket style; i.e. re-seating is not attempted for the semi-final games. This style of post season match-up has been used because the league feels more players wish to know when/where their next possible game is etc.

In any case, please continue to have safe, competitive and fun games. Further announcements will be coming out shortly in regards to play-off prizing and year-end party.

Finally, due to budgeting constraints, professional photography opportunities will only be occurring during each divisional final. However, any persons who may have taken pictures of any MTFL regular season or otherwise pending play-off game are welcome to forward such (digital) images to the league for posting on FACEBOOK etc.


Your Executive

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Captains and all players:

Various divisions do, in fact, have regular season games to complete on 2nd, 3rd or 4th of August. Games on those dates that are scheduled for a high school location are to kick-off at 6:45pm (not 7:00pm). The website SCHEDULE page will be updated as such no later than this weekend.

Next, as for playoff schedule, a fixed bracket play-off schedule is posted on SCHEDULE page on league website.

Take note:

a) for high school based locations, such play-off games will have kick-off at 6:30pm (to ensure provision for OT under reasonable light conditions is made).

b) for teams in "D" or "E" division, rest assured your play-off game will only be against an opponent in your ranked division. League's software has not been updated to separate things more clearly than shown on SCHEDULE page. However, separate emails will be sent to your respective divisions this weekend.

Finally, obviously it is summer time (rife with vacation needs or desires) but the league expects your continued cooperation in adhering to the play-off schedule. Also, please continue to have, safe, competitive and fun games.


Your Executive

PS - announcements on play-off prizing and year-end activities are forth coming as well.


All MTFL Captains and players:

Some brief updates:

  • a draft of the play-off schedule is undergoing internal peer review right now; it should be posted on the website for all to see by 17th of Jul.
  • speaking of play-offs, all are reminded of MTFL's specific play-off entitlement rules (e.g., a player must have had at least three regular season games with the team AND of those three games, one must have occurred within the first six regular season games of that team. Some exceptions apply (e.g., pre-declared injuries, SUB-IN entitlements, disciplinary matter)).
  • game sheet actual attendance listed in your team's roster on the website will be updated by this weekend; e.g., several submissions for games ranging in dates from 16-Jun thru 11-Jul inclusive were exchanged with the MTFL Registrar last night.

Finally, it remains hot and humid so please continue to bring lots of water or power-aid like refreshments to your game, etc.


Your executive team

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Going to be hot and humid next couple of days so do your best to reduce chances of heat stroke:

- drink plenty of water

- take frequent breaks (in the shade)

- watch others (including very young or older fans or persons you know to have breathing issues).

Also, recognize the warning signs and if you have them, get out of the heat and rest in a cooler shady place:

- pale skin

- dizzy or nauseous

- fatigue, weakness

- sweating profusely

- rapid pulse

- fast, shallow breathing

- muscle weakness or cramps.


Att'n all teams implicated by the severe humidex driven game cancellations encountered on Monday, 20-Jun-2016. 

Five games were cancelled that night. Of the five, re-scheduled game dates have been published for all of them and of those new game dates, all have been published to the league's website (SCHEDULE page ... as being accepted by all parties save the DWIW-RENEGADES game. Re-scheduling of that game is still in progress but may involve refund of monies or the possibility of a request to make-up the game on an upcoming Saturday or Sunday morning in late July or early August).

Thank-you for your cooperation in finding an acceptable game re-schedule date. Much appreciated especially since all of us prefer "to play the game".

On behalf of the Executive team,

John Schiebel

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Att'n all MTFL players, fans and partners:

The MTFL is pleased to announce a new relationship with SUBIN SPORTS ... a local and Canadian owned service provider that allows sports teams to access temporary players which in turn can help a team grow its roster and a league to grow in size or overall wellness.

Each MTFL captain will be sent (later this evening) specific instructions on how they and their team mates can setup an account for themselves in order to enjoy this service and its capabilities free of charge.

1) Why is this relationship happening/important to 'me'?

Well, the MTFL Executive hopes you agree that although touch football is not dying by any means its growth in overall size in recent years is less than ideal /not trending in the best of ways. Furthermore, whether you are a captain or not, the MTFL executive hopes you will also agree that finding additional team-mates is proving tough and given that, the need to find reasonable and appropriate tools for helping that cause should be considered.

2) Why is SUBIN SPORTS presented as a prefered partner to the MTFL?

Well, besides being an organization trying to bring employment in our own very back-yard, one of the owners is actually an avid touch football player himself. Thus having someone well familiar with the running of (touch football) teams and leagues is likely to prove itself a very good thing. Also, the MTFL executive has vetted this "supplier" for suitability and appropriateness as evidence by documented partnership agreement and memo of understanding information that has been circulated to every team captain.

3) Sounds complicated. Are you sure this a good thing for 'me'?

First of all, no one is required to use SUBIN (as their sole means to help thier roster in a time of need, etc.). However, the league strongly recommends that you make SUBIN your own partner of choice because it has, in fact, invested some time in trying to ensure that SUBIN understands this league's objectives and principles of operation (... and that SUBIN will do its best to stay aligned with those very considerations / value sets.  In other words, the MTFL wishes to partner with entities of similar values and objectives as that typically gives synergy, focus and timeliness to closure of issues when they do come up).  Also, SUBIN gives teams chances to earn rewards (whether financial or prize awards) and that usually is not a bad thing either.

4) Well, what do I need to do next?

As stated, your team captain will be provided with a "Best Practices Guide Book".  That guidebook includes a very specific URL link for each member on your team to use for creating their SUBIN account/userid.  After that, as many of you already regularly survey your team-mates in advance on their availability, you can now consider advertizing for a "sub" well in advance of need (such as planned vacations, work commitment, etc.). SUBIN is not a guarantee to solving a temporary roster availability issue nor a long-term goal of growing your roster but it is another method for those very purposes.

5) What else should I know?

Well, let's say you were already familiar with SUBIN (as it does, in fact, already support multiple leagues in multiple sports), well then (or in the case of you just reviewing it now for the first time) you will see that MTFL's relationship with SUBIN is built upon a set of written policies/rules for how a substitute player engagement can be fulfilled.  The reasoning for that is that this league has a long standing tradition (and pride) in roster integrity issues. For example, some quick things to remember are:

  • SUBIN is not for play-off games.
  • persons in lower divisions of competitive play can substitute into any team of any division above them. That's been the natural progression of player getting more competitive (all along). However, persons can't just "sub" too far down into all of the divisions below them.  The reasoning for that is kind of obvious, correct? That is, no one would like a top division/tier QB dropping into the MTFL's lowest division of competitive play to be the QB of that team. Similarly, it is generally felt to be not a good thing to allow a player to 'sub' into a team in his own division.
  • their are other restrictions to how many games you, an existing "MTFL" player can SUBIN to an MTFL game as well as how many SUBIN requests you/your team can request for a MTFL game in one MTFL season.
  • such restrictions are specific to the MTFL; i.e., they are not automatically applied to any other league of any sport that you may connect to via SUBIN.  That is a decision for those leagues to handle. 
  • SUBIN is a way in which persons visiting the GTA temporarily can help your team (in a regular season game -- not just an inner squad scrimmage or practice). It is also handy for persons whose job requires them to be on continental shift work rotations but who still wish to help a team and the MTFL when they can jump into a game.

To conclude, the MTFL hopes you consider using SUBIN pro-actively and in-line with the rules defined. For example, maybe your team has some injured players and could try to find a "sub" for such a short term need right now.


John Schiebel

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Couple of things with respect to grass cutting or field line painting:

- such services are provided for by the rental agreement/permit fee MTFL pays the City of Mississuaga.

- that being said, the City of Mississauga does not own, itself, all of the fields used by the MTFL. For example, the school board owns the high school locations (and logistical and communication snafus have been known to happen between the City and the school board).

- as for the City itself, their staffing ramps up later in "June" each year ... as they often hire "student" help for the summer to assist with things like this. Thus during month of May and early June some fields are likely to be under serviced.

- as for the grass cutting schedule; some tolerance must be shown to mother nature in all of this. For example, if weather conditions are very inducive to rapid grass growth, obviously the "fixed service schedule" may not be well aligned with what's actually happening/needed on your field. Specifically, if your team is scheduled to play on Thursday but grass is scheduled to be cut on a Friday -- well, you may have to bare with the system etc.

Finally, the URLs of interest are:

1. http://www7.mississauga.ca/Departments/Rec/parks/sport-fields/docs/appendix-B-guidelines.pdf ... for the "schedule" for field maintenance as per the field fee permits the league has paid for.

2. http://www7.mississauga.ca/Departments/Rec/parks/sport-fields/docs/Parks_Supervisors.pdf .. for a listing of "who" the MTFL or MOA Executive can bring your grass cutting or field lining need/ complaint to.

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Team captains/team members,

Sorry for the delay; the MTFL 2016 waiver (liability release and assumption of risk agreement) form is now available.

Please print for this website (onto a single double sided letter size sheet of paper), complete both sides and then hand in to the head referee at your first game.

All forms must include:

- the name of your team

- your name and signature

- your contact information

- your captain's name and signature.



PS- black-and-white copies are sufficient; i.e., you don't need to print in colour format).

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The Player Agreement (Waiver) is still being reviewed. It is anticipated that it will be ready by 3 p.m. Tue., May 24th. Captains: Please do not use the previously sent Agreement.

Please stay tuned.

MTFL Executive


Team Rep:

Please accept our apologies for the lateness of the following requests.

MTFL has a new Registration and Waiver form which is entitled:

‘Mississauga Touch Football League Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement’.

This document replaces the old form. We believe the new ‘waiver’ is more thorough and comprehensive, and more meaningful; therefore, we are making it a requirement that ALL players – new to MTFL and Veterans – complete the form.

We have included the Code of Conduct because the Agreement refers to this document and requires the MTFL Registrant to read it.

Similar to the old waiver, a team captain is required to witness the player’s signature, and sign the document.

Please ensure that all information provided is legible, and that the form is filled in completely.

The Agreement must be signed by each player prior to their first game – before they play in the game. The sheets should be submitted to the Head Referee at the game (before the game, at half-time or at the conclusion of the game).

REQUEST #1: Please ensure that your team-mates are aware of their responsibility to fill out this form by forwarding this message to them. And please have extra copies available for your team-mates to fill out prior to the game in the event they do not arrive at the game with their Agreement and the Code of Conduct.

Note: The Game Sheet for each team has yet to be updated. The column for Waiver (Wvr) has last year’s info on it and should not be confused with this year’s Agreement and its signing and submission.

REQUEST #2: Print a copy of your team’s roster from the MTFL Website and take it with you to your game. Make any necessary changes to it (adding or changing names, jersey numbers, etc.) Submit your roster to the Game Officials at half-time. Fill out your selections from your opponents’ roster for Best Sportsman (SM) and 3 Stars (1 – first star, 2 – 2nd star, 3 – 3rd star) at the end of the game.

REQUEST #3: Submit your signed Agreements to the Game Officials.

REQUEST #4: Please enjoy a safe, fun and competitive season along with your team-mates and opponents in the MTFL.

Your MTFL Executive






All MTFL team captains/admins,

As discussed in AGM/AGM minutes, and new for this year, Touch Football Ontario (TFO) has secured a 3rd party service provider for player registration purposes etc.

e.g., all TFO teams (in all TFO affiliated leagues) are required to register themselves and their players within the on-line portal that TFO-Karelo has provided for that purpose. For example, the instructions for and the URL link to this portal are on the main page of www.tfont.com .

Thus, if you have not already done so, please complete the following steps on or before your first MTFL 2016 regular season game (or, your first Trillium Tour 2016 event ... which ever comes first):

a) register your team on that portal; the MTFL has provided an EXCEL scratch pad file template for you to collect the necessary data first so that the manual transcibing / data entry of it into that third party portal goes a little easier, etc.

b) then throughout the season, you the team captain must keep that portal as well as the MTFL Registrar up to date in a timely manner with any roster additions or deletions. Each player is expected to keep their contact information up to date too.

c) to use the portal and complete this new registration requirement from TFO, the captain of the team is required to make a $150 credit card payment. Upon confirmation of that payment, the MTFL will refund your team's captain of record with the $150 fees it has already collected from each of its teams.  As of about one week ago, eight MTFL teams have already complete their initial team registration.  In the past, the league made bulk payment of this concern on behalf of all of its teams. However, no such work flow or process has been accomodated (yet) in the 3rd party provided portal.

Again, this on-line registration is a new requirement from TFO. It is hoped that such a centralized registration portal will ensure appropriate obligations are met by each team and person in the league as well as by TFO itself (in arranging insurances for the leagues affiliated with it, etc.).

Should you have issue with the on-line portal (or a recommendation for its improved functionality/utility), please contact the MTFL Executive immediately. Glenn Stevenson and I (, John Schiebel) will serve as prime point of contact for all such issues originating from teams/players from this league (as to avoid redundancy, etc.). As an example, MTFL has already been pressing for more generic file upload import/export capability for team captains to use during first time registration attempts. Unfortunately, that kind of functionality is not likely to be available until next season.

To conclude, each MTFL teams must complete the $150 online TFO-Karelo registration before they will be allowed to play in any MTFL game. Disciplinary assignments are possible for teams or players that are not in compliance with this TFO player registration requirement.  Whether a player plays in a Trillium Tour tournament is not a concern; rather, all players of all TFO affiliated leagues must be registered in this system before they play a game.


John Schiebel

MTFL President and Registrar

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Att'n all league teams and players,

As stated in the 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM, and minutes thereof), the league is interested in incorporating itself (as a not for profit entity).

If you have any interest in helping the league obtain that goal and if you currently are a practising lawyer (in corporate or otherwise business and liability related matters), please contact a member of the executive team on or before Monday, 16-May-2016.  For example, the league would like to interview a few candidates for determining a best fit etc.

Preference will be given to candidates practicing their legal profession in the GTA and, ideally, who have a work office in a GTA "west" location.  Responses to this request should be directed to mtfl_mississauga@yahoo.ca (and please feel free to attach your resume/CV, or your LINKEDin URL or any other relevant information to help the current executive team to get to know you).


John Schiebel

MTFL 2016 President


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The 2016 MTFL Regular Season Schedule has been posted.

The MTFL is comprised of 5 divisions this season. The 'D&E' Division page displays both divisions (D and E). Information about these two divisions is being sent to team representatives for explanation regarding reading and interpreting the standings.

To find a specific team's schedule, select the Schedule page then choose the team in the drop-down menu under 'All Teams'. That team's schedule will then be displayed.

All teams have 10 regular-season games scheduled.

When the schedule is modified, it is kept current on this website so if in doubt due to conflicting info, please refer to this website. The schedule was last updated May 5th.

In the event that a game requires rescheduling during the season due to weather or some other factor, games will be rescheduled:

i) on an open field within the existing schedule (one available each full week)

ii) during the 11th week of the schedule (should space be available)

iii) during the 12th week of the schedule

Should this not be possible, the game will not be played, and some fees will be refunded to the implcated teams. 

The Playoff Schedule will be posted around one month prior to playoffs beginning. Some playoff games may start as early as Aug 8th. Not all divisions will necessarily begin playoffs the same week.

Requests for modifications to the schedule will require a fee being paid by the team requesting the change. Min. $50. Max. $150. Fees are dependent upon degree of difficulty in honouring the request (number of games moved to create opening).

Request must be received at least 72 hours prior to kick-off; but ideally as soon as captains are aware of rescheduling necessity.

Request and related fees do not guarantee a schedule change as that is dependent upon other factors (field, date, referee availability; opponent's availability; etc.) A Game Rescheduling document is being created that outlines expectations, fees, payment method, etc.

A request for rescheduling may not end up being honoured if a reasonable solution cannot be found. Therefore, if a team’s request is denied for any reason, and the original game is defaulted by the requesting team, then default penalties will still be assigned. 

Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free contact the league.

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A regular season schedule has been circulated to team representatives and is near finalization. The website will have a version of it and the divisional allocations this week.

Next, standby for a flurry of announcements and activities including but not limited to the following concerns as we move to be three weeks away from the first game of the season for many teams:

  • waiver  update;
  • (approved) bylaws update (with many teams already actually taking the time to affirm thier approval);
  • instructions for the teams who have not already done so to register on TFO-Karelo player registration portal;
  • status of SUBIn (player substitution service provider) "contract talks";
  • in-season re-schedule request payment policy / guidelines.

Also, if you haven't yet as your own, or where allowed, as a merged team, please consider going to the upcoming Brampton Trillium Tour event (28th/29th-May). Registration cut-off is 18-May on the www.mytournament.ca website.


John Schiebel

League President and Registrar

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Att'n all league teams/players,

The following divisional assignments will be used for the upcoming season.

Please note, for the two adjacent divisions with five or less teams in them, a fixed cross-over format will exist for a small number of their regular season games. That is, the:

  • teams natural to that division will be scheduled to play each other twice and then of the remaining games needed to make the ten game regular season complete, the league will schedule a cross-over match of them against a suitable opponent in the other division.
  • cross-over match-ups may occur at any point over the regular season.
  • rankings to determine the cross-over match-ups are determined by the league prior to the start of the season (just as the league allocates competitive teams to any division). However, for play-off purposes, the team's listed in each of the cross-over divisions will be ranked only against the teams in their very same division for play-off purposes (e.g., quarter-final assignments or byes).

The divisional allocation reflects "wellness/capability of play" inputs from all teams (including several that have, for this coming season, already forewarned the league they have roster challenges due to injuries of players assigned to a key position (e.g., QB) or at multiple positions on their roster).  

Next, the executive team is working on a draft of the regular season schedule. It will undergo an internal review and then be posted within the coming days.

Finally, may all teams have a safe competitive and fun season.


John Schiebel

A: Cobras, Hawks, Hounds, Piranhas, Reapers, YoungBucs.

B: Angles, Canes, DWIW, GridIron, Renegades, Warriors.

C: Axemen, Bears, Death From Above, GSOT, Kryptonite (formally known as Raiders), Wolverines. 

D: Gators, Onyx, Shockers, Stingers, Trailer Park Boyz.

E: Ghosts, Knibb High Football, Militia, Offerdahl Ornary, ThunderCats.

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  • The league will be 28 teams in size this year. The divisional allocation of each team will be announced within the next week and a draft of the regular season schedule will be circulated shortly thereafter.  Right now, thank you to all of the team captain's/admins for keeping the league well informed of the the schedule preference data/information that was recently requested of them.
  • All persons interested in becoming a referee as well as those who currently are a referee, are reminded that the Mississauga Officials Associaton (MOA) is holding a referee clinic this coming Tuesday, 19-Apr-2016, at the Mississauga Valley's Community Centre (in Program Room #3, from 7:00pm to 10:00pm.   If you are planning to attend, and have not already done so, please ensure that the MOA ( gzielinski@cogeco.ca ) is aware of your intention to attend this clinic. For those attending, please, prior to this clinic, review the on-line clinic trainng materials located at:http://www.mtfl.org/general-info.php


Your MTFL Executive team

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  • AGM was held 23-Mar-2016 (1.5 hour meeting duration, representatives of 15 veteran teams were present; no candidate new team representatives were present (or expected)).
  • At the conclusion of the meeting, since not all of the expected or intended teams were present or had paid their team registration fees, a PROXY VOTE sheet was sent out to those team captains who had paid (or had indicated they would pay team fees by 01-April-2016) but were not actually at the 23rd March meeting.
  • As of 04-Apr-2016, 26 teams have paid in full. The MTFL is still in dialog with four other teams. Two of the teams that were not at the AGM have subsequently sent the league their completed PROXY VOTE form (and now, as of today, the MTFL Executive assumes the right of affirmation on all PROXY VOTE sheets not yet submitted). Tabulated voting results available upon request.
  • Thus, the 2016 AGM has now concluded and the results of that meeting are now summarized:


    1. John Schiebel, Glenn Stevenson and Matthew Vincent have been affirmed as executive members with voting privilege (in roles of President, Vice President and Finance respectfully).
    2. The league will be no fewer than 26 teams (and likely no bigger than 32 teams). An absolute final team registration fee payment date of 10-Apr-2016 now exists for 2016 season.
    3. The regular season is expected to start week of 23rd May (with a draft of the regular season schedule to be circulated for review/approval about four weeks prior to that).
    4. All teams are now restricted to twenty (not twenty-one) players per roster (as per legal obligations with the league's liability insurance provider). For the 2017 season, teams will be restricted to nineteen players (for similar reasoning and continued alignment with TFO practices). However, the MTFL has informed TFO (and now all member teams), that any further reductions in roster size are not aligned with any (current) need or benefits of the MTFL. 
    5. During the upcoming season, (minor) changes to MTFL's BYLAWs may occur in regard to "temporary players" (and, in specific, SUBIn (and SUBzie Inc.) should any business agreement between the MTFL and SUBzie Inc be a candidate for approval.  That agreement is being formulated and will be circulated amongst the MTFL captains should it be the case that both SUBzie Inc and the MTFL Executive think it can be agreed to. This matter is likely to be resolved before the start of the regular season.
    6. MTFL may consider, with total league size of 30 or less teams, scheduling only two games per night at the Valley's as a cost reduction. In the past, most teams have typically played three regular season games at the VALLEY's location; for this year, if the reduction in games occurs, most teams would only play two regular season games at the VALLEYs.
    7. The MTFL Executive will make or sustain other in-season cost reductions to ensure that the budget forecast (circulated with the AGM package) will be met.  This may include a reduction of the number of divisions of play (or, more likely, the reduction in expenses towards the $value of play-off prizing and the elimination of expenses like the year-end party, team selfie program, etc.). To the point of number of divisions, currently the MTFL expects to offer five divisions of play for the 2016 season. However, by no later than 10-April that might change to (no fewer) than four divisions of play.
    8. MTFL has collected $150 per team necessary to its relationship with TFO (and the required liability insurance fee). The MTFL Registrar will work with team captains over the next 14 days to ensure that they register their teams with the required player information using a 3rd party software (portal) that Touch Football Ontario (TFOnt) has arranged to every team captain with login access.
    9. a MOA referee clinic is to occur on Tuesday, 19-Apr-2016 (7:00pm thru 10:00pm) at Mississauga Valleys Program Meeting Room#3. Interested parties are to inform MOA Executive of their intended availabilities as well as read, prior to the meeting, the PPT presentation titled "2014 Referee Clinic (MOA)" posted on the  http://www.mtfl.org/general-info.php  web page.
    10. MTFL will remain an affiliated league of TFO. Furthermore, MTFL intends on providing a food and (soft drink and beer) beverage concession service at the upcoming Brampton 2016 Trillium Tour Event (28th/29th-May --- rain or shine).
    11. MTFL is likely to switch the league's bank account from the TD Bank to a CIBC account this year (to simplify logistics of travel for executive members - by using a single plaza location for league mail box and bank, etc.)
    12. MTFL still to require a "paper" waiver form to be completed by all new players before they play in any MTFL game. The MTFL will very likely renew (this year) a past practice of having all veteran players signing such a paper waiver form each season. Furthermore, the league's code of conduct will be co-presented with that waiver form when the request for a player's signature is made.

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REFEREE CLINIC --- TUESDAY, 19-APRIL-2016 (7:00 TO 10:00 PM).

Att'n all existing Mississauga Officials Association (MOA) members and any person interested in becoming a referee.

There will be a referee clinic on Tuesday, 19th April-2016 between 7:00pm and 10:00pm in Program Meeting Room #3 at Mississauga Valleys Community Centre.

For planning purposes, those intending or wishing to attend should email George Zielinski (at gzielinski@cogeco.ca ) at least 48 hours in advance of this meeting's date.

The MOA looks forward to a most enjoyable, productive and rewarding season.


MOA and MTFL Executive


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Att'n team captains and admins:

The AGM was held as planned on 23-March. Due to weather conditions or other factors that night, a clear majority of (veteran) teams were not actually present to complete league voting needs. Thus, over this past long weekend, the league executive nominees have taken steps to phone /email all teams that had been expected to join the 2016 season.

As of 10:30am this morning, 28 teams are indicating they wish to be part of the 2016 season. However, ~ 30% of these teams have not paid in full yet.

To be respectful of the teams that did make payment to the league, prior to or at the conclusion of the AGM, an additional late fee will be required by teams now attempting to make payment. The additional late fee will be applied on an escalating fashion (to a maximum of $200 per team). A league representative will be contacting the teams implicated later this evening ... to provide them with details on the escalation of late fee amounts/schedule.

Next, the AGM meeting minutes will be issued by the end of this coming weekend; e.g., league is in process of gathering proxy vote sheets from teams, absent from AGM, but that have, in fact, paid in full.

Next, team schedule preference data will be gathered (shortly and tabulated along with intended divisional assignments) as it is the goal to publish a draft regular season schedule no later than ~20-April-2016.


John Schiebel

on behalf of your candidate nominee executive.

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Returning and new team captains,

Hope to see up to three representatives from each team at tonight's AGM.

If you can't attend tonight's meeting, please review the AGM package handout.  A member of the executive will be in touch shortly to collect proxy votes (via email or phone).

Regardless, payment of team registration (, $1800) fees in full is due before the conclusion of tonight's meeting otherwise a team will risk:

a) assignment of an additional late payment fee (of up to $200); or

b) not getting into the 2016 MTFL season.

E-Transfer payment instructions are listed in the preceeding NEWs post.


John Schiebel


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Returning and new team candidates:

The 2016 AGM is less than 24 hours away. The league has received feedback from ~95% of last year's teams and believes it is on track for a 28 team or larger league size.

Next, for veteran teams, payment of team fees can now be attempted on-line via email money transfer. Please send the total amount due (, $1800) in one transaction. Please use something like "MTFL-yourteamname" as answer to the question asked (e.g., "MTFL-GSOT, "MTFL-Axemen") and send that email money transfer to the league's email address: mtfl_mississauga@yahoo.ca 

*** ten teams have already pre-paid via this on-line method; thanks!

Next, for candidate new team applicants, the league requires your registration application to have the team registration fee too. For example, on or before the AGM you can submit your team roster information to league's email address. However, for payment, please follow the payment instructions provided to you by John Schiebel (via his johnandlenore@bell.net email address).

In earlier an email and news bit it was identified that a portion of your team registration fee might be paid by you directly to TFOnt (for player registration/insurance purposes). This is no longer the case; specifically, the practice of MTFL making that payment on behalf of your team will continue. Again, all of the $1800 team registration fee is to be paid, in full, on or before the conclusion of the AGM.

Next, if you do make an email money transfer, please be patient in league's ability to accept it. In case you are not familair with Canadian banking process and policies, there can be a daily limit on the amount of total funds accepted (or withdrawn) from any bank account.

For teams wishing to make payment in-person at the AGM, cash is acceptable. Personal cheques will only be accepted from veteran teams in good standing; otherwise a certified cheque or bank money order is required (by all new team candidates).

All cheques and money orders must be made out to "Mississauga Touch Football League". Do not use "MTFL" as the league's bank will not accept a cheque made out to any acronym or abbreviated form of this league's proper name.

Finally, all teams are encouraged to have up to a maximum of three representatives at the AGM meeting. Please consider having one of your team members who has never attended an AGM be one of those persons. Bottled water will be available at the AGM and that meeting should last less than 1.5 hours for veteran team representatives. A further 30 minutes may be used for new team applicants - in order to give them a more detailed orientation to league policies etc.


John Schiebel

Candidate Nominee MTFL 2016 Executive

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All league members and players:
The following is the second email which gives greater explanation of our financial situation.
The 2015 Season
During the 2015 Season, as a result of the Pan Am Games, the MTFL chose to go from a 10 game regular season to an 8 game regular season. As a result of two fewer games being scheduled per team as well as not paying for artificial turf fields as budgeted for, $300 was refunded to team captains.
Also during the season, the league executive chose to increase referee fees $2.50/game to $40/game. This was not part of the 2015 budget but was felt to be an important step to bring referee fees more in line with other sports officials and would be a first step in attracting new officials. The last referee fee increase was in 2010.
The 2016 Season
Team fees have increased $50 to $1800. We continue to forecast expenditures and create a budget with a worst-case scenario philosophy to ensure that revenues pay for expenditures and to avoid a deficit at the end of the year. We are projecting that we will be dipping into our end-of-year bank balance by some $3000 during the 2016 season if we spend the maximum for each budget expenditure. Hopefully, there will be savings such that dipping into the bank account will be minimal.
In recent years, the MTFL has adopted the policy that those who end up volunteering more hours than what might considered reasonable should be compensated. In the 2015 season, executive members kept track of hours spent, on a time sheet. $6000 was spent on compensating effort by two executive members, with $500 being donated back to the league for a player recognition program which we hope will be deployed in 2016.
2016 and Beyond
Going forward it is important for members to realize that running the league comes at a cost and that cost can increase if fewer individuals are running the league. However, with more volunteers performing the various duties and activities, expenses could be significantly reduced in future years, thereby lowering team registration fees.
The budget for related fees (general administrative expenses) is set at $4500 in 2016. The reduction in expense compared with 2015 is a result of less time being spent dealing with Pan Am Games’ mitigation and the return of a valuable executive member who was unavailable much of last season. Consider that a volunteer could represent a savings of 40 hours and $400 minimally. Should more volunteers offer their services, this allocation for general administrative expenses could remain less utilized.
The surplus at the end of 2016 is expected to be minimal.
Fees for 2017 are likely to increase as another $5/referee/game is being considered to stay competitive with fees for other sports officials. This would require at least another $100/team for the 2017 season.
There are two attachments for your viewing and analysis:
i)                    General Ledger for 2015
ii)                  Cash Flow for 2015
  • AGM - Wed., March 23 at 7 pm at Miss. Valley Community Centre
  • To volunteer with the MTFL, contact: mtfl_mississauga@yahoo.ca
  • To inquire or offer your services as a game official, contact George Zielinski at: gzielinski@cogeco.ca
Keeping in Touch,
MTFL Executive Team (2015)
MTFL - providing organized touch football in a safe, fun and competitive environment

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The AGM is set for Wed., Mar. 23, 2016 at 7 p.m. at Mississauga Valleys Recreation Centre. Team registration fees are required to be paid in full on or before this date. Teams are expected to send representation to this meeting.


Your MTFL Executive has been working diligently on a 2016 Budget which we feel meets our mandate and suits our membership well. The 2016 team registration fee is being set at $1800 which is an increase of $50 over the 2015 season team fee. Although we had previously stated that we anticipated no increase, we feel the increase is justified. (More clarification will be given through email and at AGM.)


One key area of focus is the acquisition of volunteers to assist with running the league. We are strongly encouraging individuals to offer their services. We are seeking volunteers who might contribute 10 or more hours on league administrative activities. This is a wonderful opportunity to add to one’s resume and to participate as part of a dynamic, fun and innovative team. If you feel you can offer some volunteer time and you have an interest in helping the league, we would love to hear from you. Please see the list below. Let us know your area of interest and/or skill set (area of expertise) so we can match you up with appropriate tasks. Please email: mtfl_mississauga@yahoo.ca.

Those interested in refereeing should contact George Zielinski at gzielinski@cogeco.ca. 


Again, if you can direct team-mates to this site, we will have a better chance of meeting our goal of acquiring valuable volunteers, and keeping our membership informed.

Volunteering – League Categories, Positions, Knowledge, Skills, Activities

- event planning

- AGM package

- Year-End Party and Award Ceremony

- website construction

- website maintenance

- SQL and Java scripting writing skills

- communication

- policy writing

- editing

- writing emails

- communication to team reps

- survey writing

- data management – collection, entry, analysis, reporting

- photography

- Social Media

- Facebook entries

- Twitter entries

- regular season scheduling

- playoff scheduling

- re-scheduling

- budgeting

- auditing

- quality control

- sales and marketing

- league discipline

- decision making

- banking

- accounting

- finance

- purchasing

- MOA liaiso


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Att'n all returning veteran and candidate new teams,

The MTFL's Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 23-Mar-2016 in "Program Meeting Room#1" of the Mississauga Valley's Community Center.

The meeting will start no later than 7:05pm and is likely to require less than 1.5 hours to complete.

Each team is invited to have up to 3 representatives (only) at this meeting. Water will be available at this meeting. 

The AGM Handout package will be made available about two weeks prior to that meeting date as well as reviewed during the meeting.

Next, persons interested in becoming an MTFL Executive member should contact the league immediately (and no later than midnight 07-Mar-2016). As of this time, the following persons have identified themselves as candidates (for affirmation by vote during the AGM) to the executive: Glenn Stevenson, Matthew Vincent, John Avarino, Jonathan Schoutsen, Dan Ward and myself, John Schiebel.

Finally, candidate new teams are reminded to contact the league well in advance of this meeting as to begin their registration package/process (as described on the FAQs pages).

Sincerely, your MTFL2015 Executive Team.

ref: Contract #716243.



On behalf of the entire Executive team, may you, as well as all of your family and friends, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

At this busy time of year we reflect upon our successes over the last 12 months. At the same time, we appreciate our on-going challenges. We use this time to renew and re-charge ourselves for another year of safe, competitive and fun touch football.

Planning for the 2016 season has already begun! For example, the league will be submitting its forecasted field-permit needs within the next two weeks.  So, in addition to ensuring you remain on Santa's 'who has been good' list:

a) if you represent a new team interested in joining our league, please send the league an email indicating so right away. Ideally, the league wishes to seek a firm commitment from all new candidate teams before 01-March-2016.

b) if you represent an existing team that is considering moving to another league or disbanding (due to creaky bones and/or tired muscles or some other reason), please let the league know right away.

c) if your team intends on returning to play but is interested in getting some profiles of new candidate players, please don't hesitate to contact the league right away. If you are seeking to address a specific need (rusher, centre, QB, etc.), please make this clear in your communication.

Next, the league's 2016 Annual General Meeting is likely to occur in late March-2016. This year, in addition hosting an in-person meeting, the league may also provide a dial-in capability.

At this time, the league is not forecasting any substantial team registration fee increase. Although the budget for the CY2016 season is still being drafted (right up to the conclusion of the AGM itself), it is likely that team fees will be held near the 2015 rate of $1750 per team (for the ten regular-season and one play-off game (minimal) entitlement).

Finally, if you are interested in becoming an executive team member or a referee, please contact the league as soon as possible.


Your Executive Team.

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For those interested,

The league executive meeting planned for 21-Oct-2015 has been deferred to 28-Oct-2015. Persons wishing to become an executive member are welcome.


John Schiebel

PS- the meeting scheduled for 07-Oct-2015 did occur as planned. One newer person interested in joining the executive team did participate in that meeting (with Glenn, Matthew, Jon and myself).


Captains, players or other interested persons:

MTFL Executive members are identified and elected at the AGM (held ` March each year). However, during the season or periods just prior or post to it, you can get a first-hand look at the operation and day to day mechanics of being an executive member by attending an executive meeting.

If you are considering becoming a MTFL Executive committee member, please contact an existing member via the league's email address immediately so that you can be invited to upcoming meetings.

As an example, the current MTFL executive team is meeting here in the Mississauga (central) area on the 7th and 21st of Oct-2015 (begining at `5:50pm for about two hours each night) to close off the 2015 season.

So please feel free to contact the league or anyone of the current executive team (of Glenn, Matthew, Jon, John and myself) and we will be delighted to meet you. For planning purposes, please make that contact at least one week in advance the published meeting dates.


John Schiebel

MTFL-2015 President and Registrar

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The MTFL Year-End Party and Award Ceremony were held on Sep 14th at International Sports Bar.

This year’s Finalists and Championship teams were honoured.

The top nominees for each team’s Sportsman and MVP Awards were announced. The names of the winners of each award were announced and those individuals were presented with a brand-new football (choice of CFL or NFL).

Congratulations to the following:

AA Piranhas Nevin Blair
A Cobras Joey Skinner
B Bears Ian Simpson
C Shockerz Sinh Nguyen
D Offerdahl Ornery Brian Merker
E Valley Rebels K Kolia
AA Piranhas Jay Hayes
A Warriors Damien Crone
B DWIW Ashton Nelson
C Renegades Kevin Logan
D Raiders Triston Hackett
E Onyx Rodney Charles

Six door prizes were presented to winners ($50 gift cards).

The celebration was capped off with a 50/50 Draw.

Many thanks to those who attended this event and provided a celebratory atmosphere.

This event concludes the 2015 MTFL season.

We are grateful to all those who helped to make this a fun, safe and competitive season.

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On Mon., Sep. 14th, it will be time to PARTY and CELEBRATE the 2015 MTFL Touch Football Season. It will provide one last chance to celebrate your team’s success and efforts, and plan for next year, and to celebrate MTFL’s successes.

All players, officials, and team supporters are invited to attend. We hope that each team will be represented by at least 2 players.

Please RSVP as soon as possible so that the league can plan accordingly. Please email the MTFL by Sep. 6th the approx. number of attendees expected to represent your team.

If you know your team will not be represented this year, please let us know so that the 4 seats reserved for your team can be assigned to other interested attendees.

Location: International Sports Bar    Time: 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.  

Address: 2480 Cawthra Road          Presentations: 8 p.m.

Details:  v  6 Door Prizes: $50 Gift Cards

v  Presentations for MVP Award Winners

v  Presentations for Best Sportsman Award Winners

v  Team Selfie Program Award Winners

v  Team Refunds      v  50/50 Draw ($5/ticket; 3 for $10)

v  Free Pizza, Wings, Quesadillas

v  One Free Pitcher per team - must RSVP by Sep 6th (min. 2 players req’d)

v  NFL game on TV (Eagles vs Falcons)

See you at the PARTY!


In the C Division Championship, the Renegades and the Greatest Show on Turf put forth an entertaining display for fans and observers. Both teams demonstrated their touch football talents on Aug. 24th at the Valleys. Renegades edged out the Greatest Show on Turf by a score of 20-13. 

On Aug. 25th, in the D Division Championship the Raiders squared off against Offerdahl Onery in an equally exciting and entertaining game. By whistle's end, the score was 21-13 with the Raiders celebrating their victory. 

On Mon., Aug. 31, Onyx proved victorious over Showtime with a final score of 26–9 in the E Division.

Later that evening, in the AA Division, Piranhas outscored Killer Instinct 36-23.

On Tue., Sep. 1, Axemen prevailed over Mustangs with a 35-13 convincing win in the B Division.

In the A Division, Cobras concluded the championship games by handling the talented Canes in a 33-6 decisive win.

Regardless of the division of play, fans were rewarded with interesting and exciting games and strategies.

The final outing of the year will be the Year-End Award Ceremony and Celebration to be held on Mon., Sep. 14th at the International Sports Bar. Team representatives are asked to provide the league with their number of anticipated attendees so that proper preparations can be ensured. Players and game officials are encouraged to attend, but with limited capacity, it is crucial that teams RSVP with numbers of representatives expecting to attend.


In the C Division Championship, the Renegades and the Greatest Show on Turf put forth an entertaining display for fans and observers. Both teams demonstrated their touch football talents on Aug. 24th at the Valleys. Renegades edged out the Greatest Show on Turf by a score of 20-13. 

On the following day, the D Division Championship took place at the Valleys field. The Raiders squared off against Offerdahl Onery in an equally exciting and entertaining game. By whistle's end, the score was 21-13 with the Raiders celebrating their victory. 

Regardless of the division of play, fans are being rewarded with interesting and exciting games and strategies.

On Mon., Aug. 31:

i) Showtime battles it out against Onyx in the E Division Championship starting at 7 p.m.

ii) At 8:45 p.m., Killer Instinct will seek to upset the hungry Piranhas in the AA Division Championship.

On Tue., Sep. 1:

i) With a 7 p.m. kickoff, Axemen are planning to chop down the Mustangs who hope to run wild over the Axemen in the B Divison Championship.

ii) At 8:45 p.m., Cobras host the Canes in the A Division Championship. Both teams are evenly matched having beaten each other during the regular season.

If you are looking for live, entertaining action, why not attend any or all of these games.


On Mon., Sep. 14th, it will be time to PARTY and CELEBRATE the 2015 MTFL Touch Football Season. It will provide one last chance to celebrate your team’s success and efforts, and plan for next year, and to celebrate MTFL’s successes.

All players, officials, and team supporters are invited to attend. We hope that each team will be represented by at least 2 players.

For budgetary reasons, the event will be limited to approx. 150 attendees.

Please RSVP as soon as possible so that the league can plan accordingly. Please email the MTFL by Sep. 6th the approx. number of attendees expected to represent your team.

If you know your team will not be represented this year, please let us know so that the 4 seats reserved for your team can be assigned to other interested attendees.

Location: International Sports Bar

Address: 2480 Cawthra Road

Directions: Located between Dundas Street and Queensway on west side of Cawthra – across the street from Tim Hortons and slightly north – traveling north on Cawthra, turn left on Needham Lane; traveling south on Cawthra, turn right on Needham Lane

Date: Mon., Sep. 14, 2015

Time: 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Presentations: 8 p.m.


v  6 Door Prizes: $50 Gift Cards

v  Presentations for MVP Award Winners

v  Presentations for Best Sportsman Award Winners

v  Team Selfie Program Award Winners

v  Team Refunds

v  50/50 Draw ($5/ticket; 3 for $10)

v  Free Pizza, Wings, Quesadillas, Cake

v  One Free Pitcher per team (min. 2 players req’d)

v  NFL game on TV (Eagles vs Falcons)

See you at the PARTY!







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The field at Glenforest is under construction/repair. Therefore, games scheduled for Glenforest have been moved to PORT CREDIT. Please be sure that your team-mates are aware of this change as many players may have put them into their calendars and will need to make the necessary adjustment. Games moved are:

Mon., Aug. 24th - Canes vs Hounds (A Division)

Wed., Aug. 26th - 3rd Ranked vs Killer Instinct (AA Division) 

MTFL Scheduler


The E Division Semi-Final between Militia and Showtime has been moved to Gordon Graydon. There was an irrigation tractor on the field Tue. night which affected a scheduled game. To ensure this does not happen again, we are moving the game to GORDON GRAYDON. Start time remains the same: 6:45 p.m.

Sorry for the inconvenience.









The weather forecast for Tue., Aug. 18th is not favourable. If the games are played as scheduled on Tuesday, then there is no issue.  However, there is the possibility that heavy rain during the day may cause the Valleys to be closed. Or, lightning may cause games to be cancelled.

Therefore, in anticipation of the possible cancellation of games on Tuesday, we would like to set the ‘RESCHEDULING DATE’ for the D Division Semi-Final games for Thu., Aug. 20th at our high school fields. Game time would be 6:30 p.m.

NOTE: This is ONLY if the games are cancelled on Tuesday.

In the event that games go ahead as scheduled on Tuesday but are cancelled on Wednesday:

i)                    AA Division Semi-Final will be rescheduled for Thu., Aug. 20th

ii)                  E Division Semi-Final will be rescheduled for the next week.

Please IMMEDIATELY notify your team-mates of these ‘possible’ outcomes (cancellations and rescheduling of games) and notify the league IMMEDIATELY if you have concerns regarding fielding a team on Thursday. (You can email the league.)

Keeping in touch,


Glenn Stevenson

Mon., Aug. 10 7:00 PM Valleys E Ghosts Knibb High
Mon., Aug. 10 8:30 PM Valleys C ThunderCats Renegades
Mon., Aug. 10 6:45 PM Applewood A Bulldogs Canes
Mon., Aug. 10 6:45 PM Cawthra C DFAbove TPBoyz
Tue., Aug. 11 7:00 PM Valleys D O. Ornery Stingers
Tue., Aug. 11 8:30 PM Valleys B Saints Gridiron
Tue., Aug. 11 6:45 PM Applewood E Valley Rebels Militia
Wed., Aug. 12 6:45 PM Applewood D King  Gators
Wed., Aug. 12 6:45 PM Cawthra C Shockerz Wolverines
Wed., Aug. 12 6:45 PM Glenforest A Warriors Angels
Thu., Aug. 13 6:45 PM Applewood B DWIW Bears
Mon., Aug. 17 7:00 PM Valleys C (TBD) (TBD)
Mon., Aug. 17 8:30 PM Valleys C (TBD) GSOT
Mon., Aug. 17 6:45 PM Cawthra E (TBD) Onyx
Tue., Aug. 18 7:00 PM Valleys D (TBD) Raiders
Tue., Aug. 18 8:30 PM Valleys D (TBD) Wolves
Tue., Aug. 18 6:45 PM Glenforest AA Reapers YoungBucs
Wed., Aug. 19 6:45 PM Cawthra AA Hustlin Owls Hawks
Wed., Aug. 19 6:45 PM Glenforest E (TBD) Showtime
Mon., Aug. 24 7:00 PM Valleys AA (TBD) Piranhas
Mon., Aug. 24 8:30 PM Valleys C C Division Final
Mon., Aug. 24 6:30 PM Cawthra B (TBD) Axemen
Mon., Aug. 24 6:30 PM Glenforest A (TBD) Hounds
Tue., Aug. 25 7:00 PM Valleys AA (TBD) Mustangs
Tue., Aug. 25 8:30 PM Valleys C D Division Final
Tue., Aug. 25 6:30 PM Cawthra A (TBD) Cobras
Wed., Aug. 26 6:30 PM Glenforest AA (TBD) Killer Instinct
Mon., Aug. 31 7:00 PM Valleys E E Division Final
Mon., Aug. 31 8:45 PM Valleys AA AA Division Final
Tue., Sep. 1 7:00 PM Valleys B B Division Final
Tue., Sep. 1 8:45 PM Valleys A A Division Final

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The playoffs begin this coming week.

The standings as posted on the MTFL website are accurate and thus, the teams are listed in order of their ranking. Where teams have the same number of points, the tie-breaker system has been implemented and therefore, the team listed higher in the standings is indeed given higher ranking than the team listed lower in the standings.

For Playoffs, the Quarter-Finals start this coming week. E-6 vs E-3 has the 6th placed team playing the 3rd placed team based on the E Division league standings.

The top two teams in each of the 6-team divisions have a bye in the first round. In the 7-team division (C Division), only the 1st place team has a bye the first week of playoffs.

For Semi-Finals, in a 6-team division, the 1st and 2nd place teams play the winners of the quarter-finals. The 1st place team plays the team ranked lower in the final standings; the 2nd place team plays the team ranked higher in the final standings. In a 7-team division, the 1st place team plays the lowest ranked team of the winners of the quarter-finals. The remaining two teams play against one another in the other semi-final game.

Only players who have ‘played’ two games in the regular season are permitted to play in the playoffs. ‘Played’ means having been recorded as present on a game sheet for that game.

Teams that play ineligible players are subject to league discipline including game default, fines and suspensions.

Although the stakes are higher in playoff action, captains and players are encouraged to display good sportsmanship and self-control.

We wish all teams a competitive, fun and safe playoffs.



i)              Playoffs begin Mon., Aug. 10th.

ii)             All divisions have their Quarter-Finals during this first week except for AA Division whose games start the week of Aug. 17th.

iii)            With weather and other factors permitting, we anticipate playoffs to finish prior to Labour Day.

iv)            Remind your players (and yourself) that player conduct at playoff games (before, during and after) is susceptible to discipline. Please show good sportsmanship and self-control so that play in 2016 and/or other leagues is not jeopardized.

Playoff Eligibility

i)              Teams are reminded that players must have been recorded as present at any TWO regular-season games for their team in order to qualify for playoff action.

ii)             Players who play in a game but are not present prior to half-time, are not considered present in terms of attendance.

iii)            Players who attend games (prior to first half) even though injured are considered present for those games.

iv)            Qualification is based on game-sheet attendance.

v)             In situations where there is a dispute regarding eligibility, it is the responsibility of team captains to prove eligibility; it is not the responsibility of the league to prove ineligibility.

vi)            If Captains are unsure whether or not a player qualifies, they are best not to play that player until he has been given clearance by the league.

vii)           Playing ineligible players can have drastic consequences including game default, team fine, player suspensions.

League Finances

i)               The league is on track for refunding each team $75 in addition to the $200 that each team received previously. This additional refund is driven by two key factors:

a.     Budget was based on Valley-like fields with lights being rented – did not happen.

b.    There were additional savings – some due to an 8-game (shortened) regular season

Remember: We try to budget based on ‘worst-case scenarios’.

ii)             “Team Selfie” program rewards for each team, as well as the grand prize payouts likely to be announced by no later than 30-Aug-2015.

Pan Am Games and Parapan Games

i)              The Executive expects to share the results of its survey regarding the Pan Am Games Mitigation Strategy.

ii)             Players and families are encouraged to support the Parapan Games.


i)              The League is in the process of planning the MTFL 2015 Year-End Celebration.

ii)             All players, coaches, managers, game officials are invited to attend. (Spouses who supported players through game attendance or other ways are also invited.)

iii)            Party to be held on a weekday in Sep (or early Oct)

iv)            Details will be available and communicated shortly

Planned Events During Celebration

i)              Team refund ($75)

ii)             Team Selfie Rewards (for each team who participated)

iii)            Selfie Reward – Grand Prize

iv)            MVP and Sportsman Awards

v)             Free Snacks

vi)            Door Prizes – Cash/Gift Cards

vii)           Divisional Champions Recognized

viii)          Game Officials Recognized

MTFL Executive





Pan Am Games are nearing their close. Para Pan Events are still to come.

MTFL playoffs are on the horizon – starting the week of Aug 10th.

Please note that for playoffs, Valleys games will start at 7 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. High School games will start at 6:45 p.m.

During the last week of August when daylight hours continue to shrink, High School games will start at 6:30 p.m.

The reason for the earlier start times is to allow for the possibility of overtime play.

During overtime play, each team is given 3 convert opportunities with teams alternating convert attempts. After 3 rounds of converts, if the game is still tied, teams will continue their rounds of converts until there is an ultimate winner.

There are no coin tosses during playoff games. The Home Team (higher ranking in the standings) gets an automatic coin toss win and thus, is given the first choice in options to start the game as well as for overtime play should it be necessary.

We trust that players will remain SPORTSMANLIKE and follow the Players Code of Conduct through to the end of regular-season play and maintain their sportsmanlike behaviour and attitude during the playoffs regardless of the results.

The Executive anticipates exciting and crowd-pleasing touch football to be played while the Discipline Committee is looking forward to an ‘uneventful’ round of playoffs.

Best of luck to all teams.



~50% of the teams in our league have played seven or more of their eight total regular season game allocation already.

With tonight's opening cermonies for the PAN AM games, all are reminded that the league's execution of schedule goes fairly quiet for the next couple of weeks.

Please enjoy this brief pre-planned period of down-time and the PAN AM games as you see (and stay) "fit" for your team's final regular season game(s) or possibly your first play-off game later in August.

To date, the PAN AM mitigation strategy approved at the AGM has been deployed with minimal disruption (by mother nature or any other in-season re-scheduling request). Hopefully, this pre-planned period of down-time continues to prevent the circumstance of a possible game default (and avoids any frustration with traffic delays counter to your remaining MTFL 2015 commitments).

Speaking of play-offs, just a reminder all teams qualify (although some in each division will have a "bye" over the quarter finals planned for thier division). Otherwise, your executive is now in process of coordinating purchases of play-off prizing and logistics/candidate dates for the year-end party.

Please continue to send in a "team selfie" for any of your remaining 2015 regular season games. Credits earned will be paid-out this year. Further to that point, the league is endeavoring to create another "PAN AM" refund for each team this year; recall every team has already received a $200 refund for only having eight (not ten) regular season games, so if all of the in-season spending goes well the league wishes to provide another (but smaller valued) refund to each team (in addition to any "selfie" photo credits they have earned).


Your Executive team

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The playoff schedule is now posted. In the event that you notice any irregularities, please let us know.

Interpreting the schedule: AA-6 Qtr vs AA-3 Qtr means the 6th placed team plays the 3rd placed team in the AA Division Quarter-Final - ranking is based on the final regular-season standings.

A-3 Semi vs A-2 Semi means the 3rd place team plays the 2nd place team in the AA Division Semi-Final - the 4 Semi-Final teams are re-ranked from highest to lowest based on the regular-season standings.

Please note the earlier times for playoff games at high school fields. With earlier sunset times, and the need to allow for the possibility of overtime play, games must best started earlier.

Note also the change in starting times for Valleys games - 7:15 p.m. and 8:45 p.m. Again, these earlier times allow for the possibility of overtime play.

In Playoff Games, there is NO COIN TOSS. The higher ranked team is automatically awarded the coin toss win and thus has first choice in terms of the options.

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The PAN AM HOV Lane restrictions have begun and although the majority of the league's master schedule is going into "quiet" time for the next few weeks, the league has arranged for a professional photographer to come out to various game sites to take the official "team photo".

If your enjoying the PAN AM games .., you may also wish to check out either of these two websites:

for maps of best routes, travel tips and how to use HOV lanes.

Otherwise, please have a terrific start to the summer-time and continue to have competitive, safe and fun games in all of your touch football endeavors.

Finally, if the league photographer is at your game site, please co-operate by having your team take its official team photo as quickly as possible before the kick-off of your actual game.


Your Executive team.

Last edited 2015-Jul-01 at 7:16 AM


We have decided to change HIGH SCHOOL game time starts to 7:15 p.m. for all high school games that are scheduled in the period of Mon., June 29th to Thu., July 9th.

During this period of time, there is an issue with traffic congestion due to the Pan Am Games and the addition of HOV lanes and the change in HOV requirement from 2 to 3 individuals in each vehicle. We expect that this will cause transportation times to games to increase significantly.

As a result, we have decided to start games at 7:15 p.m. However, given that we anticipate significant delays; we have communicated this concern to all teams; and we have changed games starts to a later time; we would be extremely disappointed if teams were to default games with the excuse being the traffic due to the Pan Am Games. Teams that default will be required to pay the $275 default fee.

Please emphasize with your team-mates that players are expected to leave their homes or workplace with enough time to allow them to arrive at games on time which may mean leaving even earlier than they normally would for 7 p.m. game starts. Players should NOT delay their departure time 15 minutes!

Please also keep in mind that officials have the same issues in terms of arriving at game sites on time.

In the event that teams and officials are ready to start the game before the 7:15 p.m. start time, they may all agree to start the game prior to this time especially with overcast conditions. However, no team should feel pressured to start sooner than the 7:15 p.m. start time if they are waiting for their team-mates to arrive. Starting earlier than 7:15 p.m. is optional.

Please ensure that your team-mates are aware of this change in start time.

MTFL Executive



The HOV lane restrictions begin on Monday 29th of June (and run to Tuesday 18th of August) from 5:00am to midnight daily.

i.e. we are six days away from the pre PAN AM game activities anticipated to impact traffic flow/patterns within the GTA.  As such, and very shortly, the MTFL regular season schedule will enter its "quite time" when the PAN AM games themselves begin.

At this point in our 2015 regular season, well over half of the league has played five (or more) of their eight game regular season entitlement.  A play-off schedule will be published very shortly but please realize as stated during all pre-AGM and AGM correspondence that the next few weeks of the regular season is where your team is likely to have some "off weeks".


John Schiebel

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Most teams have now played nearly 50% of their allocated eight regular season games. There has been a couple of logistical incidents styming further progress on that but for the most part, the season is going well.

Some further remarks to that success:

a) the executive team is growing and is very delighted to announce that Jon Schoutsen (GATORS) has offered to help operate this league to everyone's benefit.  Let's look forward to Jon's contributions as a divisional rep and a person helping out on the publication of the "team selfies" to FACEBOOK.

b) it is about 2.5 weeks until the PAN AM HOV lane restrictions begin. So the league's regular season schedule will be going into some "quieter time" during that period as to help all of you avoid delays and potential frustrations for arrivals or game forfeitures.

c) speaking of frustrations, so far two games have had ejection incidents.  Your executive is very appreciative of everyone who continues to work hard to keep to this league's objectives of safe, competitive and fun games. Keep up the good work and let's target ZERO ejection incidents for the 2nd half of the regular season!

d) majority of teams have been given their $200 refund cheque and have cashed it through their bank accounts. Your executive team is still committed to attempting to gain a further (but smaller) refund per team based on budget controls or other in season cost reduction decisioning. Stay tuned for more details on this in the coming weeks.

e) speaking of money matters, unfortunately this year's host role for the recent Brampton-2015 Trillium tour weekend did not generate a surplus.  A total of $500 for the rental of league assets (goal post pads, TC-7 cones and other infrastructure for the beer canteen) has been deposited to the league's general coffers.  However, unlike previous years, this year's inclement weather stymied the amount of further proceeds that typically get generated from beer and food sales. In specific, the tournament encountered poor, rainy and cold weather on both days -- beer sales were off by 60% and food sales were similarly off by about 50%.  Long and short of it, there will not be any splitting of proceeds with any of the actual MTFL teams who had attended this event this year.

f) GAME SHEETS ... it is imperative you fill them in correctly/completely.  This league has recognition programs for the most sportsman and the three stars. So, "check" a single player as the sportsmen AND then number (as 1, 2 and 3) the top technical contributors to the game.

g) WAIVER UP ... your executive team will be contacting the implicated teams shortly. All players must have a waiver in order to be considered as member of this league AND play-off eligible.


Your Executive team

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The three set of games scheduled to occur at the VALLEYS for the evening of Tuesday 09-Jun were completed. Great!!!!

Also, it appears that City of Mississauga has no further issue with PORT CREDIT.i.e. as of 8:20am 10-Jun, all games "on" for tonight as planned.


Your Executive Team



Earlier this afternoon, City of Mississuaga listed VALLEY's PAUL GILBERT field as "closed". As such, the implicated teams were informed that their game for Monday 08-Jun at this location was cancelled and that Glenn Stevenson and I will be formulating a make-up plan for them in next 48 hours (to review/approve).

Next, all games planned at the high school based locations are still "ON" for this evening. Those teams are to proceed to game site (tonight) as scheduled.

Next, the City of Mississauga may have detected some temporary issues with PORT CREDIT SS; further announcements may be made on this location tomorrow or day after.


John Schiebel

MTFL President

Last edited 2015-Jun-10 at 5:20 AM



The HOV lane restrictions for PAN AM game events will begin in approximately four weeks. As of today, the MTFL2015 season is progressing reasonably well but here are some updates on "glitches" you/we might be able to eliminate going forward:

a) "grass not cut" Unfortunately, some field maintenance was not done.  City of Mississauga Parks and Rec team have apologized and are hopeful rest of our season will go well.  If you feel the grass needs cutting, please don't hesitate to send a quick email to the league.

b) "lines not painted" Fields are to be re-lined every two weeks. Rain and regular use can affect these lines and their visibility. In some cases this did not occur and the City has apologized and correct the situation. Should you notice that lines need to be re-applied, please notify the league.

c) “final game scores” A small number of delays and discrepancies were reported to the executive in terms of final scores. A best practice is to ensure that both game sheets have the correct final games score recorded on them. This should be done while filling in the Most Sportsmanlike and 3 Stars.

d) "team selfie" A new team rewards program has been deployed this year and the executive is trying to ensure that all teams/league members are aware of it.  You can help your team earn some money as well as a chance at a year-end draw for even more cash if you commit yourselves to this program.  Effectively, and ideally, at half-time of your game, take a team roster "selfie" - a picture of everyone on your roster that is at the game site that night.  This picture is NOT (necessarily) going to be your official team photo -- as the league will provide professional photographer for that). However, if you take such a picture and email it to the league's email address (with title line of your team name and "selfie" and game location) within 72 hours of the actual game date, your team earns $5. Then if your team takes a "selfie" each game of the regular season, your team will earn a chance to win a further cash prize (e.g. $200 to $300) at the end of the season.  This "selfie" program is meant to be non-confrontational ... you are NOT to take picture of your opponent. The program is meant to help "good" teams enjoy yet even more "good things" in this league. It is also seen as simple vehicle to serve as a possible aid in any roster attendance verification prior to play-off eligibility. Monies earned (and drawn) will be paid out by this season's year-end party (or, if you prefer, can be left as "credit on account" towards next year's team registration fees).


Your Executive Team

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The schedule has been posted. 

37 Teams

6 Divisions

8 Games/Team

148 Regular-Season Games Scheduled

Any changes to the schedule after today may require the requesting team to pay a fee.

Please notify the League if your Roster has not been updated. Please arrive at your game with your updated roster from the MTFL Website.


Teams may submit to the league a team photo taken at half-time as proof of their own players’ attendance at a game.

Where a player’s attendance is in question, the photo may be used for verification purposes.

For a game in which a player’s attendance is in question due to the game sheet indicating the player was not present, the player might not be given credit for attending the game unless a team photo taken and submitted by the team suggests the player was at the game.

Note: Photos taken at the end of the game do not necessarily prove that a player was there in the first half – a requirement for attendance purposes.

Teams who forward, within 72 hours of the start of the game, clear team photo taken at half-time of their games, will be rewarded with a $5 per game credit -- the total of each which will be awarded at the conclusion of the season.

Each team is to submit a photo of its own roster only. The team is NOT to take a photo of its opponents.

A (smaller file sized) PDF or JPEG should be emailed to the the league's email address within the 72 hour limit. The title line of that email should read something like "Team XYZ Selfie". The title line could also include an indication of the location that game was played at: "Team Ghosts Selfie -- Applewood".

Having the camera's time and date stamp option enabled in the photo is also preferred but not required (as only photos received by the league within the 72 hours of the start of the game implicated will qualify for the team financial reward).

Finally, for each team that does submit one "roster selfie" for each of its regular season games within the required time will qualify for a cash prize draw to be awarded at the conclusion of this season. This cash prize is anticipated to be between $200 and $300.


Last edited 2015-May-07 at 6:06 PM


The MTFL is releasing its schedule for the 2015 Regular Season so that Team Reps and players can review their team’s schedule. Please notify the league of any irregularities or major concerns.

The schedule has been built with the teams’ preferences as reported by Team Reps. 

Teams have been scheduled 8 regular season games with:

i)                    Minimum 2 games at the Valleys

ii)                  No games on consecutive days

iii)                The first week being May 11th (Brampton)

iv)                Maximum one weekend game

Field location was given the least priority.

In the vast majority of cases, the first or second choice of ‘Preferred Day of the Week’ was granted. However, the degree to which preferences could be accommodated was affected by:

i)                    the number of fields available for the day of choice

ii)                  availability of referee crews

iii)                preferences by teams made in other divisions

iv)                preferences by opponents

v)                  holidays

vi)                requests by TFOnt tournament teams to avoid days immediately preceding or following tournament weekends.

Complicating and limiting factors included:

i)                    No access to Valleys until the 2nd week of June.

ii)                  Valleys only available Mon. and Tue.

iii)                During the two weeks prior to the Pan Am Games when HOV lanes will be employed/modified, the 6:30 p.m. Valleys time was not scheduled. 

iv)                During the Pan Am Games, only the two later time slots at the Valleys were scheduled, and no games were scheduled at high schools

v)                  July 1st holiday on Wed – no games

vi)                Two holiday Mondays: Mon., May 18th & Mon., Aug. 3rd - no games

vii)              Only one Thursday slot available at time of scheduling

viii)            Staggered start within a division due to selective scheduling during first week

ix)                6 teams playing 8 games means not everyone plays everyone else twice

Due to all the above, we have the following results:

i)                    Some teams have 3 games in a week or less.

ii)                  Some teams have lengthy periods between games.

iii)                Some teams play the same opponent twice, back to back.

iv)                Some teams play the same opponent twice before playing a different opponent.

v)                  Teams play some opponents twice and others once.

Early and quick response regarding serious problems is requested as schedule changes are time consuming, and opponents and referees need to be notified.

If you are interested in REFEREEING this year, please contact George Zielinski or Peter Cover.

For those individuals playing in the first week in Brampton, please ensure that you and your team-mates know the location of the field, know the quickest route to the field, and allot enough time for travel to ensure arrival prior to the start of the game.

Don’t forget your GOAL POST PADS, your GAME SHEET (from the website), and completed PLAYER REGISTRATION & WAIVER FORMS for all players new to your team!  (This means any player who did not play on your team last year must fill out a form and hand it in to the referee crew prior to playing.)

We wish all teams a wonderful season full of healthy, friendly competition. 


The MTFL Executive was thrilled with the response it got to its request for teams’ input in terms of MTFL regular-season game-scheduling model to be employed this season. 35 of 37 teams responded. THANK YOU for surveying your team and sharing your results with us!

Review of Choices:

Choice #1: 8 games (Pan Am Mitigation Plan employed)

Choice #2: one game/opponent

Choice #3: 10 games (Pan Am Mitigation Plan not employed)

Of those teams that responded, almost 70% were in favour of the 8 Game Model.

Consequently, MTFL will be employing the 8 Game Model this season.

This model will adopt the following:

1.      >Week #1 will start in Brampton May 11th for those teams who were willing and flexible enough to offer this option to the league.

2.      >Three weekends will be used to provide teams ONE GAME ONLY for those who were willing and flexible enough to offer this option to the league.

3.      >Only the two later times at the Valleys (8 pm & 9:30 pm) will be used during the Pan Am Games –no high school fields will be scheduled (except perhaps for rescheduled games).

4.      >During the two weeks prior to the Pan Am Games when HOV lanes will be employed/modified, the 6:30 p.m. Valleys time will not be used. 

Teams’ Preferences and input and other key factors have been used to build the schedule. These have included:

1.      >Teams’ Avoidance Dates

2.      >Teams’ Preference for Days of the Week

3.      >Valleys – matching teams and preferences

4.      >Even distribution of teams at Valleys

5.      >Tournament teams avoiding Mondays following tournament weekends, and Thursdays preceding tournament weekends, providing their preferences allowed this.

6.      >Some consideration where possible was given to field choice but also ensuring that requested fields did not get over used/assigned. 

Complicating issues this year included:

>1.   >4 more teams than last year

2.      >One extra division

3.      >There was a shortage of teams with Mondays and Wednesdays preferred/availability – many wanted Tuesdays

4.      >We only had access to one Thursday high school field – we hope to acquire another one or two Thursday fields

5.      >Access to Valleys was not until the 2nd week in June

6.      >For the period when Pan Am Games affects the HOV lanes (4 weeks), it was decided not to hold any 6:30 pm games at the Valleys

7.      >No high school games were scheduled during the Pan Am Games

8.      >No more than 4 game sites per weekday due to number of referee crews

Results: Because some teams are playing in Brampton the first week; some teams are playing on weekends to free up some space during the week; the concept of “all teams in a division playing their third set of games this week” went out the window right off the bat. Therefore, ensuring that all opponents are played once before playing them again, was not possible. Therefore, teams may play the same opponent twice before they play another opponent. In some cases, they may even play the same team twice in a row.

2.      Some teams will be scheduled to play twice in a week - no team has been schedule two nights in a row.

3.      All teams will be scheduled two games at the Valleys.

4.      For most games, teams will receive their first or second choice in terms of Day of the Week.

5.      It is believed that no games will be scheduled on dates that teams said they could not play on.

6.      It is believed that no games will be scheduled on days of the week teams said they were not available to play.

The schedule is still being analyzed before being released. The first two weeks of the schedule has been shared with Team Reps.

NOTE: Rescheduling of games due to field shutdowns or due to inclement weather, will be difficult and will require teams to play more than once in a week.

2.      For rescheduled games, teams may need to demonstrate greater flexibility in terms of availability.

3.      Depending on the number of rescheduled games required, some games may not be rescheduled.

4.      Aside from catastrophic events or extreme unforeseen circumstances, the likelihood of requests for changes in the schedule is highly unlikely.


Team Captains as well as members in general,

Thank-you for your patience and for re-affirming the MTFL has had a correct understanding of your intended team scheduling preferences (for game days, times and locations).

Next, after studing the data and reviewing the PAN AM games mitigation plan (from prior to the AGM meeting), Glenn and I are attempting one final vote from each team's captain in regards to the 2015 schedule.

Firstly, and regardless of choice made, the MTFL will be in action for the Week of 11-May (at the Brampton high school locations indicated in previous emails and NEWS bits). The teams playing that week will be notified by end of this week.

Next, the executive remains of the firm opinion that a PAN AM event mitigation plan is needed. Furthermore, please realize that the executive also wishes to conduct this season as best as possible such that:

- each team and each division is treated as similarly as possible.

- a "regular" season of a reasonable and fair number of games exists as a precursor to the elimination games that occur during the play-offs.

- Friday and week play is minimuized and is based on a team's availability and preferences.

- 3 officials per crew are scheduled for as many games as possible (as usual) to maintain officiating quality this league has benefited from in all previous seasons.

Next, in the next 72 hours, each team will submit one vote for one of three possible scheduling methods to be used for the upcoming season.  A description of those methods, there motivations/benefits as well as implications/problems has been emailed to all captains (and is available upon request to any league member (from their captain or the league itself).

The three scheduling methods are:

OPTION#1:EIGHT-GAME regular season. 


OPTION#3: TEN-GAME regular season.

Your executive team feels that a schedule made for OPTION#1 or OPTION#2 would be best for the league this year. Specifically, the executive remains convinced that OPTION#3 will put teams into a position of creating game defaults (... due to anticipated PAN AM traffice delays ...) which will irrate those players attending games only to find out that the game is defaulted (as one or both teams have insufficient players at the site by the designated kick-off time etc.), and will cause defaulting teams to pay significant funds (... $275 per game ...) to the league for "no shows".


John Schiebel




The divisional assignments for the upcoming 2015 season are:

DoubleA (six teams): Hawks, Hustlin Owls, Killer Instincts, Piranhas, Reapers, YoungBucs.

SingleA (six teams): Angels, Bulldogs, Canes, Cobras, Hounds, Warriors.

B (six teams): Axemen, Bears, new team DWIW, GridIron, Mustangs, Saints.

C (seven teams): Death From Above, GSOT, Renegades, Shockerz, ThunderCats, Trailer Park Boyz, Wolverines.

D (six teams): Gators, Kings, Offerdahl Ornary, Raiders, Stingers, Wolves.

E (six teams): Ghosts, Knibb High Football (formerly SWAT), new team Militia, new team Onyx, Showtime, new team Valley Rebels.

That's right, the league has grown to 37 (from last year's total of 33) teams.  Your executive can't emphasize enough the need to gain additional referees in order to meet and sustain this type of growth.

Thanks, John Schiebel


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As you may find it helpful, here are the Brampton high school locations the league has, as of 14-Apr-2015, secured for actual use during the Week of May 11th:

North Park SS : May 14 ... 10 North Park Drive (Williams Parkway and 410).
Chinguacousy SS #1 : May 11, 12 & 13 ... 1370 William Parkway (Williams Parkway and Bramalea Road).
Fletcher’s Meadow SS : May 11, 12, 13 & 14 ... 10750 Chinguacousy (Chinguacousy and Sandalwood).
Harold Brathwaite SS : May 11, 12 & 13 ... 415 Great Lakes Drive (Sandalwood and #410).


Louise Arbour SS : May 11, 12, 13 & 14 .... 365 Father Tobin Road (Bramalea and Countryside Road).
Also, as contingency, the league has secured Turner Fenton HS (Kennedy and Steeles) for most "Friday" nights of May, Jun and July and August. That is, once regular season starts, if there is some unplanned game cancellation or re-scheduling need, then teams will be offered "Friday" night as well as any existing "spare" field dates on other days of the week for game make-up purposes.

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Team Captains,

34 teams have already registered with the MTFL for 2015 play. There is a small number of other teams still considering registration with this league for this season.

As per past practice, team registration is allowed up to the 2nd week past the date of AGM. That is, the executive will close-off the 2015 season registration to interested teams at 9:30pm (EST) Thursday, 09-Apr-2015.  This will allow for timely finalization of divisional allocations and for a preliminary (draft) regular season schedule to be constructed and reviewed (internally by executive etc.).

The league expects to be operating in a six division format this year with the majority of those divisions having at least six teams in each of them.  The final divisonal allocation will be announced no later than the evening of Saturday 11-Apr-2015.

Glenn and I are still pressing to have the regular season schedule finalized by 01-May-2015 (with no game starting earlier than 11-May-2015).  Drafts of that schedule will be available as earlier as next week.

Finally, the play-off schedule will be finalized by mid-June-2015.


John Schiebel


Att's all captains/team reps:

Firstly, thank-you for your patience and understanding.
I can only assume you might be asking why the flurry of emails and the need to re-visit team schedule preference data (that you have already provided).
1. Glenn/I wish to ensure we have your data (and understood it correctly).
2. In my opinion, certain schedule implementation suggestions or possibilities become more relevant only after the AGM had concluded and only after teams had made payment to the league for the upcoming season. Specifically, many have expressed interest in starting the season earlier than normal (for as many divisions as possible). Furthermore, some had indicated playing a shorten (calendar time based) season might not be a bad idea (for any year) ... and yet, many felt "Friday night" football as a contingency for an in-season game cancellation or otherwise re-scheduling need might be helpful to everyone.
As such, post the AGM, your executive team ... who still is leaning heavily towards a eight regular season game for 2015 ... has done some more due diligence towards use of fields other than those in Mississauga. For example, City of Brampton appears to have capacity for games in the two weeks immediately prior to any capacity of fields being available from the City of Mississauga. Hence, Glenn/I need to know which if any of the league's teams (and referees) will use Brampton (for those periods of time on the Mondays thru Thursday nights).
Next, during the AGM (and prior to it), I still did NOT gain enough evidence from actual members that the use of Saturday and Sunday games would bode well in this particular PAN AM year.  As such, the use of games on Monday thru Thursday at Brampton is seen as a way to reduce what, if any, need for weekend play (this particular PAN AM games year ... and in particular to the eight game regular season proposed, with even less likelhood of any Saturday or Sunday games is the ideal that most teams/members may be assuming will occur).
Glenn/I are beavering away at the data to "see" the possibilities; we appreciate your support. Next, Glenn/I are still targeting 01-May-2015 for releasing the regular season (finalized) schedule. No games would start any earlier than eleventh of May-2015.
Finally, have a great and safe Easter Weekend
John Schiebel

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The AGM meeting was held last night and as promised the meeting was broken into two major components:

- MAIN (all invited); lasted ~1 hour and 15 minutes.

- SUPPLEMENTAL (new team candidate reps and any other invited guest interested); lasted ~30 minutes.

Next, in-person representation was obtained from 21 veteran teams and four new teams (of the 38 teams expressing interest in the league this year).

In addition to proxied votes submitted in advance of this meeting, the results were:

a) VOTE#1 ... executive members recommended in the AGM package were affirmed.

b) VOTE#2 ... consensus that OPTION#2 of PAN AM MITIGATION STRATEGY is the most likely outcome for the construction of the anticipated regular season schedule (which will be finalized and released by 02-May-2015).

c) VOTE #3 (selected divisions) ... consensus obtained that, if plausible and within budgeted cost, some MTFL regular season games (of leagues non Trillium team based divisions) could be scheduled to occur at a (local) Trillium tournament event (and most likely would be scheduled to occur on the Sunday of that event). Please note, the executive has other conditions to arrange for with TFOnt in order to ensure such a "see you at Brampton" event occurs successfully.

d) informal polling of six other topics made; all non-binding. Separate report to follow.

e) One action item assigned (and to be resolved within next two weeks).. consideration of relaxation of play-off entitlement rule "part A" in lieu of eight game regular season. That is, should 2015 regular season actually be planned as only eight games, then play-off entitlement rule "part A" should be relaxed from "three" to "two" games played on team to qualify for a play-off game. However, "part B" will not be modified (i.e. a player must, still have one of those two games occur as one of the first six regular season games of that team).

f) other topics were covered and will be discussed in a separate report to follow. This includes more specific clarifications on predeclared injury based play-off entitlement exemptions as well as game attendance practices and policies for games cancelled at game site.

g) MTFL executive needs more volunteers. Persons with interest in finance or (HTML and CSS based) website maintenance are most desired. However, having a "representative" for each of the expected six divisions of play is also very much needed. Please consider these opportunities as a way to give back to the league as well as to improve your resume.

Finally, as of ~11:30pm of the evening of 26-Mar-2015, 30 (of 38 applicant) teams for the 2015 season had made or attempted to make payment in full of the required $1750 team registration fee. The executive needs final answer from other eight teams asap. Of these eight, 50% appear to be nearing a "firm" recommit to this league situation but room exists for all eight of these teams.


John Schiebel

President MTFL, 2015.

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Att'n MTFL veteran and candidate new team "reps",

The 2015 AGM is tonight at Mississauga Valley's Community Centre (Program Meeting Room #1).

Hope to have the meeting started by 7:05pm and over before 9:00pm.

Team registration fees of $1750 are due on or before the conclusion of this meeting; otherwise late fees apply.

Please arrive on-time, bring a pen and an open mind.

To save costs, printed copies of the AGM package will not be available. However, an electronic edition will be circulated before 4:00pm today; you may wish to bring your WIFI or internet capable tablet or cell phone with you to follow along the overhead presentation.

See you tonight :-)


John Schiebel

Glenn Stevenson








All MTFL league members,

Due to the upcoming PAN AM events scheduled to occur in the GTA area this summer, the league executive is recommending changes to the league's scheduling strategy.

Please review the MTFL 2015 PAN AM Games Mitigation Plan and then let the league know before midnight Sunday 22nd March (by reply to its email mtfl_mississauga@yahoo.ca address) the following information:

a) I agree with the need of this PAN AM game mitigation strategy and I will support OPTION "X" (indicate one of: "1" or "2").

b) I disagree with any need for this plan and just want the MTFL season to be scheduled using the practices of the past (e.g. games scheduled on Monday to Thursday only, ten regular season games over ~ 13 calendar weeks, kick-off times as usual)

c) I don't care either way and I will let the league decide which of the two proposed scheduling options is best for me.

d) In addition to my response above, I wish to share other ideas on how the MTFL might handle anticipated traffic delays OR the lack of other players and referees at my scheduled MTFL games during the PAN AM event's duration. For example, ....



John Schiebel

MTFL President and Registar

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If you are interested in attending the upcoming Trillium Tour Brampton-2015 (, 30th and 31 May) event, please also consider staying at the event's host hotel.

Whether you are playing in the tournament, providing referee or other services to it or are attending to cheer on a team, please consider staying at the host hotel to maximize your enjoyment of this rain or shine event.

Also, when making your hotel reservation be sure to:

a) fully take advantage of the deep discounting for those who pay in full by the required cut-off date;

b) follow the exact instructions in the attached flyer.

Finally, for persons new to the possibility of forming a team for a tournament, this year, TFOnt has established new eligibility rules making it easier for a brand new team to be formed. So, now there is now execuse for not gathering up others with similar interest and eligiblities and becoming a Trillium Tour participant. 



John Schiebel

MTFL President and Brampton-2015 Lead Co-host

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Veteran team and new team candidate applicants,

As previously announced:

  • the 2015 AGM will be held on Thursday, 26-March (at Mississauga Valley's - Program Meeting Room #1). Doors open at ~6:30pm and the meeting itself should be underway by 7:05pm). 
  • team registration fees will be $1750 per team this year (with 50% of that $150 price increase over last year's rate being potentially refundable later this year should certain PAN-AM game traffic delay mitigation plans for game schedule dates/locations to exploit lit fields not be realized by the league as intended).

Now as for the actual payment, it is due on on before the conclusion of the AGM meeting. Payment is to be made in cash or cheque from veteran teams in good standing but it must be in the form of a certified cheque/bank draft from all new team applicants. New team applicants declined entry to the league this year will have that money returned to them within three weeks of the AGM.

Cheques must be made out in the name of "Mississauga Touch Football League" (and not "MTFL" as the league's bank will not accept any cheque with any acronym as its payee).

Payments can be given directly to any executive member (at the AGM meeting) or in advance using one of two techniques:

a) CANADA POST ... send the cheque for the complete amount due to the league's PO BOX address listed on the CONTACT page of the website; or

b) similar to previous years and preferred by many, Canadian bank based email money transfers (to johnandlenore@bell.net ) will also be accepted. If you choose this route, please use your team name as the answer to the security question. Upon receipt of such an electronic transfer, you will get confirmation (from the league) of payment.

Finally, as of 05-Mar-2015:

- all but three of the teams composing the league last season have indicated they intend to return to action this spring.

- six new team candidates have engaged the application process; 4 of these teams wish to play in an entrance level division whilst the other two are requesting to play in a division of mid to higher level of competitive play.

- one veteran team has made payment for 2015 as has one new candidate team.


John Schiebel

MTFL President

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For those interested ...

If you would like a part-time job as a tournament capable referee on some weekends this coming summer then please contact Mary Kennedy (, marykennedy@rogers.com ) right away.

Touch Football Ontario (TFOnt) is looking for additional officials for its Trillium Tour tournaments. There will be a training session scheduled for April.

Finally, there are also some other leagues around the GTA looking for officials and Mary can provide you those details too.



The AGM is scheduled for Thursday, March 26, 2015.  As such, it is time to review your team roster and to inform the league of any changes to it so that your game sheet can be modified.  

Team Captains/Reps, please do the following:

i)                    on league's website, click on your division of past record, then click on your game sheet and compare it with your team’s roster for 2015.   

ii)                  let the League Registrar know what info to add or subtract.

You should also ensure that the game sheet:

a)      has a maximum of 21 player names on it.

b)      shows one main Contact [C] and two Alternate team contacts [A].

     [If yours does not or this info has changed, please provide the Registrar with that information.]

c)       indicates one unique jersey number for each player listed (no duplicates).

d)      can be printed on your computer system’s printer on one page. [If not, please notify the Registrar.]

If you like, feel free to provide any of the following information towards other significant roles such as Quarterback [QB], Rusher [R], Snapper [S].

During the season you can still request modifications to your roster. However, get them done now and help the league get a better estimate of its total (person) size in order to better forecast its expenses for things like play-off prizing, etc.

Staying in touch,

Your MTFL Executive

MTFL – providing organized touch football in a safe, fun, competitive environment




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Team registration fees for the 2015 season will be $1750; this is a $150 increase from last year. As usual, the team fee is due in full on or before the AGM (Thursday, 26-Mar-2015). Additional instructions on how to make payment to the league will be provided in early March-2015.

Reasons for the registration fee increase:

1)  To fund a plan your Executive has built to mitigate anticipated attendance issues due to PAN-AM/PAN-AM-Para Games in July and August and the anticipated traffic delays associated with those events particularly for 6:30 p.m. kick-off times. “Turf-lit” field locations could be one of the main solutions used for an aggressive regular-season schedule this year.  That is, teams could be scheduled two games in a week (e.g. week day, weekend or combination of both). As for games being scheduled on a Saturday or Sunday in May or June,  that will depend on results of survey on this topic now in progress. Regardless, "double headers" would also allow fewer games to be scheduled in July and early August when the Pan-Am Games are being held.

2) There are some price increases from the suppliers of record for the various goods and services essential to running this league. These increases in expenses range from 2% to 10%.


a)      The fee increase for team registration would have been a lot higher were it not for the monetary surplus (for various reasons including use of alternative fields with the loss of the Valleys) in the 2014 season that the league executive wishes to use now to assist with contingency plans – one of which is the use of turf-lit fields for this coming season.

b)      The plan is based on an attempt to ensure that each team is given a similar degree of access to turf-lit fields. Should such assets not actually be available for rent, then as much as $75 of this year’s price increase will be returned to each team (at the conclusion of the 2015 play-offs).

c)      The 2015 budget forecast has minimized the planned spend for “factors of distinction”; i.e. expenses normally embraced for year-end party, photography, donations to other leagues, etc.  These expense items will be minimal if not cancelled entirely for this season depending on how many lit or turf-field locations are made available to the MTFL.

d)      Field permit allocations are not finalized and made known to sports leagues until late April each year. Furthermore, other sports leagues may similarly be trying to mitigate the PAN-AM Games influence. The MTFL Executive expects the City of Mississauga and the City of Brampton may for various reasons change our field allocations even after our season has begun.

e) Extending the season (whether regular and/or play-off) past its normal conclusion in early September of each year is not seen as readily possible.  For example, field permits for such may be very hard to obtain (due to existing agreements with other leagues/schools) and it is felt many of our own league's players expect to jump into other events/sporting leagues at that time of the year.

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The MTFL 2015 AGM will be held Thursday, 26-Mar-2015 ("Program Meeting Room #1", Mississauga Valley's Community Centre).  All teams are requested to have at least one and up to a maximum of three representatives present.

Doors will open around 6:30pm for those wishing to make team fee payments in advance of the actual meeting; i.e. the meeting itself will begin no later than 7:10pm.  The meeting will be broken into two major parts, the 2nd of which will include a detailed question and answer period for new team candidates and any invited others interested.

Team fees for 2015 will be determined shortly. The 2014 Executive team is still formulating/reviewing a budgetary forecast for the upcoming season.  For CY2015, an expectation that some regular season and play-off games will be played at turf based location exists. Other factors that necessitate a per team fee increase include but are not limited to:

- inflation (on field rental permit fees and prizing costs ... ~3%);

- supplier cost increases (voluntary and non-voluntary).

Finally, if your team is disbanding or joining another (home) league, please let the executive know that as soon as possible. For example, the MTFL has already received new team candidate interest from four teams and along with its general budget/planning needs as well as well as the currently known field location/availability restrictions the league size might be clamped to "36" teams total.

Thanks, and on behalf of the executive, may everyone have a safe, competitive and fun 2015.

John Schiebel

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On behalf of the entire MTFL-2014 executive team, please have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years.  May you have continued good health and success in all of your endeavors both on and off the football field.

Announcements for the upcoming spring 2015 season will begin no later than the last week of Jan-2015. For example, the date, location and time of the league's Annual General Meeting (for the 2015 season) will be made known around that time. Please expect that meeting to occur in the Mississauga area sometime in late March-2015.


Your Executive Team.


Here are some pictures of the winning teams from the Trillium Tour 2014 "Nationals". Enjoy.

Have a great Christmas break everyone ... and watch for emails/announcements for the upcoming 2015 Annual General Meeting (to be held in Mar-2015).


Your MTFL Executive team



As persons interested in growing the sport of touch football on the local and provincial level, you may first wish to ensure that you are aware of how a league like ours fits into the City of Mississauga's own plans and strategy for growing sports.

The city's SPORT PLAN and SPORT TOURISM STRATEGY documents are the starting point for your awareness.

Please note that:

  • the SPORT PLAN document is not updated every year (but rather on as needed basis as determined by the persons assigned that responsibility for the City of Mississauga.
  • the SPORT TOURISM STRATEGY is similarly managed/updated.

Another URL of interest is that for City of Missisauga's "Council Calendar" and "Agenda & Minutes" information.

e.g. see the MAYOR AND COUNCIL portal.

Your executive team wishes to, in responsible, timely and collaborative ways work with other (rectangular based) sporting leagues to voice possible facility improvements and needs to the City of Mississauga in order for the embetterment of all leagues.  More specifically, the creation of (new or by renovation / re-configuration of existing) sports park assets that are multi-purposed and multi-lit field based is one the key goals we look forward to having your continued support with.

In particular, if you have interest in attending various meetings hosted (annually) by the City of Mississauga parks&rec group on the topic of field asset allocation, fees and maintenance policies then don't hesitate to give your executive team a shout. Also, if you would like to attend a council meeting as a representative of the MTFL please also confirm that in advance with your current MTFL executive team.


Your 2014 executive team.


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Attention All Members,
As the 2014 MTFL season has concluded, the league executive wishes to share some information and ideas with you to help ensure the continued success of this league.
Thank-you to all teams who helped us to manage the 6-week loss of the Valleys that started our 2014 season, and the change in field locations and times due to various maintenance activities at high school fields. The cooperation and timely response by team captains, players, and referees helped ease the chaos.
Although the kick-off to our first game of 2015 season is still several months away, it is important to review the following ideas and needs with each of you and then to embrace feedback (in advance of the AGM to be held in March-2015):
i) More volunteers are needed for the executive team.  Ideally, a total of five to six persons (one from each division) can be enlisted to help ensure our league responds to the needs and desires of our membership in an accurate and timely manner.
ii) Furthermore, for 2015, valued executive member Matthew Vincent will be less available due to his work commitment in supporting the PAN-AM games all of next summer.
iii) If you are interested in committing a mere 20 to 30 hours to assist the executive, please don't hesitate to contact the league (ASAP).
iv) Also, please feel free to indicate what we could do to encourage you or others you know to volunteer.
i) Team fees may be raised significantly - by as much as $300 per team. 
ii) If anything, this year taught us all that our league would benefit from another Valleys-class field. Since comparable fields that are available are likely to be turf based, they come with a hefty rental fee. Thus, such fee increases need to be incorporated into our budget.
iii) Furthermore, minor increases to the cost of field permits, refereeing and photography program costs are also anticipated. 
iv) Finally, a program that rewards teams and/or players who best demonstrate compliance with league policies will be implemented. To this last point, the current executive has come to realize that rewarding teams/members who consistently ‘do the right things’ is equally important as disciplining those who do not.
Growing football programs within our league and within the province continues to be a challenge.  On the one hand, locally, without field-rental-permit stability and without continued growth in numbers of "white cap" referees, it is hard to justify establishing yet other programs for growing touch football. On the other hand, seeds for growth (such as our continued next four-year agreement with Mississauga Youth Tackle) must continue to be planted and watered in order for their intended fruits to blossom.  On the provincial and even national level, support of Trillium Tour will continue, but increased focus on getting players and teams to tournaments must occur using more realistic Trillium Tour entitlement policies than those currently in play. There is no sense in MTFL hosting an annual Trillium Tour event if it continues to be poorly attended likely due to restrictive team and player eligibility requirements.
We continue to encourage players to become referees and we continue to assist MOA through funding of the Quality Assurance Program for development of its officials. If you are interested in refereeing MTFL games, please let us know. Feel free to let us know what would entice you or others you know to become a referee, or what is keeping you from joining this valued group.
We continue to strive for transparency, and robustness in terms of the league's operational policies, tooling and databases. Two key areas include the "must have" deployment of an online player/team registration system and the diligent scrub-up of the league's website to ensure all policies can be found there, there are no inconsistencies or errors, and that such policies are updated, clear and concise to everyone's delight.
Being part of the MTFL is a privilege that all of us enjoy.  Giving back to the community as an executive member, team captain and/or player dedicated to safe, competitive and fun games is something that we continue to promote and strive for.
Your MTFL Executive

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The MTFL held its annual Year-End Party on Sep. 29th at International Sports Bar on Cawthra. Those who attended were supplied with ample, delicious food. 

Long-time MTFL referee, Sylbert Lindsay, was honoured. Syl was a valued official who refereed hundreds of touch football games over his years of service. He passed away suddenly in Sep. Syl will be greatly missed by the touch football fraternity including officials and players.

The winners of the MVP and Best Sportsman Awards for each division, based on their play during the 2014 regular season, were announced and honoured. The winners were:

Div. Team Player
AA Killer Instincts Marko Glavin
A Warriors Derrick Ogden
B Saints Chadwin Bartley
C GSOT Kyle Badham
D Stingers Dieter Kusel
                Best Sportsman
Div. Team Player
AA Killer Instincts Delroy George
A SuperTroopers Peter Hoang
B Axemen Wayne Dimaline
C ThunderCats Tharsan Sivaramalinghan
D Raiders Warsame Garad

Congratulations to all the 2014 award nominees and winners.

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Family and Friends of the MTFL,
It is with great sorrow that we share this tragic news with each of you that Sylbert Lindsay has passed away.
Visitation and funeral arrangements are found at: http://turnerporter.permavita.com/site/SylbertLindsay.html?s=40  
In summary, visitation will be this Sunday (28-Sep), 5:00pm to 8:00pm at the TURNER and PORTER - NEWEDUK (Erin Mills) Chapel (1981 Dundas Street West) in Mississauga and the funeral will occur at that same location at 11:00am Monday (29-Sep).
Sylbert will remain an integral part of our league's identity, operation and legacy. In particular, he was a true friend and loving supporter of all our actions both on and off the field of play. 
Let us offer his family our deepest sympathies and condolences at this saddened time of need.
With regret and sincerely,
John Schiebel
MTFL President

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The MTFL Year-End Party is scheduled for Mon., Sep. 29th at International Sports Bar (2480 Cawthra - just north of the Queensway).

Free food - Team Camaraderie - League Unity - JOIN THE CELEBRATION AND FUN!

The awards for MVP and Best Sportsman for each division will be announced and presented.

Click here to see the top nominees for each team.

All players and referees are welcome. Please notify your team captain and/or the MTFL if you plan on attending so that an appropriate amount of food can be ordered.

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Join your team-mates and fellow touch football players in celebrating the 2014 season.

Location: International Sports Bar

(2480 Cawthra – north of Queensway)

Date: Mon., Sep. 29, 2014

Time: 6:30-11:00 pm (8 pm Presentations)

Cost: No Admission Fee

Details: Snack food will be provided free of charge. Pay for your own drinks (pop is free).

Events: Award Presentations – MVP and Best Sportsman Winners for each division

            Watch Patriots vs Chiefs on TV

            Share season’s highlights

Please help spread the word about these events so that your team-mates have the opportunity to attend. Your support for these events through your attendance is strongly encouraged.

Your 2014 MTFL Executive

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       MTFL Playoff Results














Greatest Show on Turf





A/ POKER / EUCHRE Night intended for 13Sep

     - HAS BEEN CANCELLED - However, consideration towards Friday 7th-Nov or Friday 14th-Nov is being made. If you are interested please contact johnandlenore@bell.net before 01-Nov-2014.

due to lack of a sufficient-sized response. See you at YEAR-END party.


Join your team-mates and fellow touch football players in celebrating the 2014 season.

Location: International Sports Bar

(2480 Cawthra – north of Queensway)

Date: Mon., Sep. 29, 2014

Time: 6:30-11:00 pm (8 pm Presentations)

Cost: No Admission Fee

Details: Snack food will be provided free of charge. Pay for your own drinks (pop is free).

Events: Award Presentations – MVP and Best Sportsman Winners for each division

            Watch Patriots vs Chiefs on TV

            Share season’s highlights

Please help spread the word about these events so that your team-mates have the opportunity to attend. Your support for these events through your attendance is strongly encouraged.

Your 2014 MTFL Executive

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It is time to celebrate and recognize accomplishments of the players, teams and game officiating partners. For your enjoyment, please consider joining in on the fun scheduled for:

i)  Sat., Sep. 13th (6:15 pm doors open) Charity Progressive Euchre and Texas Hold’em Poker Night at MAX’s Diner (located near Derry and 410). Euchre is $50 and poker is $70. Either event includes an all-you-can-eat buffet. Event will offer 50/50 draw and door prizes.  Get your registration done via email to johnandlenore@bell.net. Any team wishing to be a partner for this event and to share in the proceeds should make their interest known immediately. Door prizes include golf bag, gym bag and t-shirts.

ii)  Mon., Sep. 29th (7:15 pm doors open) MTFL YEAR-END PARTY (at International Sports Bar (located on Cawthra near Queensway). Admission is free but requires RSVP for planning purposes as there will be complimentary food and desserts for all.  This evening will also include Award Presentations for MVP and Best Sportsman winners for each division. Candidates will be announced shortly. Eligible players on teams who have demonstrated top-notch understanding of this league’s purpose, policy and objectives will also be recognized. For NFL supporters, the “Patriots-Chiefs” game will be available for viewing. Please send your intent to attend by email to mtfl_mississauga@yahoo.ca.

Please help spread the word about these events so that your team-mates have the opportunity to attend. Your support for these events through your attendance is strongly encouraged.

Your 2014 MTFL Executive


MTFL Members, Supporters, Partners and Friends of Touch Football:

Although this season has been full of challenges with the sudden loss of the Valleys which turned out to be for a six-week period, we survived the devastating news and the resulting schedule changes.

The MTFL Executive Team extends its sincerest thank-you to all its league members and MOA participants who showed incredible patience and flexibility while the excessive and complicated game re-location process was executed. The loss of the Valleys and its multiple-game-per-night capability, stressed even the most patient and flexible. Captains and players, and referees helped us to find solutions to ensure that our season kept rolling along.

It would appear that the acquisition of a 2nd field with stadium lighting (grass or turf) is highly desirable if not a necessity in order for our league to maintain and perhaps grow its service of providing recreational touch football.

The MTFL has been busy monitoring and analyzing its processes and policies so that it can deal effectively with various pressures and changes (cancellation of fields, playoff eligibility, game sheet info, etc.)

At this point, three of the five divisional FINALS have been completed. On Tues., Sep. 2nd our Single-A and Double-A Finals are scheduled at the Valleys. These final two games will conclude our 2014 Season (weather permitting). 

All are welcome to come out and enjoy these remaining match-ups, and to cheer on the various participants. 

On that note, it is also time to celebrate and recognize accomplishments of the players, teams and game officiating partners. For your enjoyment, please consider joining in on the fun scheduled for:

i)  Sat., Sep. 13th (6:15 pm doors open) Charity Progressive Euchre and Texas Hold’em Poker Night at MAX’s Diner (located near Derry and 410). Euchre is $50 and poker is $70. Either event includes an all-you-can-eat buffet. Event will offer 50/50 draw and door prizes.  Get your registration done via email to johnandlenore@bell.net. Any team wishing to be a partner for this event and to share in the proceeds should make their interest known immediately.

ii)  Mon., Sep. 29th (7:15 pm doors open) MTFL YEAR-END PARTY (at International Sports Bar (located on Cawthra near Queensway). Admission is free but requires RSVP for planning purposes as there will be complimentary food and desserts for all.  This evening will also include Award Presentations for MVP and Best Sportsman winners for each division. Candidates will be announced shortly. Eligible players on teams who have demonstrated top-notch understanding of this league’s purpose, policy and objectives will also be recognized. For NFL supporters, the “Patriots-Chiefs” game will be available for viewing. Please send your intent to attend by email to mtfl_mississauga@yahoo.ca.

Please help spread the word about these events so that your team-mates have the opportunity to attend. Your support for these events through your attendance is strongly encouraged.

Your 2014 MTFL Executive


The intend matchups scheduled for the upcoming semi-final games are:

for DOUBLE-A division:

a) PIRANHAS (Home) versus Trojans (Away) at Cawthra with 6:30pm kick-off Monday 25th Aug;

b) SPARTANS (Home) versus Reapers (Away) at Glen Forest with 6:30pm kick-off Monday 25th Aug;


and for SINGLE-A division:

c) YOUNGBucs (Home) versus Canes (Away) at VALLEYs with 7:00pm kick-off Tuesday 26th Aug;

d) HOUNDS (Home) versus Cobras (Away) at Glen Forest with 6:30pm kick-off Tuesday 26th Aug;


Sorry for confusion earlier this weekend; the website "bracket" has been fixed to match the schedule listed.

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Captains, Team Reps, MOA:

In previous years, we have been able to finish play on high school fields by the middle of August so playing in the dark has been an infrequent problem. However, we know of at least two games last year where lack of light was an issue and those were 6:45 p.m. start times. 

As a result of the loss of the Valleys throughout all of June, we have ended up playing later into the year without sufficient room at the Valleys to accommodate all playoff games. Therefore, we are still using high fields for semi-final games. We are now nearing the end of August. With each successive day, we lose about a minute and a half of daylight.

As stated previously, on clear days, without injury time-outs and officials’ time-outs, it is possible to have 6:45 p.m.-started games completed with sufficient light. However, overtime play, might not be possible.

With sunset time for Mon., Aug. 25 at 8:05 p.m. and Tue., Aug. 26 at 8:03 p.m., we run the risk of a much shorter game with a 6:45 p.m. start time. Therefore, for these three scheduled games, the MTFL Executive has decided to start these games at 6:30 p.m. We know this may be an unpopular decision for some who have significant distance to travel and thus, find it difficult to arrive by kick-off time. But in the best interest of the players’ safety; opportunity for a full, unshortened game; fairness to referees who must make decisions on when to call a game due to darkness; a 6:30 p.m. start makes the most sense overall.

Thus, the two ‘AA’ Division Semi-Final games and the one ‘A’ Division Semi-Final game at the high school fields will kickoff at 6:30 p.m.

MTFL Executive 


MTFL – providing organized touch football in a safe, fun, competitive environment


For now, the Cawthra field is still in play. Tonight's game between Hawks and Spartans will be played at Cawthra as originally posted with 6:45 p.m. kickoff.


Commencing Wednesday, 13-Aug-2014, all remaining games previously scheduled to occur at Cawthra HS will now be played at Applewood HS. However, for Tuesday 12-Aug-2014, the HOUNDs-CANES game has been moved from Cawthra to the VALLEYs (7:00pm).

This includes: Hawks vs Spartans (Aug 13th) and Bears vs Axemen (Aug. 19th), and all playoff games.

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The MTFL starts its playoffs beginning the week of Monday, August 11th for the 'B', 'C', and 'D' Divisions.

As final seedings are established, the playoff schedule with team names will be updated 

Captains are asked to ensure that only players who are playoff-eligible play in their games. For this year, the only requirement is that each player is registered as having played in/attended 3 of that team's 2014 MTFL regular-season games. There is no 'one game in the first 6 games' stipulation - that has been waived.

High school games start at 6:45 p.m. Valleys games start at 7:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

As always, we encourage all players to enjoy the playoff experience and to allow all participants (team-mates, opponents, officials, spectators) to enjoy their experience.

For ties at the end of regulation time, overtime is played with each team alternating converts - each team choosing to go for 1 or 2 pts each time. After a minimum of 3 attempts each, if the score remains tied, sudden death overtime is played with both teams getting one convert attempt each. Overtime continues until a winner is decided.

In the event of a tied game being called due to darkness, the higher-ranked team is assigned the win.

The Referees are given the sole task of determining when it is too dark to play based on player safety and/or effectiveness of calling the game.

Good luck to all teams - players and officials.


PLAYOFF SCHEDULE - We have released the playoff schedule which is subject to change based on any changes needed due to postponed games during the remainder of the regular season as a result of weather or field conditions. Therefore, it may be necessary to postpone some divisional playoffs by a week.

For the playoffs, teams are identified by their division (letter) and place in the standings at the end of the regular season (number). Thus, B5 is the team that came in fifth in the B Division.

For each round, the remaining teams are re-seeded based on where they ended up in the regular-season standings. Thus, the 2nd ranked team did not necessarily end up in second place in the standings, but rather, is the 2nd ranked team of the remaining teams.

In the Semi-Finals, of the remaining teams, the 4th ranked team plays the top-ranked team while the 3rd ranked team plays the 2nd ranked team.

Similarly, in the Finals, of the two remaining teams, the 2nd ranked team plays the top-ranked team.

PLAYOFF ELIGIBILITY – NEW - Due to the large number of rescheduled games this year largely due to the Valleys shutdown, the MTFL Executive has decided to relax somewhat the playoff eligibility requirements. Players must be registered as having played 3 games for their team but no longer have to have played one in the first 6 games. Thus, players will still be eligible if they play in their 8th, 9th and 10th games or any 3 regular-season games.

NOTE: Captains of teams that allow players to play in the playoffs who have not met the playoff eligibility, risk disciplinary action by the league and risk defaulting their game. It is the responsibility of captains to know the playoff-eligibility status of their team’s players.

PLAYOFF ENJOYMENT - Although we recognize that stakes are higher during the playoffs and mistakes and perceived mistakes by referees are magnified, please remember that the referees, like the players, are doing their best, and are making calls from their vantage point based on what they see. And remember too, it is our recreation – and thus, by definition, our fun time. Arguing with referees, making a scene, showboating, takes the enjoyment of the game from others. Just as you show support and respect for your own players, please do the same for the game officials.


We wish all teams to have playoffs that are not only competitive, but safe and enjoyable.


The Valleys remains closed for play this week. We trust that it will be open for the following weeks.

Otherwise, captains implicated have been notified of rescheduling by email. Please check your team's schedule on the league website as it has been modified to account for the loss of the Valleys. 

We apologize for any inconvenience that this disruption to the schedule has caused.

Remember to enjoy every play, whether the play results in a positive outcome for your team or not, as every moment of recreational activity is a gift we should cherish.

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Team Captains/admins and all players,

Further announcements on player play-off entitlement will be made later this week. In particular, with the various abnormal re-scheduling demands (due to not having VALLEYS field to date), your executive team is recognizing there is an unplanned complication to our league's normal play-off entitlement rules. A temporary change (for this season) in play-off entitlement is expected.

Regardless, and in the mean-time, all teams are expected in the most timely of manners to:

a) print from and then use the latest game sheet made available to them on the league's website. Yeap, go thru your vehicles glove box, gym bags and team equipment boxes and purge all gamesheets from previous years/seasons.

b) send simple text email (to mtfl_mississauga@yahoo.ca) of which players need to be ADDED or DELETED from your current roster.  This year, many teams apparently have larger than previous year's average size rosters.  For example, although every team is allowed 21 active players per game, in year's gone by the average team size in the league was about 17 players.  This year, the average team size is 21 players. Your executive suspects that some of this increase is due to rosters that have yet to be updated (with DELETE requests).

c) Whether you are a TRILLIUM TOUR team or not, MTFL would like you to use the MTFL game sheets for your MTFL games. Furthermore, MTFL does not want you to electronically modify those gamesheets. Rather, just simply, at each game, cross out the players who are not there and hand in the game sheet to the head referee as requested.  Why? MTFL game sheets are "alphabetized" ... making MTFL registrar data entry a snap.

Finally, somewhat related to gamesheets, upon return of operation of the VALLEYS location, MTFL approved photographers will be making game site visits for team / roster photo purposes.  Your co-operation before (or after) your game in taking a few pictures of the team's roster will be greatly appreciated as usual.

Thanks, John Schiebel

MTFL President and Registrar




The City of Mississauga has decided to keep the Valleys field closed for another week. Games scheduled for Monday, July 7th have been rescheduled for other fields and times (and dates, in one instance). 

We apologize for the disruption in the schedule.  Teams affected should check the league website for the revised schedule. Captains have been notified by email. Please make sure your team-mates have been notified.


All teams/players,


Unfortunately, the City of Mississauga has still not re-opened the VALLEYS field location. Decisioning on that matter, which is not within the control of this league, may occur on a week by week basis.

Your executive team understands your frustration but respectfully requests your continued patience and flexibilities as the league's regular schedule gets adjusted to ensure that the 2014 season can be completed with the original parameters set for its total duration and time.  Specifically, as many members of our league have a "routine" both in our league and in their activities outside of our league (and the May to August time frame), we are obviously impacted negatively by the VALLEYS still being closed.  However, as our regular season is now about 45% completed the league will be taking steps to ensure that games moved from an intended date at the VALLEYS will occur at one of league's other high school locations even if it means reducing referee crew size (from three to two members).

Next, since all teams have paid for a referee crew size of "three", as usual, if your game occurs with a lessor amount of referees than your team will be given financial credit for that.  Obviously the league is calling on all persons/players with referee capability to keep MOA fully informed of their availabilities ... as anything you can do to help ensure each game has three referees would be great.

The league will continue to execute the regular season under this "stress" (.. for what might be the remaining portion of this summer). However, the league will take steps to ensure that play-off game date and referee crew sizes remain fully consistent with its original plans and your delightful experiences with them from previous seasons.

On a personal note, please give Glenn Stevenson your fullest cooperation in any re-schedule need now being forced upon our league. It is greatly appreciated and will help our league work thru this challenge this summer.

Have a terrific CANADA DAY weekend/week.

Sincerely, John Schiebel

MTFL President

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A letter from the various directors of parks, recreation and forestry within the City of Mississauga to help ensure you leave the area of play clean and tidy.

Also, if you feel there are too few trash or recycle cans at the field then please contact the MTFL executive immediately so it can forward that request onto the City of Mississauga.

Sincerely, your

MTFL Executive Team

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Please be aware that MTFL has just been notified by the City of Mississauga that all games that have been scheduled for Applewood Heights Secondary School have been moved to TL Kennedy Secondary School (Address: 3100 Hurontario St, Mississauga, ON L5B 1N7).

This change takes place immediately and will be in effect for the remainder of the season.

Sorry for the inconvenience and short notice.

MAPQUEST link is ... http://mapq.st/UG5Sk3 

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We are assuming that the Valleys will continue to be closed for play until June 30th. We apologize for the inconvenience. Should this change, Captains will be notified.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: Remember that games can only be cancelled by the Head Referee at the game site; except for very special circumstances such as flooding, in which case the City will close fields and notify the MTFL, who in turn will notify Captains by email and all parties through Facebook. 

SAFETY IS OUR PRIMARY CONCERN: When there is thunder and lightning, for games already started, they are to be stopped and put on hold until it is safe to play (30 min. after last evidence of lightning). For games not started, they are to be delayed until safe. When you are asked to take shelter, please do so. Please also respect Officials' decisions to delay or terminate games.

See Resources -> Policies -> Weather.




Due to the delay in opening Valleys (Paul Gilbert) field such that it is presently closed to all leagues, the MTFL has revised its schedule.

All team representatives have been contacted through email with the schedule revisions. 

The website schedule has been modified to reflect these changes.

It is anticipated that Valleys will remain off-limits for at least the first four weeks of June. Should it be available for use during that time period, the previous schedule will be reinstated for the dates remaining. For now, the posted schedule is based on the Valleys being unavailable until June 30th.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank teams for their flexibility.

Please stay tuned.

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Please remember to complete the game sheets at the conclusion of your game; i.e. ensure that

- the final score is listed on it;

- what, if any, players from your own roster arriving after half-time have been correctly indicated and recorded on it;

- the game location and date fields are filled in;

- and on your opponent's gamesheet, you have indicated your team's assessment of the most sportsmen like player (with a check mark) and then a 1-2-3 indication of the three most valued contributors of your opponents team in that game.


The league executive



The game result scores have been posted for all games scheduled to occur in Week#1 of the regular season.

Game sheet (actual) attendance will be posted in the coming days as the actual paper sheets work their way to the registrar.

Enjoy the weekend,




The regular season schedule has been posted to the website.

Please review your team's schedule. Although the executive is confident you will find, in most cases, all of your regular season games have been scheduled to your reasonable satisfaction, please be advised that the league has taken a lot of time to try to get your team to play on dates/times/locations of its preference and that requesting changes to that may not always be possible due to some extraordinary circumstances occurring this year.

In particular, the diversity of each team's own preferences is always an issue (against finding alignment to its opponents); however, other factors such as the total number of teams in a division, number of spare fields available as well as the number of or availability of referee crews are always implicated in any re-scheduling request/circumstance.

This year, there are a few divisions with either more than six teams per division OR an odd number of teams in the division.  Juggling in "off" weeks over the entire calendar of the regular season is yet another consideration in any re-scheduling request/circumstance. 

As such, this year, the league executive wishes to further (and regularly) remind all teams/players that:

a) re-scheduling requests are not guaranteed

b) re-scheduling might open your team (and your opponents) to the necessity of playing two games
 in the same week.

c) games will be played on the evening of a "Stat" holiday Monday (long holiday weekend).

In short, in addition to your team's own preferences, it is important to remember that re-scheduling needs/circumstances can originate from things not in any of our control (e.g. weather extremes, unsafe field conditions) and that the league must have the capacity to address these circumstances in its proposed schedule specifics (whilst still ensuring everyone gets to the play-off period in the calendar time expected for the entire division and league's overall operation).

i.e. please be 100% sure you need to make a schedule request before asking for one AND also please continue to remain flexible and receptive to the alternatives that might be proposed for your team.


John Schiebel

MTFL President

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Happy Easter. The league hopes you are having a terrific long "spring" weekend and that you are continuing to get ready for the upcoming touch football season.

Your executive team has constructed a regular season schedule and it is undering an internal peer review for the next couple of days. The executive team hopes to have that review finalized and the regular season schedule released by mid-week.

In other news, the City of Mississauga has given the league a draft copy of its proposed field permit allocations for this year.  In addition to the field (date and time) locations all enjoyed last year, this year ERINDALE High School location will also be added to our potential game site list.

Finally, for all interested, MOA will be holding a referee clinic on the evening of Thursday, 01-May-2014.  Pre-registration is preferred.  Either way, if your interested in becoming a referee and/or are trying to improve your referee skills/experiences, please plan to attend.  For further information contact the league or the head of MOA 'George'.


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Team Representatives/Captains:


At the AGM, the Constitution and By-Laws amendments, and the Executive Committee were approved by majority vote (13 teams in person, 8 teams by proxy, no abstentions).

The MTFL is preparing to construct its 2014 Regular Season Schedule. It appears we will have 5 divisions with a total of 33 teams – all of whom have paid their league fees.

We welcome the veteran teams from 2013; the newly registered teams: Piranhas, Killer Instinct, Raiders and S.W.A.T.; and the teams returning to the MTFL after an absence: Trojans, Saints and Greatest Show on Turf.

Some teams have decided to change their identities. Sentinels have become Renegades; and Delta Force have been renamed Shockers.

Unfortunately, it would appear that Rack, Panthers and Hurricanes have decided not to return to the MTFL.

If possible, please spread the word that the cut-off date for team registrations (with team registration and late fee) is Monday, April 7, 2014.

Shortly after this cut-off date, a spreadsheet displaying all teams’ preferences for game time and location will be sent to team representatives. We will be asking that you check the information displayed to ensure that it matches your team’s preferences accurately. Obviously, we don’t want to have to make any changes to the schedule based on ‘new’ information from teams.

We hope to have the schedule constructed and circulated by Monday, April 21st, so a timely response regarding the accuracy of your team’s preferences will be required.

We are confident that there will be competitive balance within the 5 divisions.

Payment for field permits will be made shortly once our league size is confirmed and we have established our field requirements.     

The regular season is expected to start the 3rd week of May.


Keeping ‘in touch’ on behalf of the MTFL Executive,

Glenn Stevenson

Director of League Communications


MTFL – providing organized touch football in a safe, fun, competitive environment


Team Representatives/Captains,

1. MTFL ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (AGM) Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is scheduled for Thursday, March 27th at 7:00 p.m. at the Mississauga Valleys Community Centre. All teams are encouraged and expected to have representation. Teams may have up to 3 representatives at this meeting (but only one vote). It is important that teams are represented as major decisions are voted on at this time, that have repercussions for the entire league, and thus, all members. In the event that you are unable to attend, please ensure that another player from your team is at the meeting to represent your team and express its interests.

2. TEAM FEES In earlier correspondence regarding team fees due at the upcoming AGM, the MTFL Executive was considering setting team registration fees at $1800. This increase was meant to address the possibility of needing to rent more expensive fields for a significant portion of our games for the 2014 season. At this point, our on-going dialogue with City of Mississauga (Parks and Recreation) suggests that our requirements can be met in a similar manner to last season (similar locations and time slots). As such, the league executive is now seeking the same team registration fee as last year, namely, $1600 per team.

3. PAYMENT DUE DATE All teams are required to provide their team fees in full to the League Executive on or before Thursday, March 27, 2014. Money must be received by the Executive prior to or at the conclusion of the AGM.

4. PAYMENT METHOD a. New team applicants New team applicants may pay using ‘certified’ cheque, money order or cash. If using a cheque, it must be ‘certified’. Should your application for the league be denied for any reason, your money will be refunded in full. b. Veteran teams Veteran teams may pay using one of the four options listed below.

i) Cheque – preferably ‘certified’ cheque

ii) Money order

iii) Cash

iv) Online transfer

Note: Cheques and Money Orders Cheques and Money Orders must be made payable to: Mississauga Touch Football League and not ‘MTFL’. Please also put the name of your team name at the bottom of the cheque. Note: Email/Online Transfer Payments Please send email money transfers to johnandlenore@bell.net with a one-word password of your team name.

5. LATE PAYMENTS Teams that do not submit their fees by the allotted time – March 27, 2014 - (including those whose cheques cannot be cashed / bounce) will be required to pay $1800. Furthermore, these teams may find they are excluded from membership in the MTFL in 2014.

6. GOAL POST PADS Any team wishing to acquire goal post pads is reminded the league has new goal post pads available for the price of $200 per set.

7. TEAM ROSTER Teams are asked to submit an updated team roster.

8. GAME TIME AND LOCATION PREFERENCES Teams will be asked to indicate their preference for days of the week and field locations for their games. This will assist with scheduling. Although every effort will be made to honour teams’ requests, various factors will influence the scheduling, and thus, no guarantees can be made.

We look forward to seeing team representatives on the 27th of March.

Staying ‘in touch’,

John Schiebel (MTFL President)

Glenn Stevenson (MTFL Vice-President – League Communications)

MTFL – providing organized touch football in a safe, fun, competitive environment


All veteran and candidate new team applicants,

As per emails sent to you earlier this month, the MTFL executive team may be requesting a team registration fee price increase. The need of the increase is primarily due to ongoing dialog with City of Mississauga for which fields will be assigned to this league for actual game play.

In short, team registration fees may be in the order of $1800 per team (not $1600) for the upcoming 2014 season.  However, a portion of this increase may be refundable to your team ... should the actual field permit situation be finalized without need for significant number of games to be played at (outdoor) turf based field locations.

Please continue to monitor the league's website as wellas emails from the league for more information on this matter as we draw closer to the AGM meeting date.


Team captains/admins/organizers:

Firstly, congrats to the Seattle Seahawks for a simply fantastic Super Bowl win.  Their game was a great example of solid defense, offense and special team play.

Now as our own minds turn towards the game of touch football and warmer weather, please take note that the MTFL's Annual General Meeting (AGM) will take place Thursday, 27-Mar-2014 at 7:00pm in the Hazel MaCallion Room of the Mississauga Valley's Community Centre.

All teams are expected to attend this meeting with up to three players per team (maximum).

Please continue to monitor league emails and website for further details and news on the upcoming season. At this time, your current executive team is forecasting:

- league growth (in total team size); and

- team registration fees to remain the same as last year (e.g. $1600 per team).

As usual, an "AGM package" will be prepared and made available for the meeting itself to address changes/issues.

For now, please contact your players and determine their availabilities and readiness for action. Regular season is expected to start 2nd week of May.


Your Executive Team.


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Event starts at 6:00pm. Kickoff at 6:30pm Proceeds in support of the Mississauga Football League

Visit www.m-f-l.ca For more information and to order tickets


The MTFL is preparing for the upcoming season. Please read below to see how you might assist the league.

Our league prides itself on its success in providing a fun, safe, enjoyable recreational outlet for men in the Mississauga area. In order to fulfill this goal, our league needs individuals who have the same interest. These individuals assist the league by:

·         - officiating games through the Mississauga Officials Association (MOA)

·         - participating on the league executive

·         - assisting the league executive with various activities and functions

·         - performing the role of team representative

·         - acting as team captain

·         - playing as a member of a team

·         - managing a team during a game

·         - attending games as a spectator

All of these roles are important in helping the MTFL meet its mandate of ‘providing organized touch football in a safe, fun, competitive environment’.

If you are interested in Officiating, please contact George Zielinski at gzielinski@cogeco.ca. A game official is a paid position and comes with the responsibilities of enforcing touch football rules during games. Positioning, rules, rule application, interaction with players are some of the areas discussed in detail during referee training programs run by George. Officiating games will give you an opportunity to gain a new perspective on sports and touch football; to develop your decision-making skills; to develop your interpersonal skills; to get exercise; and to make new friends and associations. Don’t wait any longer, get whistling!

The MTFL Executive is always interested in hearing from individuals who are interested in participating at the decision-making level and in helping manage the league. Areas covered by the executive include the league constitution and by-laws, team and player registration, divisional organization of teams, scheduling of games, team and player discipline, finance, purchasing, advertising, website, and league-organized activities. Please feel free to express an interest by contacting the league at mtfl_mississauga@yahoo.ca.

Perhaps you feel more suited to being an Assistant to the Executive rather than participating at the decision-making level. Whether or not you have an area of expertise or just an interest in helping, there is a role waiting for you and the league is interested in hearing from you. This is one way that individuals can give back to the league that has given them so much recreational enjoyment and to learn more about league management, and help ensure that there is a succession plan to ensure that the MTFL remains healthy for years to come. Please contact mtfl_mississauga@yahoo.ca.

If you are a Team Representative and are interested in joining the MTFL, be sure to notify the league by the end of January 2014 at mtfl_mississauga@yahoo.ca. If you are presently a team rep, be sure that we have your current contact information so that you can be notified of league activities and deadlines. Team reps are expected to attend the Annual General Meeting.

Team Captains are contacts for game officials before, during and after games. It is critical that they represent their team and the league in a sportsmanlike and suitable manner at all league events. They have the valuable task of setting the tone for their team; acting as role models for team members; knowing the rules of the game; following game procedures as expressed by the league; and monitoring and controlling team members.

If you are a Player interested in joining a team, please contact the league at mtfl_mississauga@yahoo.ca.

As a Spectator viewing games and cheering on your favourite players or teams, we hope you enjoy the experience.

In the meantime, enjoy the off-season, then decide how you can best assist the league and get involved.


On Mon., Nov. 4th the MTFL held its Year-End Party at International Sports Bar to celebrate the completion of a successful 2013 touch football season.

During the celebration, the names of the winners of the MVP Award and Best Sportsman Award for each division were announced. The individuals in attendance were recognized and presented with their prizes.

The players, officials, executive team, photographers and volunteers were thanked for their efforts which ensured that the league operated successfully and with the purpose of providing a safe, fun, competitive environment for touch football.

Best of luck in the off-season. Have fun and stay safe.

Players and/or teams interested in joining the MTFL and individuals interested in becoming referees are encouraged to use the links above and communicate their interest to the league by Jan. 31, 2014.



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At 7:30 p.m. our celebration begins at INTERNATIONAL SPORTS BAR at 2480 Cawthra Road (just north of Queensway on west side).

We wish to celebrate MTFL’s successes from 2013.

The votes have been tallied and the Most Sportsman Like and the Most Valuable Player Award nominees have been identified. The winners will be announced and given their awards at this event.

The ceremonies will begin at around 8:45 p.m.

Please spread the word to ensure that you and your team-mates can celebrate together.

So that an appropriate amount of food can be prepared and provided, please RSVP to mtfl_mississauga@yahoo.ca. (Please include name, team name, number of attendees if spouse and/or other family members are attending.)

Remember, there is a limited capacity so your prompt notice is appreciated.


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Congratulations to the 5 divisional Championship teams:

(AA) Reapers, (A) Panthers, (B) Hounds, (C) Trailer Park Boyz, (D) Ghosts.

Congratulations to the 5 divisional Finalist teams who challenged the championship teams to produce their best effort:

(AA) Gridiron, (A) Rack, (B) Bulldogs, (C) Death from Above, (D) Delta Squad.

Congratulations to all the teams and players who played inspired football while promoting safe, fun, competitive touch football for team-mates and competitors.

Many thanks to the numerous referees who did their utmost to officiate our games in an impartial and fair manner while enforcing the rules of the game.

To our fans, officials, and membership, we hope you enjoy the off-season and find enjoyment in your various other pursuits.

We are looking into organizing a year-end party (banquet) in October so please stay tuned.

MTFL Executive


If you know of a banquet facility that would be suitable for our MTFL Year-End Party, we would be interested in hearing from you. The facility (banquet hall, bar) would need to support 125-150 participants.  We are looking for a date in October.  If you feel you know of a facility that might be appropriate, please provide details to mtfl_mississauga@yahoo.ca. 


We've only got one more night of exciting touch football left which will showcase four teams in two exciting Championship games held at Mississauga Valleys.  Why not come out and cheer on your division/league "mates" in what will be their (and our) final games of the season.  

Tuesday, September 3rd - CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES
7:00pm 'C' Division - Death From Above at Trailer Park Boyz 
8:30pm 'AA' Division - Gridiron at Reapers

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MTFL schedule resumes tonight, Tuesday 27-Aug-2013, as planned.

Should be a couple of awesome final games tonight ... "B" and "A" division.

See you there!

Please note, Monday's cancellations have been reset as follows:

a) Hustlin' Owls vs Reapers is now scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 29th at Glenforest H.S. at 6:30 p.m.

b) Ghosts vs Delta Squad is now scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 28th at Cawthra H.S. at 6:30 p.m.


Unfortunately, the games scheduled for tonight at the Valleys have been rescheduled as the Valleys field has been closed by the City of Mississauga due to the inclement weather conditions.

Other fields will remain open but are subject to game-time decisions by the officials.  If the field or weather conditions are UNSUITABLE for play, the game will be cancelled and rescheduled.

Hustlin' Owls vs Reapers is now scheduled for Thursday., Aug. 29th at Glenforest H.S. at 6:30 p.m.

Ghosts vs Delta Squad is now scheduled for Wed., Aug. 28th at Cawthra H.S. at 6:30 p.m.

Please stay tuned for further updates.

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After the first round of playoffs with 3rd to 6th place finishers battling for supremacy, it was clear that not all higher seeded teams would advance as some minor upsets occurred based on final standings.

In semi-final action Monday, however, upsets were absent as Delta Squad defeated Sentinels 26-12 in 'D' Division as expected. Likewise, in 'B' Division, Bulldogs chopped down the Axemen 25-19 while Hounds sniffed out a win over the Bears 20-6 setting up an exciting championship match.

On Tuesday, Panthers pounced on the Canes to the tune of 33-14 while Rack shelved the Warriors 40-28 in 'A' Division action.

Ghosts squeaked out a 21-20 win over Gators in double overtime on Wednesday in 'D' Division with their 4th convert attempt being the deciding difference.

Photographers have been and will continue to be busy during our exciting games. Please make sure you and your team-mates are available for team photos when requested. 

Although playoffs lead to highly intense competition, we must all be cognizant of our goal of fun and safe games and ensure that our behaviour coincides with this goal.

Continued good luck to all participants - players, officials, fans.


Last edited 2013-Aug-24 at 3:51 PM


Please note that (rescheduled) games played Aug. 6-8th have an earlier starting time. The ‘new’ starting time is 6:45 p.m. (not 7 p.m.)

The playoffs are rapidly approaching. Please click on the link below to see the playoff schedule for your division. 

Please note that playoff games at high schools start at 6:30 p.m.  This is to allow for possible overtime play.

Playoff games at the Valleys are scheduled for 7:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

(Click here) 2013 Playoff Schedule

Football Enthusiasts: Check out this book...

In other news, for CFL and Argo fans, the book, Bouncing Back: From National Joke to Grey Cup Champs, is an insightful and enjoyable read. Author Paul Woods has cleverly highlighted the key decisions and events which propelled the Argos from laughing stock to champions.

Paul has travelled across North America in his efforts to interview key players and personnel in his quest to reveal the story behind the headlines.

What were the key changes and ingredients that made this team a winner?  You’ll find out the answer to this question along with many interesting anecdotes supplied by players, coaches and other personnel.

Written in a manner that keeps you reading, this book is sure to please as it provides you with The Inside Story of the 1983 Toronto Argonauts.  For more information about the book and how to order your own copy or gifts for others, visit http://bouncingbackbook.ca.

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With temperatures rising and the humidex making it feel like over 40 degrees C, please be sure to hydrate and encourage team-mates to do the same (during the day before the game and during the game). Come prepared to your game with plenty of fluids.

Know the signs of heat stroke and dehydration (disorientation, headache, nausea, shivering). Should you feel these symptoms, please take safety measures (stop exercising, drink fluids, find shade). 

As games become more meaningful and heated, remember to keep cool. Encourage team-mates to do the same.

Be sympathetic towards our officials who must also deal with the heat.  Please do your best to help them stay cool.

Remember to support our goal of 'providing organized touch football in a safe, fun, competitive     environment'.

After all, it is a 'cool' game we play.


The games scheduled for tonight are 'ON' but subject to cancellation/postponement based on weather and field conditions. This is a game-site decision by game officials.  Let's hope the weather cooperates.

Previously changed/rescheduled games include:

1. Sentinels vs Gators - Tue., July 16 at Cawthra (7 pm)

2. Ghosts vs Showtime - Thu., July 18 at Port Credit (7 pm)

3. Angels vs Panthers - Mon., July 22 at Applewood (7 pm)

4. Delta Squad vs Stingers - Tue., July 23 at Applewood (7 pm)

5. YoungBucs vs Canes - Tue., July 23 at Valleys (6:30 pm)

6. Axemen vs Wolves - Tue., July 30 at Glenforest (7 pm)

7. Rack vs Warriors - Thu., Aug. 1 at Port Credit (7 pm)

8. ThunderCats vs Death From Above - Tue., Aug. 6 at Cawthra (6:45 pm)

9. Gridiron vs Reapers - Wed., Aug. 7 at Applewood (6:45 pm)

Please note that games played at high schools starting Aug. 6th will begin at 6:45 p.m. (not 7:00 p.m.) to ensure that games are completed in the allotted time with the natural light available.

Please notify the league of any major discrepancies.


Mississauga Valleys is closed today.  Games at the Valleys location will be rescheduled.  Games at other locations will be game site decisions as to whether or not the field is safe to play on.


We are blessed to have the opportunity to play in a league that provides so much recreational fun for so many adults and is held in such high esteem.

Many teams have completed the first half of their regular-season schedule.

Be sure to promote the MTFL through your positive comments in social media and through excellent sportsmanship. The comments and actions of our league members are viewed by many at our game sites and through social media. We want to ensure that we make our wonderful league attractive to prospective participants, and spectators.

We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Canada Day weekend.


Games scheduled for tonight are 'on'.  However, with the heat and humidity, be sure to have lots of fluids on hand for yourself and your team-mates.  

If you are playing this week, be sure to drink lots of fluids.  If you start getting a headache, feel nautious or disoriented, stop sweating and start to shiver; stop all physical exertion, seek assistance, find shade and drink water.  

In the event that there are thunderstorms in the area, game activity will be delayed.  Game activity will resume 30 minutes after that last evidence of lightning (visual sighting or thunder).  Please respect officials' decisions regarding the safety of players, fans and themselves when they delay or postpone a game.

In the event that there is lightning in the area or the field conditions make the game unsafe and the game must be postponed, please note that this is a game-site decision.  Teams that do not show up, risk being in default and risk not only losing the game but owing the league money for fines accrued due to the default.

Always remember that safety is our number one priority and thus, decisions based on this priority must be supported by all.

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1. Remember to bring your goal post pads, footballs, tee, and sportsmanship.

2. Compliment excellent plays by your opposition.

3. Support those tough but fair and reasonable calls made by the officials.

4. Enjoy and celebrate those great plays made by team-mates (without showboating, of course).

5. Congratulate and shake the hands of your opponents and the referees at the end of the game.

6. Be sure to indicate on your game sheet your selection for your opponents’ three MVPs (1st, 2nd, 3rd) and Sportsman of the Game. 

7. Enjoy the competition, the camaraderie, and the great sport of Touch Football!


The Valley field is open for play tonight.

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During Mississauga Football League's (youth tackle) annual general meeting, league president Jack Finley and treasurer Barb Moore were presented with a $1000 cheque by Taylor Jones and Glenn Stevenson. The money is used to assist with purchasing jerseys for one of the MFL teams.  Last year's team, Bears, was a divisional champion.
Supporting MFL promotes and brings awareness of our league to this group of potential, future players. We look forward to seeing MFL players playing in our league in the not-too-distant future.
Taylor is the volunteer student intern MTFL has secured in an arrangement with the Humber College Sports Management program. You will be seeing Taylor regularly throughout the season as one of his duties will be team photo-taking and the creation of game story-line reports for submission to the Mississauga News for their weekly publication consideration.  Be sure to introduce yourself to Taylor and make him feel welcome.  We appreciate his efforts on behalf of the MTFL.

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The schedule was last revised May 18th at 11:00 a.m.

The 2013 MTFL Regular Season is now posted on this website under Schedule. Also, you can click on your Division link, scroll down and find your team name in the Division Schedule box, select it, and all your team's games will appear quickly and conveniently!

Please note that changes have been made to the schedule based on various team requests; and therefore, it is different from that which was distributed previously.  Be sure that your team-mates know that the schedule posted on the website is the schedule that is the most recent and accurate.  Even if your team did not request changes, your schedule may still have changed due to the alterations that were made for other teams.  Please check carefully!

Last edited 2013-May-18 at 7:58 AM


The 2013 Schedule has been finalized.  It is anticipated that the schedule will be up on our website by Friday, May 10th – perhaps sooner.  Feel free to check back here later in the week.


Are you interested in becoming a touch football referee?  If so, contact George Zielinski (gzielinski@cogeco.ca) for more info.

The 2013 Referee Clinic is scheduled for 7:00-10:00 pm on Thu., Apr. 25th at Mississauga Valley Recreation Centre in Room #3.  All officials - veterans and rookies - are invited to attend.  A brand-new presentation has been created for this special occasion which is designed to entertain and educate.

Last edited 2013-Apr-11 at 6:58 PM

2013 AGM

 The MTFL held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on March 28th.

Teams were registered for the 2013 Season.

The AGM Package was handed out to those in attendance. 

The revised Constitution was voted on and adopted, as were the newly revised League By-Laws.

During the AGM, key issues and concerns were discussed.

We are down to ‘Last Call’.  Teams still wishing to register for the 2013 are asked to do so this week before we close off registrations.


Last edited 2013-Apr-02 at 4:25 PM


 Team Representatives

The MTFL is holding its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Mississauga Valleys Community Centre (Hazel McCallion Room).  All teams are required to have representation (max. 2 per team).

Date: Thu., March 28, 2013

Team Registration: 7:15 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

AGM: 7:35 p.m. (sharp) to no later than 9:30 p.m.

Veteran Team Fees: $1600

New Team Fees: $2000 [Team Fees $1600 + Performance Bond $200 + Goal Post Pads $200]

·         Payment to be made on or before the 28th of March with cash or certified cheque.  (Personal Cheque will be accepted from Veteran teams in ‘good standing’.)

      After this date, a 'late' payment fee will be charged.

·         Reps are asked to bring contact info (phone & email) for 3 players (Captains) on their team.

·         Reps will also be asked to provide their schedule preference in terms of Days of Week, Field Location, and Valleys start times.

·         During the meeting, league issues will be discussed and team reps will receive an AGM package.

·         Please read, prior to the AGM, the Pre-Meeting Document that provides insight in the present financial situation and issues.

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On Saturday, March 2nd, a fundraising Texas Hold’Em Poker Tournament was held at Max’s Diner.  MTFL League President, John Schiebel, organized the event which raised $1025 for the league. It was almost a ‘full house’. Two card sharks tied for first and each went ‘straight’ to the bank with $800.  Dave Bye (MTFL – Canes player) took home $360 based on his shrewd play.  The fourth place player pocketed $260 while Agyeman Marksman (MTFL – Canes player) intercepted $170. With over $1000 worth of door and raffle prizes, many left the event smiling. The 50/50 draw yielded a cash payout of $260. Many thanks to those who attended and those who contributed to make this such a successful event.

Last edited 2013-Mar-06 at 6:30 AM


The MTFL is hosting a Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament as a fundraising activity. This key event is scheduled for Sat., March 2, 2013.

To entice participants, we are offering a healthy potential cash prize pool, an all-you-can-eat buffet, a professionally run tournament, a 50/50 draw, and door prizes.

Bring your best poker face, your card-playing skills, and your good luck charms.  Last year's winner took home $1243.

When: Sat., March 2, 2013

Dinner Buffet: 6:00 p.m.

Cards Fly: 7:00 p.m. (sharp)

Where: Max's Diner at 975-3B Midway Blvd., Mississauga, Ontario

Read more


2013 Event Details

Buy In: $70 gains 4K in chips

Top Up: (optional) $15 gains 2K in chips plus 3 tickets for 50/50 draw & prize table

Add On: (optional) $20 gains 4K in chips at end of 6th blind

Re-Buys: (optional) $35 first 6 blinds, cash games to follow

Players: 100 max.

Blinds; starting at 15 min. durations with initial blind value of 25/50

Payout: 10% of players win cash

Dinner: included

Beer: cash bar

2012 Payouts: 1st - $1243; 2nd - $753; 3rd - 420; 4th - $315;

5th - $245; 6th - 210; 7th - $175; 8th - $180

RSVP to John Schiebel (MTFL) jschiebel@sympatico.ca


Read more

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Captains/Team Organizers,
Firstly, at this very special time of the year, the MTFL wishes all the best for you and each of your family members and friends. May you have a wonderful Christmas and terrific New Year filled with continued blessing and success both on and off the field of play.
Read more

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Friends of the MTFL raised $210 during a Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament held recently in the Mississauga area. In addition to the $1900 in cash prizes awarded to top six players, tournament participant Derek Phillpott won a pair of VIP tickets to the 100th Grey Cup.
Photo above: John Schiebel, MTFL President / Derek Phillpott / Ted Sherlock, VP Operations at Aversan


The MTFL financial status is available for viewing.  A letter by the league president explains the current situation.

Team representatives, captains and players are encouraged to read this document so that they are properly informed of the league's current financial status.  (See: Financial Status Document)



If you have benefited from the hard work by those behind the scenes which has allowed you to enjoy and play touch football, you may wish to give back by volunteering some time to the MTFL.  Our league has various committees and initiatives which might benefit from your energy and expertise.  Depending on your experience, interest and availability, we may be pleased to have you assist the League Executive.  If you are interested, please email John Schiebel (league president) at jschiebel@sympatico.ca.

Reminder for those who have tickets for the MTFL Argo Night, that the game is Fri., Oct. 19 at Rogers Centre at 7:00 p.m. Please remember that this league social event is designed to promote unity amongst all its teams and players. Please drink responsibly and act in a manner that helps promote our league. And finally, be sure to cheer on our beloved Ar-r-r-r-go-o-o-o-o-s!


On Friday, October 19th at 7:00 p.m., players, relatives and friends will huddle at Roger's Centre to watch the Toronto Argonauts host and challenge the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. With 300 MTFL tickets purchased, this unifying event is all but sold out. Should you be interested in purchasing any of the remaining tickets, please contact John Schiebel at jschiebel@sympatico.ca

At the MTFL Year-End Party, the following award winners were announced. (Selections were based on opponents' votes after each game.)
Sportsman of the Year
'AA' Division - Devin Henry (Spartans #47)
'A' Division - Bart Zemanek (Hustlin' Owls #5)
'B' Division - Daryl Brady (Bears #75)
'C' Division - Greg Kowalski (Death From Above #11)
'D' Division - Bill Chan (Arrows #27)

Most Valuable Player
'AA' Division - Josh Granek (Cobras #7)
'A' Division - Melios Arsic (Canes #7)
'B' Division - Chris Rauch (Bulldogs #25)
'C' Division - Ben Bilz (Hounds #24)
'D' Division - Mark Mlakar (Delta Squad #88)

Congratulations to all winners!


All MTFL Officials, Players and Their Spouses Welcome

Wed., Sep. 19th at Boston Pizza (Square One) 7:00-10:00 p.m.

Help us celebrate another great year of touch football with:

8:00 p.m. Best Sportsman of the Year Awards and Most Valuable Player Awards for each division

Division Most Sportsmen Like Nominees …
AA    Devin Henry (Spartans #47),
   Stevan Ivancevic (Reapers #81),
   Anthony Gregory (Cobras #9)
A  Craig Morgan (Ashanti Warriors #22),
Bart Zemanek (Hustlin Owls #5),
Justin Tang (Canes #12)
B    Daryl Brady (Bears #75),
   Warren Croft (Hard Core Nerds #7),
   Will Northcote (Unit #54)
C Greg Kowalski (Death From Above #11),
Phil Attrell (Wolves #5),
Terrell Niles (Hurricanes #4)
D     Dave Cowell (Ornarys #91),
   Paul Carnevale (Sentinels #97),
   Bill Chan (Arrows #27)
Division Game Star Nominees …
AA    Dale Levarno (GridIron #7),
   Josh Granek (Cobras #7),
   George Ionnides (Hawks #6)
A  Jamal George (Angels #15),
Shane Bryans (Rack #5),
Melios Arsic (Canes #7)
B    Maroc Rodrigues (GSOT #87),
   Drew Smith (Super Troopers #92),
   Chris Rauch (Bulldogs #25)
C Aaron Douglas (Showtime #)89,
Ben Bilz (Hounds #24),
Geoff Lubert (Death From Above #2)
D     Kevin O"Carroll (Thunder Cats #77),
   Mark Mlakar (Delta Squad #88),
   Emmett Bernais (Arrows #11)

Argos Game Night Tickets available for purchase ($20 each, $32 value)

50/50 Draw : Door Prizes : Game Photos : Food + Drink

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What a night!  Wed., Sep. 5th at Valleys

Skills Competition and Friendly Game are both open to MTFL players and MOA referees.

A/ 2nd Annual Skills Competition 6:45-7:45 p.m.

Participants choose one of 3 events:

          1. Passing Accuracy

          2. Punting Distance (and Accuracy)

          3. 40 Yard Sprint

i) 6:30 p.m. - participants sign up for event of their choice

ii) 6:45 p.m. – Skills Competition begins

iii) 7:15 p.m. - competitions are closed to new participants

iv) 7:45 p.m. - competitions are completed - winner announced

B/  Friendly Game 7:50-8:55 p.m.

Participants are split into 2 teams.  Friendly game is played.  Lots of fun!

C/  ‘A’ Division Championship Game 9:00-10:30 p.m.

High calibre touch football excitement!

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As a member of the MTFL, we are pleased to offer you preferred access to the best available tickets for the 2012 Vanier Cup at a discounted rate.

Included with this pre-sale opportunity is:

      30% Discount – A per ticket price of $36.00*compared to a public sale price of $51.00*

·         Preferred Seating – Access tothe best seat(s) available at your time of purchase.

·         Priority Access to the 2012 CIS National Championship Game

o        7:30 PM Kick-Off - Friday November 23rd at Rogers Centre, Toronto, ON.                                                                              

Please go to the Ticketmaster website http://www.ticketmaster.ca/event/10004899DF5DA940?artistid=891720&majorcatid=10004&minorcatid=8

and enter the password footballin order to take advantage of this pre-sale opportunity and secure your 2012 Vanier Cup tickets.

This pre-sale opportunity will remain open until Sept. 14th at 5:00pm EST at which time all remaining Vanier Cup tickets will be made available for general public sale at a per ticket price of $51.00*.

For more information regarding your Vanier Cup experience please go to  http://www.vaniercup.ca.

2012 Vanier Cup Committee

*Plus applicable service charges

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When you visit the Game Sheets page and select your team, you will see your team's roster and official game sheet. The areas shaded in green are for the Officials to fill out. The areas in bright and pale red are for Captains to fill out. Please note, however, that these areas are not printed in colour when you print out your game sheets.

The Stars of the Game are to be filled out with a 1, 2 or 3 based on their first, second or third-star status. The new heading should act as a reminder.


A quick reminder that starting Aug. 7th, games played at the high school locations will start at 6:45 p.m., not 7:00 p.m.  This time change ensures that games can be played in their entirety without fear of darkness.

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When you visit the Game Sheets page and select your team, you will see your team's roster and official game sheet. The areas shaded in green are for the Officials to fill out. The areas in bright and pale red are for Captains to fill out. Please note, however, that these areas are not printed in colour when you print out your game sheets.

The Stars of the Game are to be filled out with a 1, 2 or 3 based on their first, second or third-star status. The new heading should act as a reminder.

Last edited 2012-Jul-29 at 5:20 PM


The 2012 MTFL Playoff Schedule is now posted on our website (see Schedule).

Good luck to all teams and players. Enjoy a safe, fun, competitive playoff season!


With about half of the MTFL regular-season games having been played, most teams have a good sense of how they match up against the competition within their division.  

We hope that you are enjoying the competition provided by your opponents; that you are appreciating the efforts of the officials who referee your games; and that you are enjoying the camaraderie of your team-mates.

Heat Stroke

As the temperature and humidity continue to rise, be sure to stay hydrated – drink plenty of liquids the day of your game and be sure to keep a healthy supply of water available at your game.  Know the signs of heat stroke, as well as its prevention and treatment, for your own benefit as well as that of your team-mates and other game participants. 

(See: http://www.labour.gov.on.ca/english/hs/pubs/gl_heat.php)


In the past, as outside temperatures rise, tempers of players become shorter.  It is important that captains keep team-mates focused on their own play and continue to show respect for opponents and the game officials.  Watch for signs that players are becoming overly focused on previous plays and/or referees’ calls.  

Most major incidents that the league has investigated in the past could easily have been prevented by captains and team-mates as there were ample warning signs.  

So far this season, we have been pleased with the lack of incidents requiring league discipline.  


Your conduct represents yourself, your family, your team, and the MTFL so all the acts of sportsmanship that you show on a regular basis are greatly appreciated by others including your MTFL Executive.

Immediately after your game, remember to:

-         shake hands with your opponents

-         shake hands with the referees

-         select the three most valuable players from your opponents’ roster

-         select the sportsman player of the game from your opponents’ roster

-         verify the score and scoring

-         and provide your signature on the game sheet.


Should you have any questions regarding touch football rules and/or their application, feel free to ask them.  You can use Facebook to ask your question or send an email to mtfl_mississauga@yahoo.ca.

Best of luck in the remainder of your touch football season.

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The first week got off to a hot start!

Check out the scores and see what action is scheduled for this week.

The 2012 season is almost upon us!  Please check your division schedules for dates, times and fields for your games!

Please also take a few minutes and verify your team's game sheet to ensure it is accurate and that the players listed have all completed and submitted a Player Registration & Waiver Form.

Good luck to everyone on the upcoming season!

The definitive recap of the 2011 MTFL season is available for pre-order right now!

The 2011 MTFL yearbook is a great way to look back last year.  It has it all!  Last season's final standings, complete week by week results, and playoffs for the entire league, your division or even just your own team!

Each Division spotlight is complete with team rosters, team photos, and some amazing game photos captured by the League and the Mississauga News.  It's a perfect keepsake for those who won the Championship last season so you can share it with friends and family!  It's just as great if you are a die-hard player or fan of the MTFL! Pre-order your copy today! Only $10.

E-mail billchan.mtfl@gmail.com to order.
Deadline to pre-order is March 23rd, 2012.

MTFL Players, Do you like playing Texas Hold'em Poker?  Well we have a tournament just for you!

The MTFL is holding another charity card tournament on Saturday, March 3rd, 2012.

Funds raised at this event will help offset the costs anticipated for hosting at least one Trillium Tour touch football event for the 2012 touch football season.  This is a great event for those who want to help grow touch football in Ontario, and have fun doing so by playing poker.

The event will be limited to the first 100 paid registered participants, so register today!
If you want to be a part of this great event and want more details, please visit this link

Visit our Facebook Event Page for this tournament, RSVP and feel free to comment.

The 2011 Touch Football Ontario Provincials are this coming weekend.

The event will be held at the Creditview Sandalwood Sport Complex in Brampton on Saturday, September 10 through Sunday, September 11, 2011.

Click on the tournament logo to visit the MTFL host site and get more details.

Congratulations to KEVIN ROBINSON of Hurricanes for winning the 50/50 draw.

Kevin won $150 plus two Argos tickets for the MTFL Game Night on Saturday, October 1st, 2011 when they take on the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

Kevin, your prize will be ready for pick up at the MTFL Year End Party being held at Boston Pizza Square One on Wednesday, September 7, 2011 starting at 7:00pm.

It's the best time of the year!  The 2011 MTFL Playoffs kick off tonight!

Get ready as the best football all year starts tonight!

If you haven't watched a game all season, come on out tonight and see what the MTFL is all about.

Please note this event has been postponed.

We appreciate the interest we received, and thank those that registered early.

More details to come about rescheduling it for the fall.

Do you like playing poker?  Well we have a tournament just for you!

The MTTEPC is running a poker tournament to raise funds for the upcoming Provincials Touch Football Ontario (TFO) Tournament being held in September.

This is a great way to have some fun and raise necessary funds to make the Provincials one of the best TFO has ever seen.  Cost to register is $65 per person.  Price of entry includes your first set of chips and an all-you-can-eat buffet dinner.

If you want to be a part of this great event and want more details, please visit this link

What you have been waiting for has arrived!

The League's annual MTFL Argo Game Night is being held on Saturday, October 1, 2011.  Every MTFL team this season received four complimentary tickets to this game!  Extras may be purchased, so contact an MTFL Executive Committee Member today!

We have a had a great success with this event in our first two years of holding this event, so we need you to help keep this great tradition going!
More and more players are seeing this as a great way to enjoy a great game of football, with fellow League members in the spirit of fun, share great stories and reflect on the season that was.

If you want to be a part of this great event and want more details, please visit this link

The 2011 MTFL Playoff schedule has officially been released.

The playoffs will begin Monday, August 15, 2011 opening up with the 'D' & 'AA' Division.  As it has been in the past couple of seasons, all teams within a division will play on the same evening to allow for convenience of scheduling and team preparation.  It is important to note there is one exception this year as 'C' Division will open their playoffs on Tuesday and Wednesday with two games on both nights, but will fall back to the one scheduled night the following week.

To see your division's schedule, please visit the division page for details.

Week six of the 2011 season kicked off last night, with the first games for Paul Gilbert Field at the Mississauga Valley Community Centre for the year.

Triple headers are now a common part of the MTFL schedule when this field is active, making for a busy week for the officials and more teams getting in some action.

One of the games last night featured the 2010 'A' Division Champion, Gridiron face off against the 2010 'AA' Division Champion, Trojans in 'AA' Division action.  Visit the MTFL Facebook page to catch some of the video highlights from this game!  What a way to kick off Gilbert Field.

Have you picked up a copy of The Mississauga News or checked out the sports section of their web site?

The Mississauga News is back and they will be covering MTFL games again throughout the 2011 season.

With amazing action photos and some great stories, be sure to check out their web site or pick up a copy of their paper and read up on what's happening all around the MTFL.

Wanna catch up on the weekly recaps?

Visit the Canadian Football Chat Forums to read the weekly recaps from around the MTFL.  It is a quick read about the past week broken down by each division.  It provides more insight behind the games in the MTFL, so it's more than just scores and standings.

It's a great avenue for those of you who are passionate about the sport of touch football.  Register and chat with others about touch football in Ontario or across Canada.  Help grow the sport and bring awareness to others.  Let others know how they can get involved and what they can do, to do their part in letting others know where they can play and compete, about leagues in there area or upcoming events.

Mississauga, are you ready for some touch football?!

The 2011 MTFL season schedule is now available.  The League's 40th season will be kicking off Monday, May 16th and will run for thirteen weeks.  Be prepared for another exciting season of some great quality football all season long.  Games will be played at selected high school fields all over the in the City of Mississauga, and at our premiere field, Paul Gilbert Field located at the Mississauga Valley Community Centre.

Go to the League Schedule page to download the entire schedule for the MTFL, or to just download the schedule by Division, visit the Division page.

Have you seen?  The MTFL has joined the social network!

The MTFL now has a facebook page and those of you who have a facebook account, we encourage your to visit it and become a fan!

Click the 'Like' button and let others you know about the page.  It has wonderful photos and videos from the League with the occasional update on news.  We welcome you to 'tag' yourself in any photo or video that you are in so others get to know who you are.

Become a fan today and see you on facebook!

Date:Saturday, May 7th, 2011
Time:11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Place:Mississauga Valleys Community Centre
1275 Mississauga Valley Blvd
Jim Beam Room (subject to change)


At the Touch Football Ontario (TFO) Annual General Meeting this year, we agreed to go back to the GRASS ROOTS of OUR GAME.  All TFO member officials will have their local associations certifications registered at the TFO office.  Associations will implement the use of exams, clinics and on-field evaluations of their officials.

As many of you know, Mississauga Officials Association (MOA) has used these tools since the program was introduced in the mid-eighties.  MOA will re-introduce the continuous improvement program of on-field evaluations of officials.  This program is to be used by all TFO associations in 2011.  Our objective is to continue to have our senior officials mentor our newer members as they move up the certification levels.

I believe that these changes were long overdue.  MOA does have an advantage since most of you have been part of the certification program since the beginning.  Looking forward to a most enjoyable, productive and rewarding 2011 season.

More details about the clinic to come, in the next couple of weeks.

George Zielinski

2011 had the greatest turnout for interest in applications by new teams, in recent history.  A total of nine teams expressed their interest in becoming a part of the 40th season of the MTFL, and now officially, all nine have now been accepted.

Never has the MTFL seen such a turnout by new applicant teams, ready to join our League.  In recent years our League has turned down teams due to restrictions.  In 2011, we are proud to have accepted them all.

We welcome the following new teams for 2011:

  • Booearns
  • Bulldogs
  • Cobras
  • Hounds
  • Irish
  • Sentinels
  • Stingers
  • The Unit
  • Wolfpac

    We look forward to seeing you on the field this season!

    Attention MTFL Members!

    Your favourite recap of the MTFL is back for another season!

    The 2010 MTFL Yearbook is now available!

    This is the ultimate source of information from the 2010 MTFL season.

    Enjoy looking back on the season's final standings, complete week by week results, and playoffs for the entire league, your division or even just your own team!

    Each Division is complete with team rosters, and some game photos captured by the League and the Mississauga News.  Also included are recaps the League's social events; such as the 2010 AGM, the Argos MTFL Night at the Rogers Centre, the MTFL Friendly and the MTFL Year-End Party!

    What more could any die-hard player or fan of the MTFL ask for?!
    Two versions available for download, you choice of either low or high resolution.

    It's an wonderful part of MTFL history, download your copy today!  You'll be glad you did!
    2010 MTFL Yearbook (lo) (9 MB)
    2010 MTFL Yearbook (hi) (148 MB)

    Attention all returning and new team captains:

    The 2011 MTFL Annual General Meeting (AGM) is on Saturday, March 26, 2011 at the Mississauga Valleys Community Centre (1275 Mississauga Valley Blvd) and will be held in the Hazel McCallion Room.

    Map: Mississauga Valleys Community Centre

    Registration begins at 10:30am, and the Meeting will start at 11:00am sharp!

    All returning teams, as well as all new team applicants, are asked to have two representatives at this meeting.  These two representatives should be a team captain/assistant captain and a non-captain/assitant captain, preferably someone who has never attended an MTFL AGM.  In having two representatives from your team attend, we hope to meet as many people face-to-face and encourage effective communication between the Executive Committee and our Membership.

    We encourage all team captains to hold a team meeting as soon as possible to review your team's roster needs well in advance of this meeting.  Each year, several teams and/or players move to other locations and the League wishes to finalize League size and Divisional Alignment details as quickly as possible.  It would be greatly appreciated that you inform the League as soon as possible if either of the following apply:
    1. Your team is no longer interested in being a member of MTFL
    2. Your team has (or will have) significant roster changes that suggest a Division different than the one you played in last year, may need to be considered
    Please also ensure that you are discussing with your players well in advance of the AGM, the finances of submitting your Annual League Fee on time.

    For returning teams, the 2011 Annual League Fee is $1300*.  This payment is due no later than Saturday, March 26, 2011 by cheque or money order (no post-dated cheques).  Teams choosing to submit payment after Saturday, March 26th, 2011, are required to pay $1500* and have until Saturday, April 1st, 2011 to do so.  Failure to submit full payment by Saturday, April 1st, 2011 will result in your team not participating in the 2011 season.
    * plus $200 Performance Bond (if applicable), other related costs not included

    New team applicants, your payment via certified cheque of $1500 is due at the 2011 AGM, on Saturday, March 26th, 2011.  This amount includes the 2011 Annual League Fee of $1300 plus the $200 Performance Bond.

    See you all at the 2011 AGM!


    John Schiebel
    League President & Registrar